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7 Stellar Features To Make An On-demand Application Like Cleanly & DRYV

Delivery App Like Cleanly & DRYV

Targeting prominent locations, listing on laundry services sites, promoting the business online, offering cost-effective services, yet your online on-demand laundry service business isn’t growing the way you thought?

First of all, if you don’t have developed a Laundry App Like Cleanly & DRYV, you are missing a big chunk of the market. And that might be the reason why your laundry business isn’t scaling. Here “APP” means mobile apps. Because mobile apps are far more convenient, allowing users to book laundry services anytime and anywhere. 

Moreover, among 3.6 billion global smartphone users, 99% of users are divided by Android and iOS platforms. Thereby, building a mobile laundry app targeting these platforms allows you to cater to maximum audiences and grow like Cleanly. So, figure out the Business Model for your Laundry & Dry Cleaning App and get started.

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Now, what if you have built a mobile laundry app, and yet it is not gaining traction? In that scenario, you need to delve into your mobile laundry app, think from a customer perspective, and conclude the issue. It might be your user interface design, slothful app performance, or monotonous app functionality your audience would despise. 

Practicing wireframes and prototypes will help you create an appealing and intuitive UI/UX design according to your audience’s standards. In contrast, with the right technology stack and maintenance approach, you can achieve notably high app performance. Features & Functionality, on the other hand, require significant brainstorming sessions.

Peep into our Laundry & Dry Cleaning App like Laundro Design illustration.

Performing competitive analysis, examining competitor apps’ features, and market trends in your niche helps decide features your app should have. You should create a project requirement document, entailing must-have and good-to-have features with the help of an industry expert business analyst. 

Nonetheless, people are more likely to embrace innovations streamlining their daily life and free them from laundry headaches in minutes. Therefore, building advanced features, accelerating the laundry booking service process is the ultimate solution. 

The good thing is to find such features you don’t have to go anywhere as we have got you covered here. After thorough industry-specific research, we have curated the top 7 features for the on-demand laundry service app. These seven features will bring your mobile laundry app into the limelight, attract new customers, and convert them into loyal customers. 

7 Definite Features to Make an Application Like Cleanly & DRYV

Mandatory account creation is a helpful feature for your laundry business app to gather user data and provide a personalized experience. However, asking users teeny tiny details, viz name, number, email, for registration sounds like a tedious survey. 

To be quick and creative at this stage, you must integrate social login or social sign-in. The feature allows users to choose from Facebook or Gmail accounts, for example and fetches their information from the platform to facilitate login. This way, users quickly get on board, streamlining the user verification.

To win your customers’ hearts, you should be there when they need you. Providing customer support via in-app call and chat is a new norm in on-demand service apps. This way, your customers can contact the delivery personnel and laundry vendor for any query. Alternatively, the delivery agent can reach out to customers in case of a location issue. 

To maximize your app engagement multi-fold, you should integrate a laundry and dry clean cost calculator feature. The cost calculator estimates the laundry service cost as per the number of clothes and type of service selected by customers. It also shows a breakdown of the total cost with individual service prices per garment.

You should always consider the order cancellation use case as it plays a crucial part in online on-demand service ordering. There could be many reasons customers may need to cancel the order. They might have forgotten other garments to add, entered the wrong address or mistaken the services, or missed any service to add. 

The order cancellation feature empowers customers to mend the mistake quickly without trouble. Alternatively, the feature sends an order cancellation notification to the delivery personnel saving time from wasting.

The custom deals and offer feature can work as a powerful in-app marketing tool. You can easily customize the deals, notify customers about discount offers, and track the result of your efforts. Consequently, attracting new and retaining old customers becomes a piece of cake.

Transparency is a key feature to engage customers and gain their trust. By offering a feature, facilitating them to track their laundry process, you can keep the process transparent. Customers will know the status when their clothes are being washed, dry cleaned, ironed, folded, and out for delivery.

You should also integrate the Global Positioning System – GPS to enable users to track their laundry delivery to their homes. This way, you can also receive the real-time location information of your delivery personnel.

Depending on your target audience preferences, integrate payment gateways into your laundry app to get the payment process done securely. Customers in your targeted territory may use direct payment methods like credit/debit cards or net banking or prefer third-party payment APIs like Paypal, Google Pay, or Apple Pay. You must choose effective payment options to make it convenient for customers.

How Much Does It Cost To Build An App Like Cleanly & DRYV?

Developing a feature-rich on-demand laundry mobile app costs depending upon your discretion towards the below factors.

The Laundry App Development Cost also varies depending on the location you hire on-demand app developers from. As the hourly development rate differs worldwide. However, outsourcing or hiring developers from South Asia may cost you around $10k to $15k to develop a simple laundry app.

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Wrapping Up

We disclosed the most profitable app features to include in your mobile laundry app to secure success in the market. The cost mentioned above is a ballpark figure. However, by analyzing your project requirements, our business developer can craft the cost structure for your app. So, if you are determined to defeat your competitors with your mobile laundry app, connect us.

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