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The world is gradually becoming a place where everything will be mobile-operated. This basically means that there will be apps for everything and all of your tasks can be easily executed just by a touch on the smartphone screen. When mobiles were introduced, it was like a portal to another world that has opened. Moreover, the affliction was filled by platforms like Android and iOS where zillions of apps are available.

The modern trend has also shifted a lot towards the introduction of new start-ups. These start-ups are focused highly on Mobile App Development with a team of experts having creative app ideas. Here are some fields that have still a lot to explore and create new apps for users. Moreover, a process is essential that is needed to be followed in the development of mobile applications.

Some App Ideas to Execute Best Mobile Apps in 2020

This is a compilation of the ideas for you to build intuitive and useful apps for users to help them in living an easier life.

best app ideas for startups

1. Packers and Movers App

To get a trusted and reliable service to help a customer in shifting will help them to a greater extent in taking away their loads of stress. It will be a very innovative way to start a business where you can make an app as an aggregator or you can start the service yourself. This can also be one of the web app ideas so that users can also book an appointment through the web.

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2. Subscription-based Delivery App

This service requires users to pay a fixed amount monthly or yearly to enjoy a set of services. The services rendered by these apps can be anything like a service, premium content streaming, etc. This subscription amount will add revenue to your startup.

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Mobile App Ideas

3. Food Delivery App

People don’t want to indulge themselves in the cooking process after a hectic day. You can build an app to deliver food by collaborating with the leading local restaurants. To let more users use the app, delivery charges must be as low as possible. It is one of the best app ideas for startups to invest in.

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Best Mobile Application Ideas

4. Taxi Booking

This service is also reaching the masses at a very rapid pace. It provides the taxi service to local as well as outstation destination. The USP of this service is it’s not that expensive and you will be safely dropped at your destination. You can also add the live tracking feature which customers can share with their closed ones.

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5. General Home Service App

The services like flooring, maintaining the ceiling, plumbing, etc. comes under this category. You can contact the local technicians where they can be easily contacted by the customers through the app. It will help both the parties in easily finding and getting the work done.

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6. Fuel Delivery App

Like the food delivery where you don’t have to go to a fancy restaurant to enjoy their menu, fuel delivery is the same thing basically. Customers will have to register on the app which will detect their location and they can place the order. The delivery truck will reach the destination and refill the tank. It is one of the very new app ideas.

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best app ideas for startups

7. IoT Powered Apps

There are multiple devices that are launching which works over the internet to perform many tasks. The purpose of these devices is to provide the ability to perform multiple tasks just from your mobile. The market has just started to bloom and there are various aspects that are yet to be discovered.

Business to start in 2020

8. E-commerce Store Apps

These apps let customers buy things right from their home. You can collaborate with multiple brands and sell their products through your platform. These apps will also let users make online payments and as it works over the internet, there are absolutely no geographical barriers.

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9. Movie Ticket Booking App

You can also make a user-friendly app that users can use to book movie tickets for the cinemas near them. The app will act as an aggregator and will collaborate with the city theatres and multiplexes to provide them with ticket booking in a convenient manner.

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10. Online Dating App

It is also one of the best business to start in 2020. As it lets users meet new people who have the same set of interests as them, people are opting for these apps. You can also add privacy features so that the app doesn’t get misused.

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11. Grocery Delivery App

It is also one of the sectors that are not trending in the market for online deliveries yet. There is a lot of scope and options to uncover to build an app that is able to provide grocery items to the customers’ right at their doorstep. It is one of those mobile app ideas which are considered by many. This business must be started with extra care and attention as the groceries need to be fresh and clean.

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best app ideas for startups

12. Fitness App

There is also a market that is very keen to keep their health and fitness on track. You can build an app that will work in collaboration with a fitness band that will physically track the movements along with heart rate and steps walked. The tracker will send the data to the app from where users can keep track and also compete with their friends.

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13. Artificial Intelligence

In the list of best app ideas for startups, AI is also reaching new heights. The technology is very much under process yet but there are multiple applications where it can be used. You can use AI in almost all the ideas that are discussed above.

Mobile App Ideas

14. Augmented Reality in Apps

The technology is finding new ways to build a connection from the real world to the virtual one. There are many aspects where these technologies can be implemented. Augmented reality lets users’ project elements with the help of a mobile camera to give them an idea of how it will actually look.

Best Mobile Application Ideas

15. Marketplace App

This is a portal to sell goods and services in your area. This app can be installed separately or you can also integrate it within an app so that people can find suitable products and use your other services by staying in the same app. This category is trending on top of the list of best mobile application ideas. The portal helps a lot in finding products at very reasonable rates.

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16. Virtual Reality in Apps

Virtual reality is a viewing experience that lets users wear a headset and they will find themselves in there what they are watching. The tech startup ideas are not in trend yet and you have the opportunity to explore.

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17. Online Music Streaming App

Everyone has access to high-speed unlimited internet these days and the times are gone where people used to fill up their memory cards with their favorite music. Now, they can just stream their favorite playlist right from an app where zillions of tracks are available. You can also add the in-app downloading feature so the songs can be played offline.

best app ideas for startups

18. On-demand Doctor App

The trend of getting treated online for minor illnesses is becoming common. You can build the app where users can call the doctor and can consult with them right there. The service can be given on a subscription basis. It is the most useful and one of the best app development ideas.

Business to start in 2020

19. Salon App

We all know the hassle of getting into a salon and finding the long waiting list. In the time where we are all busy and find a time slot to visit. You can use this idea in building an app that will provide professionals to visit the user’s home or can make an appointment in a salon. Apart from that, it will help in saving time as well as effort.

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20. Liquor Delivery App

Like any other food or product, liquor should also be delivered to customers’ right at their doorstep. The delivery should be made available to only the adults and it can be made sure by making it mandatory for users to attach their ID proof.

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These on-demand apps can be developed with the help of latest technologies. Being a business owner you can acquire these unique ideas and invest smartly in order to get some benefits in the near future. The app development is going to be a very vast market soon and it is going to be the best business to start in 2020. You must start working now as it’s the best time for any startup to grow and build a market for yourself.

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