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How Much does it Cost to Develop Home Service App like Porch?

Building An App Like Porch

Are you looking for building an online platform where people can meet professionals to fulfill their home improvement needs? Then, you have got to read this guide on How to execute Home Service App Development like Porch.

A Pinterest-like platform, Porch is for home design and improvement that connects homeowners with home improvement experts. On the platform, you find ideas and photos for external and internal home improvement, see their costs, and pick the right professional by examining friend endorsements. The Seattle-based data-driven platform was started in 2013.

“We started out as a home services marketplace, delivering project requests to pros across the country who make up part of the $500 billion home improvement market.” 

After being the fastest growing company, they started partnering with brands like Lowe’s and began to build proprietary demand channels. In 2016, Porch evolved into a vertical SaaS platform to provide CRM solutions to companies to help them improve their businesses and customer experience. Over 11,000 home services providers, namely home inspectors, moving companies, real estate agencies, utility companies, and warranty companies, etcetera are using the platform currently. 

Developing such a broad relationship with multiple brands lets Porch provide a moving concierge service to homebuyers, assist customers to save time, and make better decisions on critical services, such as insurance, moving, security, TV/internet, home repair and improvement, and more. Porch has a luminous and inspiring history, you can read more on or

How does Home Improvement Service App Porch work?

Before you start developing an app like Porch, knowing its workflow will aid in forming an effective business model and project requirements.

Coming to contractors, Porch charges them based on the type of job they can do, and zip codes them to serve their service. For instance, if a contractor wants to offer deck building services in a high-income zip code, they can advertise themselves that way. Porch has a pricing model for each service and zip code.

Why should you Develop a Home Service App like Porch?

Customer Convenience 

New-age customers are spoiled by on-demand services that have made everything available to them at their fingertips. From taxis, apparels, food, grocery, medicine to electronics, and even services like laundry, logistics, and home improvement have gone on-demand with mobile app development. Thus, offering an on-demand app dedicated to home renovation services for professionals and customers is a lucrative approach.

A Trustworthy Marketplace

Building an on-demand application for home services is emerging and perfect for a startup mobile app. TaskRabbit, Thumbtack, and Handyman are some brands operating with the same model as Porch. The popularity of such apps pursues customers to rely on on-demand home improvement services. The increasing momentum illustrates home services apps are not any less than UBER but in the Home Improvement market.

Potential Growth 

Because home improvement has a wide ground to cover, home improvement-related services hold high potential in the on-demand economy. Cleaning, plumbing, electrical services, painting, appliance maintenance, and more come under on-demand home services solutions. Besides, the US online on-demand home services sector has reached $600 billion and shown steadfast growth during the pandemic with a projection to grow at a CAGR of 49% by 2021.

Catch on to Customers

Shopping or booking services online and through on-demand apps have become mainstream. The way millennials are preferring on-demand services impacts traditional approaches adversely. The scenario indicates that in order to expand or even sustain the business, you need to acquire modern solutions.

Effective Strategies To Grow with Home Service App Development like Porch:

Recognize Customer Needs:

You cannot start on-demand home service app development without understanding your target audience and their needs. Conducting market research and surveys is the best way to get insights into your customer pain points. Such vital information and insights help you strategize and set realistic goals effectively and head-start your project.

Keep A Track On Major Players:

As they say, keep your friends close and competitors closer. You should always keep an eye on competitor apps to know what they are doing and stay ahead in the market. This way, you know the latest trends and features that they have, and you don’t. 

Efficiency Is The Key:

Customers always prefer and trust efficient and timely services, specifically home improvement. Besides, providing services on time makes your customers happy and satisfied and helps in the word of mouth advertising leading to promoting services efficiently. Therefore, you need to ensure your app synchronizes the customer and professional connection well and accelerates the overall process.  

Analyze Customer Remarks:

The competition in the on-demand home maintenance industry has reached new heights. To endure such a cut-throat market, you need a robust app with an appealing app design that convinces and engages the app end-users. For that, you should allow users to leave their reviews on the app experience and follow their feedback to upgrade your app.

Use Push Notifications Pleasantly:

Irrelevant notification at every minute or sporadically can kill the user engagement. In contrast, moderate use of push notifications can do wonders for your app. Your app should have an algorithm that sends relevant notifications at the right time that resonates with customers and draw them to the app.

Believe in Product, not Marketing:

Before splurging on marketing, make sure your app works seamlessly, and there are zero bugs. After all, the mobile app is the foundation of your business, and if it’s weak, it can result in adverse outcomes. Therefore, it is crucial to make an app like Porch from a leading mobile app development company.

How much does it Cost To Develop An App Like Porch?

Concerning the budget provision, the Home services marketplace app development cost relies on Features and their Complexity, Hours to build such features, the app development Company’s expertise, and its Location. 

However, the mobile home marketplace app development with elementary features costs around $10,000 to $15,000. While a sophisticated app like Porch may cost > $30,000.

Moreover, the cost calculation of Porch like app alters with a country of app developers as their rate differs in different nations, for example;

With that being said, the guide ends here. However, there are a lot of things yet to learn such as how to choose a development company and technology stack for the app, whether you should create wireframes or prototypes. If you really need the answer to all these queries, just click on the word. It’s that simple!

As far as expert advice is concerned, feel free to fill the form and connect with our on-demand industry experts. Easy-peasy!


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