Best Business Idea to start in 2021

We know that you have the zeal to pursue a business idea this year, but you are just confused with so many lucrative options available. We assume that you are, therefore, reading this blog.

Disclaimer (from our analysis): The year 2021 could be the best year to start a business from scratch. You may wonder why?

Well, let me tell you that some of the most popular businesses like Hyatt hotel, Microsoft, Uber, and Airbnb were launched during the recession times in various years. 2020 has given our economy a big hit, and we expect entrepreneurs to rise and shine in 2021.

The primary reasons why entrepreneurs should shake a leg in 2021 is,

More than ever, consumers are consuming online content and relying on advanced solutions.

Being quarantined at home would have helped you in figuring out your passion and strengths.

There is the availability of a workforce due to last year’s recession.

This business landscape scenario suggests that 2021 is going to be the best year to shift the tide. If you wish to dip your toes into entrepreneurship in the coming year, go through the below list of best business ideas to start in 2021.

This list of the best business to start in 2021 has been articulated after a lot of research and statistical study. I hope you have a passion for starting your own business and distinguishing it from the competition.

Home Care Services:

Home care services would be a savior for working parents having a child, elderly person, or a pet to take care of. Instead of sending their child to boarding school or the elders to an elderly care center, they would prefer to have a professional who would serve the purpose. If we believe the statistics, the population of 85 years and plus is expected to rise 351% by 2050.

This means people will need a workforce to handle the errands at home. This is a great business idea to start without any need for prior work experience in the hospitality or healthcare field. You can build an app and provide a platform for the users to book your services.

Platform availability Investment Market Value
Online and Offline Medium to high High
Great Business ideas to start

Hyperlocal Grocery Delivery Business:

This business idea’s success will leave you awestruck, and I am not kidding here. People want their needs to be instantly satiated. With the advent of on-demand hyperlocal applications, this is made quite possible.

You can develop a hyperlocal model where you can allow your customers to place their grocery order and get it delivered within an hour or a few. The order is processed by the platform and passed on to a local vendor. The local vendor packs the order, and based on the delivery model adopted by you, presses it forward.

In our opinion, it is one of the top trending business ideas to start in 2021.

Platform availability Investment Market Value
Online Medium to high Very High

Medical Courier Service:

Even during the difficult covid 19 lockdown situation, medical services were allowed to function. Meaning, it is one of the demanding industry sectors without which it is difficult for people to manage.

2021 could be a great year to start your platform that provides medical assistance, including pharmacy needs, lab tests, and equipment delivery at customer’s doorstep. Additionally, if you own a pharmacy store already, you just need to purchase a vehicle and build an online platform. Your target audience can either choose to visit you or place an order at your store using your platform.

We repeat medical courier service or ePharmacy or digital health startup is the best business to start in 2021. This market is expected to generate $639.4 billion by 2026.

Platform availability Investment Market Value
Online and Offline Medium to high Very High

Social Media Platforms:

The social media community is in a rage. With the recent debates on WhatsApp privacy updates, it seems like people will start preferring another platform over the existing ones.

Well, why not use this as your silver bullet to success. Before you deep dive into the industry, define who your target audience is. Do you wish to target a specific audience as TikTok and Snapchat do? Or do you want a wholesome platform like Instagram and WhatsApp? For entering this business, you will be required to develop an application that hosts your audience.

Platform availability Investment Market Value
Online High Very High
Great Business ideas to start

Online Learning:

You can develop an online application and make it a school for the future. Online education applications are becoming a go-to application for every parent. The current situation allows people to embrace eLearning experiences.

You can provide out-of-box study experiences by making use of various disruptive technologies such as AI and Machine Learning. You can provide video lectures, online consults, and audiobooks for students to refer to.

You can bring various subject matter experts on board and provide online teaching on various topics of Science, Mathematics, Physics, Arts, Language, and History. Since students are acclimatized with online lectures already, they would really appreciate an app that provides all solutions in one place.

Platform availability Investment Market Value
Online High High

Mobile Wallets:

There has been a revolutionary change in the way people used to handle cash transactions. Today, they prefer contactless, cashless transactions using various mobile wallets and payment gateways.

In the near future, people will continue making use of mobile devices to book tickets, order food, reserve tickets, or transfer cash to friends. However, this business idea will require a lot of brainstorming and the inclusion of security features in the application.

You can connect with an experienced team of app developers who would guide you with further process.

Platform availability Investment Market Value
Online High High

Home Cleaning Services:

One of the most cost-effective yet best business ideas to start in 2021 is home cleaning services. The 9 to 5 mundane life doesn’t permit the individuals to handle the daily chores effectively. They seek out help when it comes to cleaning the house or offices.

You can develop a platform where you list out various services you are planning to provide. Along with the service list, also mention the hourly or package rates so that it becomes simple for individuals to book a service. You will need to develop a team of professionals and train them over various house cleaning activities.

Suppose you already have a handful of man workers. In that case, you can plan to provide some extraordinary services like floor waxing, exterior power washing, etc.

Platform availability Investment Market Value
Online and Offline Medium Moderate

Digital Marketing:

If you know how to market a product and increase brand engagement, digital marketing is the best business to start in 2021. Digital marketing has the power to go above and beyond the traditional ways of marketing and drive terrific results.

Today, every business from small to large needs to market their products/services over various platforms. If you know the marketing chords, you can help them promote their brand. You assist them in various marketing campaigns such as SEO, content marketing, web development, social media marketing, Pay-per-click marketing, etc.

If this form of marketing interests you, you should definitely go with this business idea to start in 2021.

Platform availability Investment Market Value
Online Low to Medium Very High

Meals on Wheels:

A local food joint will be preferred by the audience living in your targeted geographical location. You can develop a food truck and plan to serve hot, fresh, and local delicacies.

For implementing this business idea, you need to chart out various food menus that you wish to serve to your customers. Make sure that you include all local delicacies that one would wish to see on the menu.

If this works out, you can also develop a food delivery app that will deliver food at the customer’s doorstep.

Platform availability Investment Market Value
Offline Low High

Vacation Booking Platform:

Last year people almost hibernated and remained inside houses to protect themselves from the corona. Well, this hibernation can not be contained in the next year. People are going to travel around the world, and for that, they will need a platform to book tickets and rentals.

This could be the best business idea to start in 2021. However, to put this business idea into action, you will have to collaborate with various service providers and take into consideration security concerns. Therefore, consider all the aspects before entering this field of business.

Platform availability Investment Market Value
Online Medium to High Very High

Concluding Thoughts:

I really hope that with these business ideas, you can start your business in 2021. All these business ideas will give you a good return on your investment. It will be your hard work that will bring results.

For any of the implementation of ideas, if you need any help, we are always open to conversation. Contact our professionals’ experts, and they will talk to you and discuss your business commercials.

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