WWDC 2021 keynote

Attention, attention! Looking at the current pandemic situation, Apple just closed the first meet of 2021 event on 7th July online. Kody Technolab thought to be an early bird by releasing the WWDC 2021 keynotes with you guys! Read this blog to learn about the announcements made at Apple WWDC 2021.

The Worldwide Developer Conference that is held every year has just concluded the first day of the 2021 event schedule on 7th July’21. Every year, this event is free for developers globally, and they get access to first-hand information of what’s stored for them in the coming year.

Apple WWDC event 2021 started with a kick-off, and we would love to share with Apple enthusiasts the highlights of the first day. We have rounded up the Apple WWDC 2021 keynotes; read them at your convenience.

iOS 15

Apple is all set to release a new set of features, with some tweaks in interface and bug fixes in iOS 15, said Craig Federighi & the team. The new release focuses on better connection, better user experience, and focus.

Time for some big improvements in FaceTime:

Apple head of software Craig Federighi said the company's also adding features to make it easier to participate in calls. One is called sound isolation, which cuts out background noise. Another is "spatial audio," which is Apple's term for surround sound. In this case, people will sound like they're coming from different parts of a room, based on where their FaceTime tiles are shown.

Spatial audio: The newly introduced spatial audio will enhance the voice experience and make you feel like you are hearing from a friend over the on-screen position.

Voice isolation: You can now toggle the voice while you are FaceTiming.

Portrait mode: iOS will now allow users to switch on to portrait mode while FaceTiming.

FaceTime Links: Users will now be able to create a FaceTime link and share it with friends and family & even with non-iPhone users. A link similar to the FaceTime Web app will open on other devices, needless to say, with promising and similar features.

SharePlay: You would love this new release more than ever. How about listening to or watching videos with friends. iOS 15 will now allow users to share audio and video streaming.

Going from General to Customizable modes:

How about the idea of using a mobile mode that doesn’t disturb you while you are working or reading. The new release update at Apple event 2021 will let you shift your phone to various customizable modes like “work”, “personal,” etc. These modes will show only “work-related” apps while working and personal, socializing apps in personal mode.

"Focus is a new way to match your device to your current mindset with focus," Craig Federighi, Apple's head of software engineering, said. "All you have to do is choose what you want to focus on. You can carve out time in your day for work or your personal life."

The notifications from unused apps will not disturb you during the time you switch on the specific mode.

Leveraging AI to read texts, Live Text:

Any user would look forward to this new feature where they can now select, search, copy/paste the text in an image. The new feature will also be able to identify animal breeds, landmarks, and more from the image.

Apple WWDC 2021 keynote

Your iPhone will be your key to access, updates in Apple Wallet:

You would be surprised to know that you can now open your office, hotel rooms, and home using your phone. The doors should be compatible with the system, and the room key will be able to give you access.

Travelling 3D with Apple Maps:

iOS maps would now be one step advanced. Users would now be able to see 3D elevation maps, bike lanes, walking lanes, crosswalks, etc. Also, another initiative that is being taken is to allow users to use mobile cameras and scan nearby buildings. Further, this will give you an accurate direction to move in during your walk/navigation. Google Maps inspire this update.

Apple WWDC 2021 keynote

The Recent AirPods updates:

The biggest hurdle of having a conversation in a noisy environment will now be solved with this update. Users can now increase the volume of voices or control the ones coming from the same space while having a conversation.

Airpods will now be compatible with Find My App. It will send an alert if the user leaves the AirPods in the case or somewhere in the room.

The new iPadOS:

iPadOS will now look similar to the iOS widget screen. Also, the “App Library” concept will also be available in iPadOS. Also, a new multitasking menu will now be introduced to make things simple with iPadOS.

On top of this, iPadOS Notepad access will now allow users to highlight a name with @ option. Users can use the same feature to notify the person about a change or edit a shared document.

Users can swipe up from the bottom right corner to access “Quick Notes”. iOS app development will become easy with Swift Playgrounds. It will help iOS developers to build apps on iPad. Additionally, the system-wide text translation option will assist users in translating using the app in real-time.

Apple Introduces new Privacy & Security updates:

Users can now view the “App Privacy Report” that states which application accesses the location, photos, and other activities and has your consent.

Siri will now operate independently even without having an internet connection. Siri's audio recordings will not be attached to the server but would be available on the device.

Mail app would now protect your IP address from invisible traffickers. Also, it would be possible for you to add a recovery email address for the iCloud account. This will help you log back into the account in case you are signed out.

See/Share your health data:

Apple WWDC 2021 is going to be all about user’s comfort-related feature updates. In the health section, the iPhone will now analyze the step timing and the way you walk. This will help in defining your walking steadiness and lets you know whenever you have crossed a line.

Users can view their health trends and share them across with family members.

WatchOS becomes smarter:

It looks like this is inspired by the current pandemic situation (just kidding). The new watchOS will now keep track of your respiratory rate. It will also let you know your breathing pattern during the day and at night.

It is also anticipated that Apple will add new workout modes such as Pilates. Also, users who are tired of adjusting their portrait faces will now have an easy way. The new “portrait” watch face will help users set a picture-perfect watch layout.

Simplifying it more will be the addition of “Scribble” handwriting recognition. Users can point the cursor and start drawing letters/symbols.

Availability of Siri to third-party devices:

Good news for Apple developers. Hired iOS developers can now add Siri to third-party applications. An initiative in this direction is, Siri is soon going to be available on ecobee thermostats.

The biggest announcement of macOS:

Here is the keynote from WWDC 2021 that we all have been waiting for. macOS is coming up with the new release name macOS Monterey. Just like the iOS FaceTime update, macOS will also support SharePlay (listening and watching audio/visuals in sharing).

macOS introduces “Universal control” to access macs and iPads at one time. Meaning, you can have a single keyboard and mouse setup for the iPad that lies next to MacBook.

The new macOS Monterey will also have AirPlay, where you can watch content just like your AppleTV.

macOS will now be made compatible with the “Shortcut” automation system. It is expected that the drag-and-drop feature will ease out many of the things with macOS.

Also, Safari’s user interface will undergo a change. Tabs will be made smaller so that they can be kept organized.


Apple never disappoints mobile developers. It has something for everybody. The first day of WWDC 2021 focused on customer-centric issues, but many bug fixes and security updates will clear out many complications on iPhone app development. New APIs will be introduced to make apps compatible with SharePlay, and Focus. The 3D object scanning functionality will assist developers in integrating 3D scanning directly into the apps. A public beta version will be released in July this year, and we expect the complete full release during the fall. Stay tuned for more updates over iOS and other releases. Thanks.

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