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Develop Home Accessories Shopping App like Westwing To Skyrocket Your Revenue in 2022

How to Develop Home Accessories Shopping Apps like Westwing?

Imagine finalizing furniture or home accessories online and giving a whole new look to your home. How convenient, right? People pay detailed attention to their home’s furniture, accessories, and interior and for them, buying home accessories online is like a jackpot. With an online home accessories shopping app, sparing time to visit a furniture shop or store and facing the crowd has become a thing of the past. 

There has been a tremendous spike in home accessories shopping app development, and this spike has caught the attention of several tech-lovers and enthusiasts. They wish to make an app like Westwing to achieve similar success and recognition.

Since everyone has a different style and aesthetic, finding the right home accessories is mandatory. You need to find and pick up the accessories that blend well with the rest of the interior and yet, attract enough attention. A home accessories shopping app simplifies buying the right home decor as it has millions of styles to choose from. Moreover, it also makes it popular and download-worthy. 

In this blog, we have tried to cover the basics like business model, cool features, and app development process required to develop home accessories shopping apps. So, if you are planning to develop your home decor mobile app for quite some time, let us take you through all that you need to know about it. Let’s start! 

Let’s first know a little about Westwing. What is it all about? 

Westwing is Germany’s first shopping app for beautiful furniture, home decor, and accessories. It offers home decor items, textiles, furniture, and lighting to redesign a home and give it a whole new look. 

The users can discover new and antique furniture, home accessories, and home decor items from well-known designers, top brands, and trending labels. The company’s operating systems are DACH and International. DACH comprises businesses in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. 

Whether you want a new couch, cushions, coffee table set, home decor pieces, or other accessories, Westwing has it all. Just browse through the products, select the ones that match your home’s interior and style, make the payment, and boom, the item is yours! 

What features make Westwing so popular? 

Free signup 

The users can register on the app in a few seconds. Once they register, they will have access to all the exciting offers of the Westwing shopping club. 

New items every day 

The users always find something new on the app. The app comes up with 5000+ new items every day with discounts of up to 70%. Not just that, they also get a 15- minute early access to sales on the app. 

Home decor stories from influencers 

The app provides exclusive home decor stories of famous celebrities and influencers. The users can thus take inspiration from these stories and redesign their homes. 

Convenient shopping 

Shopping on Westwing is very convenient, simple, and safe. Zoomable high-resolution photos enable the users to view the products clearly and buy quickly. 

Secure payments 

Westwing offers multiple payment methods such as credit card, PayPal, and advanced payments. The payments on the app are highly safe, secure, and seamless. 

How do home accessory shopping apps like Westwing make money? 

Generally, home accessory shopping apps make money in two ways- in-app purchases or in-app ads.

Every time an item gets sold on the app, the app charges some commission from the sellers for listing their offerings on the app. This is the main monetization medium of home decor and accessory shopping apps like Westwing. 

Some home decor and accessory shopping apps promote several brands on the app and charge a certain amount from them. Thus, this is another way of earning money for these apps. 

How does an app come to life? Let’s have a look at the app development process. 

To develop an app that streamlines users’ whole home decor and accessories shopping experience, hiring a mobile app development company is a must. When you hire the right app development company, half of your stress vanishes. Thus, hiring an experienced mobile app development company is the first step to developing a successful app. 

Here are the steps to follow ahead-

Research and analysis 

This step involves researching the existing market trends, knowing your targeted audience, and figuring out their pain points. You can study what is the demand of the users and how you can fulfill it. You can analyze how your competitors are performing and how you can make a difference with your solution. 

Deciding the MVP features 

Features are like the soul of the app. They are the very base of the app. Once you hire a company, you can rely on, and study the market, deciding the MVP features is the next big step. The features mentioned above are the MVP features of a home accessories app like Westwing.

Not just that, there are a few other advanced features that you can integrate into the app. Here they are- 

App development 

During this step, the app concept or idea actually transforms into a fully-grown app. In this step, the app developers work on the code and develop the front-end and back-end of the app. This is also the longest and probably the trickiest step of app development. 

Final testing and deployment 

Lastly, the final testing of the app to make sure it is all ready to deploy. Here, the app goes through quality assurance to make sure it is free of all errors, flaws, and loopholes. Once it is ready, it can be deployed and launched on the Play Store. 

What does it cost to develop an app like Westwing?

Determining the overall cost of home accessories shopping app development is a bit tricky as it sways from one project to another depending upon many factors. These factors are- 

Among these factors, the location of the developers is an important cost-deciding factor. Since different countries charge different rates for their app development services, you must hire mobile app developers from a company that fits your budget. 

If your overall budget ranges between $ 30,000 to $50,000, hiring an India-based software development company is a good deal for you. At the same time, if you hire European or American mobile app development companies, it might exceed your budget. 

Concluding note 

Choose from thousands of styles and pick the right home decor item for your home. With apps like Westwing, buying furniture, home decor, and other accessories is available at the fingertips. 

If you run a home decor business and want to develop a Westwing-like app to offer unique and highest quality home accessories online, then why wait? Meet the right team of app development today and develop an app that resembles your imagination.

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