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Develop a feature-rich healthy eating and diet app to help people stay fit in 2022.

develop health and fitness app like lifesum

Health and fitness is on everyone’s mind these days, so much that some people even make it a New Year’s resolution to stay fit the following year but well, does it always work out that way? 

It’s true when they say, “the best investment you will ever make is your own health.” However, as much as we want to stay healthy and fit, it’s becoming more difficult than ever to actually spare time and pay attention to health and fitness these days. 

People have become busier than ever, and therefore,  personal health has taken a backseat in the journey of life. As a solution, keen entrepreneurs and fitness enthusiasts indulge in healthy eating diet app development. 

Today when mobile apps are dominating almost every industry, a healthy eating and diet app adds much value to a person’s life, and therefore, the demand for such apps is on the constant rise. Whether it’s tracking healthy eating habits, following a proper diet, or keeping a check on calories intake, a diet and nutrition app does all this with much ease. 

Entrepreneurs, fitness enthusiasts, and health and fitness businesses looking forward to developing a nutrition and diet app must learn from the leading healthy eating and diet app like Lifesum to understand how it works and other factors that contribute to developing a successful app. 

So, we will take you on this ride and help you explore the business model for Lifesum and all that you need to know to make a healthy diet app like Lifesum. Let’s go!

What is Lifesum? What does it offer? 

Lifesum is a mobile app that refreshes your diet and helps you gain or lose weight with healthy eating habits and diet intake. The app lets the users track their calories intake and focus on the changes they want to make in their diet to achieve the right body weight and shape. Whether it’s fasting, paleo, or sugar-free diet, Lifesum helps users achieve it all. 

All in all, Lifesum is none less than a life savior app for those wanting to get into the right shape in the right way with the right food intake. 

Here is all that the users can do with the diet app Lifesum-

How does a diet and nutrition app like Lifesum make money? 

If you have decided to develop a healthy eating and diet app like Lifesum, it’s time to think about how to earn revenue from the app because at the end of the day, earning money is the ultimate goal. 

In-app advertising 

One of the most popular methods to earn revenue from nutrition and health apps is in-app advertising. Everytime user sees an ad and clicks on it, you get paid. Many popular nutrition apps are making money through in-app ads. 

Paid apps 

This is a revenue model where the users have to pay to download the app. However, one needs to be careful with this strategy since there are millions of similar apps in the market, and one might not be willing to pay an amount to download your app. You can use this revenue method if you are sure your app has what others don’t in terms of features and design.

Freemium versions 

This is a preferred revenue model for many nutrition and health apps. Freemium apps have a mix of free and paid content. Such apps are offered for free with limited or basic features, and to avail extra features, the users need to pay a certain amount. 

Since most of the users will go for free diet apps, a freemium app is beneficial for them. Moreover, they can avail advanced features as well by paying the amount if they wish to. 

What are the inexplicable features of a nutrition and diet app? 

Here are some of the basic/must-have features- 

Here are the advanced features – 

How does the process to develop healthy eating and diet apps go? 

Whether you choose Android or iOS platform for development, the app development process will go by the following stages-

Market research and analysis 

This is the stage where you do market research to check if your app idea is viable by analyzing the market, competitors, and target audience. In addition to that, you must determine the objective of your app and be clear about how your application will function and what all it looks forward to offering. 


You can’t ignore the importance of wireframe in product development since this saves the time and efforts of the developers and specifies the app’s structure, features, and navigation. 

App development 

This is the most essential yet longest stage. This is the stage where the app development team you hire turns your project idea into a successful mobile app by integrating all the unique features and functionalities. 

Testing and launch 

The final step before the deployment is testing the app to make sure it is stable and flawless. Once the testing team approves the app, it is all set to be launched on the play store. 

How much does it cost to develop an app like Lifesum? 

When it comes to the cost of app development, not one but many factors are responsible for the final cost such as- 

Note- The hourly rates of the developers differ from one country to another, and therefore, if you want to begin with a short budget, you can hire mobile app developers from an Asian country where the hourly charges fall between $15- $100

Moreover, you can hire experienced mobile app developers from our company which offers inexplicable services at affordable rates. We are a renowned mobile app development company in Asia, excelling in the highest quality app development services. 

That’s all for now!

If you want to transform your customers’ lives by making them healthier and fit, investing in a nutrition and diet app is a great opportunity indeed. Develop your health and fitness app globally with the help of expert developers and serve your customers with the best technology. 

Since we are a renowned mobile app development company, let us know if we could help you in any way, we would be glad to.


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