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How to Develop an app for online grocery shopping like elGrocer?

Grocery Delivery App like elGrocer

The trend of creating an online supermarket grocery apps to bring ease for customers and grocers has widespread and the Middle East and North Africa-MENA region is not an exception. As per the Wamda report, the MENA e-grocery market accounted for $200 million in 2019. The ratio is less than 1% of the eCommerce space that depicts the opportunity of its rapid growth, says the report.

So far, UAE has been the leading hub for startup entrepreneurs in the region, with over 35% of pre-seed startups ratio. To your surprise, eCommerce and marketplace dominate the new pipeline of startups with 18.7% and 15.4%, respectively. elGrocer online grocery delivery app is one of the Dubai startups that is growing exponentially in this cut-throat market. 

Nader Amiri comes from the FMCG industry. He founded elGrocer in 2015 when the UAE’s people were highly dependent on ordering food online on Zomato, Talabat. Nader chose grocery as it becomes a bit complicated when it comes to categories, quality, and price. 

Thousands of items are available even in a small grocery store, some of them in-stock or out-stock. And the poor delivery service without quality guarantee makes customers frustrated. So, with the mission of bringing ease of weekly grocery shopping, Nader started at a small scale partnering with neighborhood grocers. 

With Online Grocery delivery app development, elGrocer started grounding their services on what customers expect and the potential downsides of competition. The app received positive feedback and recommendations for listing more product categories. Then, Nader decided to venture into specialist stores like pet stores, butchery, and ripe organic. 

The app grew expeditiously in a couple of years that they had to hire their own personnel to take control over orders. Today, it allows users to order from the nearest grocery store or favorite supermarket to relish the delivery within hours. With the widespread presence in all seven emirates, elGrocer has become the UAE’s best grocery shopping app by now. 

If you are thinking about disrupting the e-grocery market, make an app like UAE’s best Grocery app, elGrocer. Wondering what you need to develop such an app? Keep reading; we are detailing the elGrocer functionality that will help you plan your online Grocery business model.

Unique Features of elGrocer for your Online Grocery shopping app development

Features are essential for mobile apps that make them function in a user’s desirable way associated with the app database. Unique features become necessary in order to survive in the market and get a competitive edge over thousands of other apps. Besides, it needs extraordinary functionalities that users could not keep themselves to use.

So, we have curated peculiar features of elGrocer that attract the UAE’s audience to use it over traditional grocery shopping.

Order from the nearest store or favorite supermarket: elGrocer is the only app that serves all emirates with the most grocery stores and supermarkets. A user can order from a wide variety of stores and enjoy fast delivery.

Request product or store: The app allows users to request a store, supermarket, or even individual product they want to be on the app and make the service better. 

Location accuracy: Developers have exerted high-precise location pickers that navigate users from entering delivery addresses to explore nearby stores for ordering groceries when in a hurry.

No bar of categories: elGrocer is one shop for all types of livelihood products from Frozen, Butchery, Bakery, Beverages & Confectionery, Canned, Dairy, Home & Kitchen, Personal care, etc.

Cooking Recipes: It is one of the unique aspects of elGrocer that you can even explore the cooking recipe for snacks, appetizer, starter, main meal, to dessert. On top of that, it allows you to order the ingredients in-app for the selected recipe on one tap.

In-app replacement: Another pain point of customers elGrocer solves is that to return or replace any product it doesn’t take a long time, but let you 

Deliver at your convenience: On elGrocer, a user gets the fastest delivery in around 60 minutes, and if they will, they can schedule the delivery time. Moreover, it allows scheduling delivery weeks in advance even when stores are completely booked with orders.

Weekly promo codes: The elGrocer never lets customers miss lucrative promotion offers from brands they love and notifies them straight to their phone every week. 

Shopping list search: A user can search for products in a few seconds with copy-paste their shopping list into the elGrocer’s search bar in one go.

Fresh produce: For organic and dairy products, the app guarantees users to replace as soon as possible with an apology, and no questions are asked.

Payment options: The app shows different payment options for different locations, but cash on delivery and payment through card online is common.

Live Chat: Nader Amiri came across with the idea of elGrocer out of poor customer services provided by offline and online stores. So, he affirmed to render the best Customer Service experience ever in elGrocer with direct live chat and other features.

How to monetize your online grocery delivery app like elGrocer?

elGrocer’s functionality is quite alluring and influencing startup entrepreneurs to build an app like elGrocer – Online Grocery App. Now, assuming that you would be wondering how this elGrocer shopping delivery app earns, here are some revenue models. You can opt for one or more revenue streams as per your choice for your Online Grocery shopping app development.


It is a well-known and widely employed revenue model in the most on-demand delivery applications. Without a doubt, you can also use it in your grocery shopping app to uplift your business return. A certain amount or percentage of commission can be levied on each transaction or specific products separately.


Another way to monetize your app is to provide subscription plans with distinctive offers, such as discounts on specific categories products. Instant delivery, free food recipes, weekly shopping schedules, etc., services can also be provided with a subscription plan that attracts users to subscribe.


elGrocer grocery shopping app has organized its own delivery personnel and fleet. It allows their merchants to choose any delivery mode from their own, third-party, or elGrocer’s delivery service. You can also manage your delivery personnel or hire third-party service to deliver brick-and-mortar stores orders to earn more.


An online grocery delivery app takes much effort, and you have to perform many tasks to manage it well. It incorporates listing, categorizing, setting prices of each item with uploading authentic images and descriptions. elGrocer facilitates its vendors with these services and just asks for an excel sheet of products from them.

Besides, there are other marketing services like hosting banners and advertising discount offers, on-site promotions of supermarkets or stores, etc. Hence, you can create packages of vendor services and generate additional revenue from the vendors.

Kody Technolab Suggest an ideal method to Create an Online Grocery Delivery App

By now, we hope you must be clear how elGrocer is different from other grocery delivery apps and why you should develop an app like elGrocer. Coming to the technical point, how and where to develop an online grocery shopping app, we have curated exclusive steps. 

Let’s get started 

Developing an app replica is easy but catching up the level of that app is not. The idea of any mobile app should be crystal clear before starting a core app development. When it comes to on-demand grocery delivery apps, you can fall into a trap. It takes hours of research on the target market, audience, platforms, competitor apps, and the right technology partner.

Therefore, you need an experienced team that not only provides app development but helps you flourish your business. Kody Technolab is there where you stand to assist you from ideation to till post development needs. 

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