Flutter is an open-source software development kit and framework to build beautiful cross-platform apps that can give tough competition to Native apps. Owning that Flutter has all the quality and striking features required for creating a prolific business app. Flutter has emerged as a silver lining for the startup ecosystem to target audiences over the most bustling app stores, i.e., iOS and Android.

Okay, Flutter is so good and ideal for startup apps, and all but a question that deserves to be answered is: How much does it cost to hire Flutter app developers in 2022?

No matter how cost-effective it is to build a mobile app with any particular tech stack, you have to pay developers for their job. Thus, in this post, we estimate or, let’s say, discuss Flutter developers’ per hour rate and how much it costs to hire Flutter app coders in 2022.

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What It Costs To Hire Flutter App Developers In 2022

To better understand the cost structure and its calculation, we split the cases that affect the Flutter development cost or hourly rate. One thing is that during the whole hiring process you’ll have to face a lot of questions and decisions.

In many cases, entrepreneurs think very little of these questions and hand them over to HR and never bother to research. However, instead of sitting on the fence or before designating, you must study these cases to make even better decisions.

flutter developer per hour rate

Cost To Hire Flutter Application Developers By Engaging Models

Whether you hire developers from Flutter App Development Company in India or the USA, there will be multiple models or packages. These packages are called engagement models designed differently to make it easier for software clients to get started. So mainly, you find three types of engagement models- part-time, hourly hiring, and a dedicated team.

The cost highly depends on the model you choose to have developers work on your project. Besides, each model comes with its own benefits and drawbacks. Hence, it would be safer if you analyze your end goals before making any choice.

Part-Time Hiring Model:

Suppose you have a project that needs ongoing support and there is not enough work to hire dedicated developers. If that is the case, then the part-time hiring model is for you. You can expect it to be less expensive as you hire developers for a few hours in a month. They work on your project on a mutually agreed schedule, and you have complete control over them during that period.

Hourly Hiring:

If your project lacks expertise and/or needs more developers temporarily, the usage-based hourly model may work well. You can also go with it to upgrade new features, migrate your app to a new platform, or there are any less urgent tasks. Developers work as they are instructed, and the billing is done as per actual hours. However, you need to do proper planning for resources in advance to avoid any waiting.

Outsourcing Dedicated Development Team:

If we were to follow hiring trends, then outsourcing a dedicated app development team is one of the most followed and successful. Your team would theoretically consist of a project manager, flutter developers, designers, testers, and resources based on your requirements. The paramount convenience of the model is that there will be a full-fledged army working on your project. Outsourcing a dedicated team from offshore or nearshore is the best idea for long-term and comparatively larger projects.

Cost To Hire Flutter App Programmer In 2022 By Their Expertise And Experience

Developers’ skills, expertise, and experience differ with years and the number of projects they do, and so their charges. Primarily, you find two types of developers based on their proficiency: Junior developers with 0-1 year of experience and intermediate or senior developers with 2-5+ years. Speaking of Flutter, developers you encounter are more likely to be middle-level skilled since the technology has been around for some years now.

Nevertheless, the average salary of a skilled Flutter software developer in the USA falls around $84000 PA. Therefore, again, the ball is in your court, and it depends on your project requirements. Whether you should hire skilled Flutter developers or juniors that can get you the job done.

Flutter App Developers Cost Geographically

When calculating the cost of software development, developers’ location is no exception. Needless to say, the cost of living differs dramatically in different countries which impacts the rate of development ridiculously. No matter, you hire freelancers or outsource a dedicated team of developers, the cost sharply varies geographically. Let’s peek into the average rate for Flutter development in different countries.

Location Hourly rate ($)
North America $150-$200/hour
Latin America $50/hour
Western Europe $50-$100/hour
Eastern Europe $25-$50/hour
Ukraine $25-$50/hour
India $20-40/hour
Australia $100-$150/hour
Africa $40/hour

If you see, Flutter developers’ hourly rate in India is seemingly a lot promising and affordable. The exciting part is that you can rest assured about the service quality when you hire Flutter app developers from India.

flutter developer per hour rate

Cost-effectiveness By The Complexity Of Mobile App Development

It’s the universal truth that your mobile application’s complexity level plays a major role in the development cost. The same term applies to Flutter mobile development. There are multiple stages where this complexity level phrase is associated with the app development process and extends the time and cost. For example

App Type:

  • Simple Apps with fundamental features and functionality take around 300 hours to complete.
  • Moderate Apps with a few advanced features take around 400-600 hours.
  • Multifaceted apps that consist of a significant number of screens require 600-900 hours.
  • While highly multifaceted apps take more than 900 hours to complete.

Mobile App Categories:

Considering Build Fire’s rough guide on the cost to hire developers to design different categorized apps

  • $50,000 – Basic apps like a calculator or clock.
  • $50,000 to $100,000 – Apps that use data consumption like a weather app.
  • $300,000 – User authentication (basic personal profile) required to use the app.
  • $500,000 – Social media and dating apps like Facebook or Tinder.
  • $200,000 to $1 million – eCommerce apps.
  • $1.5 million – On-demand apps like Uber.

All in all, you need to resolve the below cases to figure out what it would take you to hire Flutter developers.

  • The complexity of the app and features.
  • Required skills and expertise of the Flutter app developer.
  • Which location of the app developers you can afford.
  • Which engagement model of hiring app developers is suitable for your project needs.
  • Up to what extent you can prolong your budget.

What’s now?

As discussed above, the cost to hire Flutter developers is heavily dependent on the choices and decisions you make. It might look tricky, but with proper homework and learning the ropes of hiring excellent talents, it can be simplified. Flutter is an incredibly brilliant technology whose usage is rapidly growing worldwide. It allows you to create apps as you want in a spectacular way to achieve your business goals.

As there are always alternative solutions available, companies like us can help you get through this hiring process. Share your idea with us to find the perfect talent to bring your Flutter app to life.

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