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How To Develop a Successful eCommerce App like Chewy for Pets?

develop an ecommerce app like chewy

Do you wish to make your pet look sassy? Did you ever imagine that you can put a Fit-bit belt on your pet? How about a GPS tracker for your pet? This is not it; you can even purchase customized hoodies and beds for your lovable, furry friend! 

Pets have become the new family member of modern houses. People treat them like their own babies; people rejoice when the pet smiles and become sad when the pet’s health is down. This bond between the parent (pet-owner) and the pet is pure, like bliss. They love to shop for food and other essentials for their four-legged friend. 

And thus, online shopping applications have started ruling over this industry too. One such trustworthy and reliable pet-shopping app is Chewy! Chewy is a go-to online destination providing everything your pet needs. It is a trusted platform by nearly 1000 brands and is located at 15 different locations. For making an app like Chewy, you should aim to thrive and enrich every pet’s life. The entire team at Chewy works passionately towards pet grooming ideas. 

Pet caring applications are in excessive demand, and it is expected to cross $202.6 billion by 2025 globally. So, what do you think, how can develop an exciting eCommerce app for pets like Chewy? What new ideas can you implement to adore the new pet in the house? How do you ensure that the furry friend gets the care they deserve? 

This article will discuss at length all the features and functionalities required for an eCommerce app development for pets food. 

To begin with, 

Any app development is initiated by thinking about the problem you wish to uncover. You need to define the purpose of developing a pet store mobile application and align it with the quality service. If you ensure that you will provide quality service and products that serve the requirement, then you generate more sales. 

Secondly, you need to understand your people.

Understanding the audience here means what category of people will come and visit the application. Confused with the lines? Well, you would have visitors coming from 3 major categories. 

Category 1: Who wishes to buy branded products for his/her pet. 

Category 2: Who visits the app for guidance, suggestions on pet care.

Category 3: Who makes repeated orders and loves to explore new product arrivals. 

eCommerce business is all about setting up trust and connections with the customers. You need to enhance the user experience by giving a personal touch to the browsing experience. As an entrepreneur, you need to make sure that you acknowledge every visitor’s liking and disliking and provide them with the necessary solution.

Check out your competitors and understand their strategy of promoting the products online. You may hire mobile app developers who will assist you with the entire process of app development. 

Now let’s look at the features list of an eCommerce app like Chewy. 

An eCommerce application for pets will have three screens in general, Pet owners screen, Product seller’s screen, and Admin’s screen. 

We will highlight the features of each of the screens. 

Users’ (Pet owners) screen:

Product seller’s screen:

Admin’s screen:

We would also like to mention some of the advanced features that are trending these days when it comes to eCommerce app development for pets. 

Why select a reliable and experienced eCommerce app development company?

A company completely new or novice to the industry may lack the necessary knowledge to deliver a quality application. If you aim to make an app like Chewy, the company should know the importance of detailed elements, or else they would really mess it up. 

A reliable team with a long-term vision will guide you in the best possible way. They will quote you a price based on the knowledge, skills, and experience.


What is the cost to develop an eCommerce app for pets?

You can expect the cost of developing an application like Chewy to fall somewhere between $20,000 to $1,00,000 depending on the features and functionality you decide to include. You can discuss the Technology stack and cost variation factors with your development partner. 

Because this, too, contributes to the final cost of app development. Also, your development partner’s location and hourly rates affect the total cost of application development. 

You will need a team of a project manager, UI/UX designer, Developers (iOS, Android, Cross-platform), Quality tester, marketer. Thus you can imagine the total cost of app development if you think of hiring them for your project. 

How to market your application?

SEO optimized applications do not have a problem in Google rankings. However, to reach the right set of audience, you need to market the application strategically. 

You can utilize social media platforms to reach out to the target audience or go for advertisements over the platforms where your target audience is present. 

Unless you utilize these strategies effectively, there are lesser chances of you getting positive results. 

Wrapping up:

It takes a lot of effort to develop an eCommerce application for pets. Many key factors have to be taken into account while you think of going online with your store. You need to mirror your customers’ expectations in your application. Ensure that you make the experience as convenient and comfortable as possible. 

Do not be in a hurry to jump into the race. Take proper consultation of experts, know their suggestions, and then work upon it. Feel free to talk to our experts to develop a safe/secured and successful eCommerce application for your pets. Keep your pets, safe folks!

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