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Guide On How To Develop Clothing & Fashion eCommerce App Like Boohoo?

Make an App Like Boohoo

Today, we are living in a world full of style-conscious people. We are continually looking for dressy events to make our style-quotient popular. Surprisingly, even the Corona situation also could not break this chain. People started dressing up for virtual meetings and parties. The main reason why this is still in much demand is because of the online shopping applications eCommerce App Like Boohoo. which are making everything available under the budget. 

From your favorite influencer to celebrity, everyone is endorsing one or the other clothing line. Some of these celebrities have even launched their own online stores. However, one application that is catching our eyes even after 14 years of being launched is the boohoo application. Boohoo application was first launched in 2006. Since then, it is continuing its journey by achieving respective milestones. 

By 2013, it had already captured 1 Million followers on Facebook, and in 2015, it got a hit of 1 Million followers on Instagram. The company runs with around 1000 employees and organizes many charity programs. In the year 2020, the company donated over $300,000 to Australian wildfires. To us, the journey is really inspiring. If you are inspired to develop a fashion app like Boohoo and create your own brand, then you need to read this blog. 

An online Fashion eCommerce app development business plan is a no-nonsense platform. The customers can get the perfect fit of the parties and meetings without wasting any time roaming around the physical stores. They know their budget, pick up an item, add it to the cart, make the payment, and get the doorstep delivery. 

To begin with, online clothing shopping businesses earn around $90 billion in a year. Adding to the news, Statista predicts that it will cross $138 billion by the end of 2022 in the US. So we can see that the audience’s shopaholic behavior will definitely encourage young and budding entrepreneurs to build an application like Boohoo. 

So, how will you benefit from this on-demand application development? What are the advantages of Fashion eCommerce app development?

We will now discuss the feature set of an online fashion store application. This feature set will help you in building an online shopping app like boohoo. 


The user registration feature allows the user to access the application using phone numbers, emails, or social media accounts. 


Decide which top categories you want to sell your products in. The primary category of selection can be Men, Women, Children. You can further decide on the sub-categories. 


The search feature is a preeminent feature you need to have in your online shopping application. You just can not ignore having this feature in your application. Search features help users find apparels of their suitable size, favorite color, brand, price, and more. 


Your application should entertain all types of users, be it sufferers or the real shoppers. For this, you need to show the range of products available at their disposal in the best possible representative way. 

The catalog should contain every single detail about the fabric, color, size, etc. 

Shopping Cart:

You need to consider how a user will prefer to add an item in the cart or save them for later. Allow the users to add as many items as they want in their shopping cart. Leave it up to them when they want to complete the final purchase. 

Payment Gateway:

It is crucial for you to integrate a reliable payment system that will provide a seamless money transaction. Additionally, the app will face acts like order cancellation, return, or cashback situation, which should be handled by the integrated payment system. 

You have options like Stripe, PayPal, Square, and Braintree. These are well-known options that can efficiently handle eCommerce transactions. 

Push Notifications:

We swear, there wouldn’t be a single app on your mobile without this feature. Push Notification is the need of the hour feature. You can let the user know about a product in their cart or notify them about the new products on the list. 

By engaging with them over these push notifications, you can actually bring them back to the store and allow them to shop. Furthermore, you can personalize the notification messages with some discounts or with their names, which will make them feel special. 

Checkout and Shipping:

An important aspect of the Fashion eCommerce application development is how you treat the users at the checkouts. Please do not make them feel any less than the way they were treated on the first screen. Allow them to carry out seamless checkout and have an amazing shopping experience. 

Offer them options like COD or online payment if they want to choose between the two. 

Review and Feedback:

You should be open to receiving positive as well as negative feedback from your customers. Please give them a space in the application where they can share their experience of shopping with you. 

Virtual fitting rooms:

With the emergence of AR technology, it is now possible to see how a garment piece will actually look on you. Users can actually try a new garment before making any purchase. 

Style boards:

This feature stands on when you decide on how to make a shopping & online store app. Talking about ladies specifically, they love to combine their favorite pair of jeans, trousers with multiple tops, and cardigans. 

If you integrate the style board feature in your application, you will amaze almost every lady using the app.

Customer support:

Let your customer feel comfortable if they wish to talk to the customer care representative. Integrate a feature where your customer can chat with you in real-time or talk with you in case of emergencies. 

Ensure that you are available to them 24*7 whenever they need them. 


Like we mentioned above, it’ is not necessary that every time a user visits your application, they will opt to shop. Many times, they are just surfing but might love the products on the list.  

Code scanning:

Barcode scanning is an out-of-the-box feature but much in demand. Customers can scan the products’ barcode and find out detailed information about the product they wished to purchase. 


Today, in the world of the internet, people seek information over blogs and articles. You can create style blogs, informative blogs, and blogs related to the fashion industry’s specific topics. Not only it engages the readers, but it gives you a chance to boost your search engine rankings. 

Order tracking:

Allow customers to keep track of their orders. Notify them when their order is shipped or when it is out for delivery. 

Let us give you more information about the fashion app business model in brief. 

There is a various business model which you can pick up for starting an online clothing and fashion application. The four main categories are:

How much does it cost to build an application like Boohoo?

The cost of app development relies on a variety of factors. It is difficult to estimate the cost of app development unless you decide on the number of platforms, features, complexity, and more.. 

We will highlight a few factors that can affect the overall cost of app development. 

As you can see, it is difficult to give a general price of Fashion eCommerce app development because all the above factors will vary drastically from project to project. However, to give you an estimate, you can expect the project price to be somewhere between $40,000 to $100,000

If you wish to estimate your project, you can get in touch with our team, who will guide you in detail about the same. 

Is there a minimum product requirement for the store to start online?

Well, if you are a beginner, then small is better. Once you get hands-on experience maintaining the store, you can start adding products in your catalog. Also, you will have a knack of handling orders, shipments, and delivery.

You can define your niche accordingly. Hence there is no benchmark number of products for you to start an online business. However, we would say, start it when you are confident about it. 

To conclude:

Fashion is a trendsetter industry. One fashion trend may come and go, but the demand for online shopping will never. It is an industry that never sleeps. We would end this blog by saying it is the right time if you are thinking of switching online and reap maximum benefit. Do not wait for the right time; make it the right time. 

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