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Mom: Our tap is dripping for the last two days. We need a plumber urgently.

Dad: Okay, let me find out the best plumber. (tap fixes in two days)


Mom: Our tap has been dripping since morning. We need a plumber urgently.

Dad: Yes, (grabs mobile phone) let me hire the best plumber on the app for home services right away! (tap fixes in a couple of hours)

As they say, an INNOVATION is a result of a NEED. Likewise, on-demand home services startups innovate the way to cater to home improvement requirements as immediately as they are urgently needed. And mobile app development companies like us help such startups to make their home services mobile application ideas happen.

The on-demand home services segment covers nearly all improvement projects, including interior designing, sofa cleaning, pest control, deep home cleaning, laundry services, glasswork, waterproofing, masonry, woodwork, and carpentry.

Home services startup apps make sure to encompass the services their audience seeks, ensuring convenience and accessibility. Besides, they offer service providers flexibility of working hours and conditions and appointment scheduling with the ease of payment. Hence, online on-demand home services startups are gaining success globally.

he increasing number of startups drives the growth of the online on-demand home services market. The market is expanding, creating business opportunities and scope for the startups. Therefore, if you have any trailblazing home improvement app idea, now is the time to bring it to life.

Check here how a Home Service App Solution looks like.

Home Service Startup

Find Inspiration From The Below Top Home Services Startups in 2021 For Your Home Services App Idea

1. TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit is an American online mobile marketplace that matches freelance labor with local demand. For homeowners, it offers cost-effective solutions for hiring a man-of-all-work instantly to run errands or chores like cleaning, moving, delivery, etcetera. It’s an effective platform for taskers to make money by serving people as per their expertise and work as their own boss.

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2. Handy

Handy is the leading platform for people to find top-quality and pre-screened independent professionals for home cleaning to full-blown home improvement renovations. Since the platform offers plenty of services, it could match thousands of customers with top-rated professionals in just a 60-second booking process. The platform approves each service provider on Handy based on their experience, customer service skills, and authorized work in the current country.

3. Takl

Takl app helps you with small jobs and chores in the house, retail, or office setting. It has become a national leader to provide on-demand home services and offer popular pre-priced services across the United States. On Takl, you can find more niche categories of services like organizational help, handyman services, or pet care. Service providers from Takl tend to arrive in an hour to perform chores or jobs at the location. Noteworthy, it’s Takl’s network of over 600000 professionals that empower it to serve over 80% of the U.S population.

4. Thumbtack

Thumbtack features over 1100 different service categories to let people find, from a wedding planner to a welder. The app offers a geolocation feature so that users can see service providers available in their area to hire. Moreover, the platform enables professionals to share tailored cost estimates and convey why the customer should hire them. Thumbtack is free for customers and service providers to join and find workers or work.

5. TalkLocal

TalkLocal is a mobile-based marketplace that lets homeowners find and consult with top-rated home service professionals. Besides handyman services, the platform offers jobs that you might not expect, viz, legal, bus rental, and office furniture rental.

6. Porch

Porch is one of the trailblazers in the on-demand home services marketplace that simplifies moving, improving, and everything in between. It lets you connect and review local home service contractors and browse photos of projects. The Porch offers more than any handyman services. Homeowners can find professionals and manage projects entirely online, explore and install the best home automation, compare internet and TV options for their new home, hire a handyman at fixed or upfront cost with guaranteed quality, etcetera. It also

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7. Zaarly

Zaarly empowers homeowners to hire service providers without fear of uncertainty and doubt. It’s a dedicated app with a sophisticated algorithm that matches customer requirements with the specific job’s best provider. As the professionals only are paired with jobs they are well-qualified to perform, it saves everyone’s time and money. Zaarly screens every professional before their onboarding. Plus, it has a strict no-show policy under which service providers have to pay $100 if they don’t show up on a scheduled job.

There is ample scope for home service startups to emerge in the home improvement industry. All you need is to hire mobile app developers to turn your home service app idea into a high-performing app. Undoubtedly, to ensure your project’s successful delivery, you must have a dynamic development process in place.

Find below the steps of the most effective mobile app design and development process.

1. Put every project requirement on the single page Lean Canvas Model;

2. Elaborate app features in the Product Requirements Document;

3. Sketch out app Wireframes to layout the app screens & visualize the design with Prototyping;

4. Figure out the technology stack for your startup app;

5. Hire an on-demand app development company;

6. Set out delivery milestones to streamline project management;

7. Get a Quality assurance onboard to ensure a bug-free application;

8. Get on with mobile app deployment on the platforms you must;

Once your app is successfully deployed, you must start measuring the right KIP like downloads, active users, new users, positive & negative reviews, etc. Focusing on Feedback received from early adopters helps you improve your app as your audience may want. Also, a good app design has the power to steer the conversation rate that you must take into consideration.

As far as the home improvement app development cost is concerned, it depends on the choices you make throughout the development process (mentioned above). However, if you wish, we can help you estimate the cost to build a home services app for a startup. So, connect us without further ado!

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