Benefits and Features of On Demand Apps

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The on-demand technology has now revolutionized throughout the internet. This is because of its incredible benefits and features that on-demand apps provide to their users as well as the service providers/companies. With everyone busy focusing on their career, they hardly get time to sit back and relax with their families. So, how these on-demand services to help them handle everything that they are unable to do? Why are on-demand apps’ services gaining a lot of attention in today’s world? Why must you opt for these services?

If the same questions running in your head too about on-demand apps development, this in-depth guide to develop on-demand apps would be helpful to you. Moreover, before getting into the Benefits and Features of On-Demand Apps, and its cost, etc., let’s get to know what do you mean by on-demand services:

What are on-demand services?

On-demand services refer to the services, you can opt for while sitting back and relaxing at your home. Depending upon your needs, you can download the relevant apps that offer on-demand services for free of cost or by paying a small price. Moreover, these on-demand apps are bridging the gaps between demand and supply. The on-demand services are a boon to today’s world and for mobile app development companies.

Everybody in the present world is using their mobiles to live a peaceful and relaxed life. And with the increasing popularity of on-demand apps, it has become a perfect choice for all business persons to invest in and make the right amount of profits. People nowadays are looking for quick and easily accessible services that can be delivered at their office places or home, starting from food to transportation. These on-demand apps are just created to improve the quality of life by making it more comfortable and accessible.

Guide to Develop On Demand Application

On-Demand App Benefits

An on-demand app is a customized application that is suitable to Android or iOS platforms to help the industries to boost up their sales. These apps have made users’ life easier and simpler than ever. Well, this is because of the numerous On-Demand App Benefits for customers and businesses to generate good ROI every year. Here are some of the benefits of On Demand App Development:

The popularity of mobile apps

About 80 to 90 percent of the population across the world is now using a smartphone plus, iOS, and Android are the most used OS amid all the smartphone users. It becomes easier for you to reach millions of customers as a company when you are developing an app that offers on-demand services. Moreover, with the effective on-demand application you can reach different people all together at once.

The Digitalized Era

While the world is shifting its focus towards digitalization, on-demand apps are the best way to promote your products and services digitally. Now, you do not have to follow the traditional method of visiting every house within a specific region to promote your products. You can gather information using trusted online portals. Moreover, you can further decide to create an app that can satisfy your loyal customers’ demand.

Secured Payments

Online payment gateways are also gaining a lot of popularity as the demands for apps and websites are growing. You can also create a smart app by collaborating with the companies that are offering such great gateways to ensure that keep customers’ bank account details safe and secured. Moreover, quick delivery options have made it easier for customers to opt for these on-demand services apps.

Key Features of On-Demand App

Below-given are must-have on-demand application features:

Customer App Features


Reviews and Ratings

Push notification

Order/Booking cancellation

Easy and simple user interface

Add to cart

Activity List

GPS integration



Integrated payment gateways

Provider side App Features



Request acceptance or rejection

Service log

Admin App Features


Real-time Analytics

User Management


Vendors Management

Below-given are some of the advanced on-demand application features:

Notifications: Whenever you are coming up with sales or exclusive offers, notifications can help you in reaching out to customers on a broader bandwidth. And hence, opt for the notification services whenever you are developing an app like this.

Live Tracking Location: Most of the time, customers get irritated to input their address details all the time. And hence, onboarding a live tracking location GPS feature in your app will help the customers as well as the delivery executives to deliver the products on time & place.

Authenticity: When a user downloads your on-demand application, he or she will have to go through proper security questions to validate his or her authenticity. Make sure when you are developing an app like this, authenticating customers become your priority. You can opt for many verification symbols that are engaging, so that you don’t end up losing customers because of a lack of security. Customers provide their necessary personal and financial information, relying on your security services, therefore, ensure that the security of your app is also well-taken off.

More Payment Facilities: Online payment has become an integral part of on-demand apps that are popular across the world. Therefore, don’t keep your app restricted to just one payment option. Research and opt for the most used payment options by your target audience.

Guide to Develop On Demand Application

Estimated Cost of building on-demand apps

As per statistics are taken into consideration, the on-demand industry has managed to earn more than $100 billion last year. However, with the increasing demand, it is expected that the growth of the on-demand app industry will reach about $335 billion by the year 2025.

If you want to create an on-demand app, then you need to get in touch with a professionally experienced on-demand app development company. In this case, if you hire developers from the UK or US, they will charge you about $160 per hour. However, in places like India, it will be cheaper for you, as Indian mobile app developers or software developers charge about $18 to $25 per hour.

Therefore, depending on the region, the cost to develop an on-demand app for your business would range between $10,000 to $50,000 or beyond as per your app requirements.

Industries using on-demand apps

Many sectors are shifting their focus to develop on-demand apps, and so, the market has witnessed a significant change and a rise in the demand for these apps. As the industry is targeting to reach out to customers on a global level, they are starting to collaborate with the service providers for creating a useful on-demand app.

Below-given are some basic examples of the industry that are already using on-demand apps. Furthermore, they are making significant ROI out of it. So have a look at them:

Transportation industry: The cab business has now revolutionized to a greater extent. This becomes possible because of these on-demand apps that enable to book taxis as per users’ convenience.

Hospitality: If you have a restaurant, then delivering food to the customers’ doorsteps must be essential to you. This has also become possible with these on-demand apps.

Housekeeping: Most of the time, when people don’t feel like cleaning their house, washing dishes, gardening, etc., they tend to book a service using housekeeping services provider on-demand apps like UrbanClap.

Rental Properties: If you are willing to sell or rent your property, then registering and listing your property on any real estate on-demand app will help you in finding an individual instantly.

Healthcare: Now you can order medicines or book a medical test by just sitting at your home. All you need to do is register yourself in any of the on-demand app that offer healthcare services.

Moreover, besides these industries, the on-demand apps are also beneficial for freelancers. Using these apps, they can sit at their homes and earn money with their desired skill set.

Guide to Develop On Demand Application

Famous on-demand applications in the Market

When you want to create a useful on-demand app, then you must look at the below popular on-demand apps that are dominating the market. Moreover, it will help you in strategizing your app effectively and this is how your app can also be included in this list:







Bloom that







On-demand apps are the best and convenient way to reach millions of customers and promote your products or services on a global level. With the increasing popularity, you will have to ensure that the app that you are developing is engaging and user-friendly. So, when are you going to create your on-demand service app?

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