Best Web App Ideas for 2021

I would say, Web apps are only getting better! Web apps are a more responsive form of websites that can be viewed even on smartphones without any anchoring. It adapts to the device configuration and thereby gives an uninterrupted experience. Web applications usually get cached in the smartphone device and function even if you do not have an internet connection. I would say it gives a look and feel just like a native mobile app, but it isn’t.

You just have to log-in to the web address to get a response from the internet server. Web apps are built using HTML, CSS & Javascript, and they are accessible through any browser. The comfort and the sleekness of web apps have made it a must-have tool for businesses. Web apps have changed the story and are up in the market to give a strong competition to others. Do you wish to build a ravishing web application that will kick your business growth? Are you looking out for web app ideas for 2021 that will definitely hit the right chord?

After studying the on-going market scenarios and keeping in mind the customers’ current needs, I have listed some of the best web app ideas in this blog. These web application ideas have the potential to raise your brand identity & take your business to new heights. Have a look.

Web Application Ideas

1. Web App Idea - An eCommerce website:

You can introduce your own eCommerce website that allows users to shop anything from clothing, grocery to medicine using the app. An eCommerce website has a lot of scopes, especially in current times when people refrain from visiting the retail stores physically.

The comfort and ease of the eCommerce web app surpass any other app’s experience in the industry. Additionally, there are multiple ways in which you can make money using the eCommerce app in your favor. You can collaborate with multiple brands and take your commission by allowing them to sell their products on your platform.

2. Web App Idea - Property rental website:

You all are well aware of the success story of Airbnb, aren’t we? It is quite tempting to develop a property rental website that will provide a platform for buyers and sellers to connect and sell a property. Sellers can put up a post about the place/space they want to put in on rent, and the buyers can purchase it online.

The buyer should also be allowed to make a smart search of spaces using keywords using any alphabet, industry type, location address, or anything else. In this web app type, it is important for the seller to upload a clear picture of the property so that the buyers can explore it easily. You can charge a fee on every deal made using the app.

Web Application Ideas

3. Web App Idea - Grocery delivery website:

It is difficult for any individual to keep themselves from grocery shopping. It is a day-in and day-out thing to buy essential items from the grocery store. However, the current times force people to shop online instead of visiting the stores. And hence, a grocery delivery web app is your golden egg.

Please make the most of this opportunity by developing a feature-loaded application that allows customers to shop grocery at their convenience. Make sure that you discuss the project commercials with your web app development company. Discussing the project idea with them will ensure that they include every expected advanced and general features in the application.

4. Web App Idea - Milk subscription website:

“Buy fresh, eat fresh” seems to be the new trending word with the emergence of hundreds of online shopping applications. The 9 to 5 hustle many times makes it difficult for individuals to buy milk from the superstores. And thus, a milk subscription application’s role comes into the picture. A milk delivery web app takes care of the dairy needs of the customers and delivers them as per the scheduled slot.

From a business perspective, you have a chance to reach out to maximum customers and deliver them milk, bread, eggs effortlessly. The craze and the success of milk subscription services are so phenomenal that today even Swiggy is willing to invest $100 million in the delivery service of Supr Daily.

To excel in this milk delivery market, make sure you hire web app developers who have prior experience in building apps for this industry.

5. Web App Idea - Dating website:

Do you wish to be the next name after Bumble, Tinder, and Happn? The online dating application’s craze is rage. The millennial generation can not just stop embracing the features and functionalities of these dating applications. You, too, can be one of the top names in the industry by developing a dating web app for the new generation.

The dating app, aka matrimonial web app, should allow the users to find a person with whom they can go for a date or hookup. It should be the individual’s choice of where they wish to take their relationship.

For using this dating web app, users just have to enter some of their personal details like name, age, location, preferences, images and they can move forward in the app. You can launch a premium version of the application and earn money from the subscription.

6. Web App Idea - Online teaching website:

There are literally a plethora of applications giving teaching services in specific sectors. Well, I would say it is the right time to leverage the technology and deliver an out-of-the-box learning experience to students.

Online studying, no doubt, has become “the” thing, especially when parents are reluctant to send their children to schools. If you choose to develop an online teaching web app, make sure that you deliver the courses and experience in a unique way. Allow the students to refer to the syllabus at any time of the day. Students should be free to chat with the tutors and ask them questions to resolve this tory. If possible, include advanced features like video conferencing and chatbox. Students are free to discuss their topics with other students and teachers.

7. Web App Idea - Car wash website:

The generation is extensively using online platforms. When each of the industry sectors has made an online move, it is the time for the car-service industry to go online. A car wash web app will allow users to book a car wash service from a professional at their scheduled time. Users can start exploring the available car service options or buy accessories and gadgets for their cars with just a few taps.

By developing a car wash web app, you can market your services to hundreds of thousands of customers. At the same time, customers do not have to wait for long hours in the queue to get their car serviced.

8. Web App Idea - Wedding Planner website:

A wedding planning web app is indeed a profit-making business to enter into. A wedding is indeed a grand event full of other small-scale events. Today, people want to rejoice in the event instead of handling the hustle and bustle of the process. They want to sit back and relax while everything else is being taken care of.

A wedding planning web app will take care of the guest lists, events, menus, dress code, music arrangements, everything. The user just has to set the budget and search for the available options on the app. They can choose the band, decor, dress everything using the application. Just like their spouse, a wedding planning app accompanies them throughout the wedding journey.

9. Web App Idea - Music Streaming Web App:

Today a music application is evaluated on the basis of the song collection, video quality, and customization. Users expect an “all-in-one” package when a music streaming website or an app is launched in the market. “All-in-one” here means an app that allows them to perform Karaoke, customize their music list, and also helps them in identifying a song.

A music streaming website is an evergreen idea, which means its demand is never going to subside. People love consuming good songs and will continue to do so for a lifetime. Hence, if you want to invest in a web app idea, you should definitely think of investing in a music streaming app.

10. Web App Idea - Food delivery web app:

It is high time for you to develop a web app that gives tough competition to Zomato, Swiggy, and other food delivery applications. There are a lot of people who prefer to order food online instead of visiting the restaurant. The primary reason is the convenience & comfort one gets by ordering food sitting on the couch. Second, the coronavirus outspread has forced them to do so.

You can initiate a food delivery app development that has some exclusively advanced features like real-time tracking, payment gateways, order customization, in-app chat/call, and scheduled delivery. All these features will ensure the success of your food delivery solution.


There are thousands of web app ideas that might strike your mind, but we have concluded the top web app ideas that ensure your business success. The year 2021 and further is going to observe an “app-focused” trend. Customers will channelize themselves to user applications and solve each of their problems. And hence I would say, it is the right time to enter the market and make your footprints count. I wish you all the best with the journey of web app development.

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