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How much does it cost to develop a laundry and dry cleaning app like Laundrapp?


For a start-up company, it is vital to reach out to its clients. It is crucial for an organization to provide its clients with a hassle-free way to connect with them or to reach them to get their services. In order to connect with clients and to spread business, it has become necessary to invest your money and energy into the website and introduce your business with a mobile application.

From the transport system to any other type of business, every owner now launches a mobile application to provide their services online. And the laundry businesses also come into the category of providing services via apps. In order to stop wasting our time in front of the laundry machine, waiting for our turn, these services have become a necessity. In the 20th century, everyone is in a hurry and wants to save time for other works.

For this very reason, on-demand laundry services become so popular that nowadays many people compare it with transport app Uber. So, if you are thinking of getting your own app created, but has no experience and cost estimate for the same, this article is for you. Here are a few crucial factors, on which the overall cost of the app depends. Moreover, these factors are a must to know and understand:

How exactly does the on-demand laundryman app work?

There are lots of Laundry App Development Company who can design and make an app like Laundrapp for you. Basically, your fully configured laundry app will have three main steps or process to complete the whole process.

1. Customer Portal

The first thing your ‘mobile app development company’ has to create is a customer portal where your customers can place their orders. This app will carry below features:

2. Laundryman Portal

For the service provider, there will be a separated app portal where they can log in and check order details. It contains:

Depending on your budget you can also add GPS tracking technology for your app to get accurate location details of your consumers.

3. Delivery App

Your laundry services are incomplete without the pickup and delivery service of the order. So, it is essential to build a delivery app. The Laundryman delivery app also is known as Uber for Laundry for its excellent services. This app is integrated with:

The Features That Makes Your Laundryman App Stand on Top

Try to make your app user-friendly so, that clients feel easy to use it. To make your on-demand app user-friendly, it must have these features:

Developer Team & Development Process

It is crucial to provide your app development project to an expert developers team so, that you can communicate with them and make them understand your requirements. A good development company helps you with better advice which can be beneficial to you. So, you have to consider three important aspects:

But, the cost to develop a laundry mobile app isn’t so cheap. To create a stunning looking mobile app to draw the targeted audience to the app, it can cost you a bit higher. A whole team of app developers may take $30k for a basic laundry app.

Approximate Cost to Develop an On-Demand Laundry App

Basically, the cost of developing an On-Demand Laundry App depends on your requirements, the features you choose and the design you want in your app. For a normal budget-friendly On-Demand Laundry App Development Cost is $12k with basic features implemented to it, and the cost to build an app like Laundrapp can grow up to $81k. App developers or a mobile app development company can charge you an hourly basis.

The total hour depends on the frontend developer team, backend developers team as well as graphic and UI/UX developers team. Approximately a total of 1450 hours could be taken to develop a proper functional laundry app as minimum 150 hours to design the user interface, an average 900 hours consumed by frontend developers to develop your app performance and 300hours required to develop backend site of the app.

Also, the time depends on the OS, iOS app development requires more time than the Android app. Based on the regional area, developers have different price ranges. Here is an overview you can check:

But a basic laundryman app can be made within $25k. But the hourly average cost to build an app like Laundrapp is between $61 to $95. To create a featured app with a great user interface, it cost a total of $75k. If you are willing to add an extra feature, that would cost you an extra amount. Dry Cleaning App Development Cost is slightly higher than the laundry app.

But for a startup company, it can be troublesome to spend this much amount to create an app. So, you can hire developers from Indonesia. Indonesian developers are 10x cheaper than the US developers, but they really do great work to create your On-Demand laundry app. Also to reduce the estimate you can outsource your projects and choose developers from India.

Final Words

In order to increase your services, it’s crucial that you create a business model and choose your working region. And then, hire app developers for your app development. These are some of the crucial factors discussed in detail above that can completely change the cost factor. If it does not plan and discuss prior, you would end up investing more than the required. And hence, by following the factors discussed above, you can get a general idea of the estimated cost and can move further with the app development accordingly.

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