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Hey, did you upgrade your iPhone to iOS 13.5 yet? Yes, the biggest update by Apple amidst the pandemic COVID-19 is finally out on 20th May 2020. This update is a huge update having multiple improvements and changelogs. The significant highlight of the iOS 13.5 version is the Exposure Notification API. This stable version allows public health agencies across the globe to deploy their applications that can make the best of the Apple and Google Notification API. Let’s discuss in detail what this iOS 13.5 has in store for the users. Keep reading…

iOS 13.5 is compatible with various iPhone models namely, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhoneXS, iPhone XSMax, iPhone XR, iPhone 11, , iPhone 11 Pro Max and lastly iPhone SE 2. This latest version resolves several bug fixes, introduces new features and various other improvements.

The top highlight: Your updated iPhone will allow you to access the passcode field even if you are wearing a face mask.

This update allows the user to control the automatic bulging of video tiles on Group FaceTime Calls. It is expected that it may extend support for forthcoming hardware like the over-the-ear headphones or rumored Apple Tags tracking devices.

The fundamental changes in Exposure Notification API include:

Public health agencies better, reliable, effective and accurate contact tracing;

Public health agencies can now know the number of exposure events a person had;

The update enables public health agencies to contact the users who are exposed to the virus by using the API and the user data put into the application;

It is upon the user to decide whether they wish to have Exposure Notifications; the user data, including their location, is not automatically collected by the system.

Public health agencies will thus be able to consider the transmission risk of Corona positive cases by monitoring the user’s exposure events.

Some of the other new features and performance improvements highlights of iOS 13.5 are:


The iPhones using version 13.5 seem to have stable battery life. Also, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity are more fast and reliable. You need not worry about the GPS and cellular data; it is stable now.

iOS 13.5 Update Features

Face ID and Passcode:

The unlock task is simplified for the devices having a Face ID lock, especially when you are wearing a face mask. The update ensures that the unlocking process is not slowed down, ruining the user’s brown experience wearing a face mask. It quickly responds with the passcode interface, making it possible for the user to unlock the app faster as always.

This feature update was made keeping in mind the users working in the healthcare sector.

Note: This update will continue to work on iPhones on which Face ID feature is accessible.

Changes in Medical ID:

Apple now allows you to record your medical data for any emergency purpose. You can allow your Medical ID details to be shared directly with the 911 call operators. You are allowed to make some timely adjustments; however, if you are contacting from a location with Enhanced Emergency Data, your personal data will be handled safely and shared with the respective call center.

Note: This feature is currently applicable in the US only.

Group FaceTime adjustments:

As mentioned above, you can manage the automatic bulging of the video tiles of the person who is speaking over the call in a group FaceTime. You can manage this feature from the “Automatic Prominence” section in the FaceTime part of the device’s Settings.

Bug Fixes:

The issue of Black screen appearance while streaming a video from the website has been resolved. The iOS13.5 update also fixes the security problems covering the one related to the Mail application on the iPhone.

This update also addresses the issue in a share sheet where suggestions & actions may not load. Additionally, other 41 security patches are addressed in this updated version.


Apple is known for its stability, and needless to say, this version update ensures the stability of all the third-party apps, including Netflix, Twitter, Slack, Asana, Gmail, Google Chrome, Spotify, and more. The first-party apps, Safari, Podcasts, Calendar, also work seamlessly with the version.

Speed parameter:

iOS 13.5 works as fast as the previous version 13.4.1

If you have an iPhone working on the older versions of iOS 13, you should go for iOS 13.4.1 first and then later update it.

This all being said, there are some inconsistencies in the version 13.5, let’s have a look at them:

iOS 13.5 issues include installation, lag, exchange issues, weird battery drain, and third-party app problems.

Additionally, once you update to iOS 13.5 version, then there is no looking back. You can not go back to the previous versions of iOS 13.

iOS 13.5 Update Features

How to update your phone to iOS 13.5?

Almost every user has received a notification about the iOS 13.5 update, and it would automatically get installed if you have kept Automatic Updates on. However, if you wish to do it manually, then go to settings and click General. Go to Software Update and check the iOS 13.5 update there.

By clicking the update button, you get access to all new iOS 13.5 update features mentioned above. The same procedure is applied for iOS and iPads 13.5 on the phones and iPad.

Parting Words:

Apple released iOS 13.5, a stable version after a long time, that too during Corona times. So, it means there is definitely something more promising and reliable in this version. If you haven’t given a thought of upgrading to the latest version, then it is the right time to update your phone.

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