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How to Develop a Local Multi-Service App like Grab and Gojek? – Cost and Features

Develop a Local Multi-Service App like Grab

Do you know you are missing endless opportunities by not developing a multi-service app? Well, I assume the thought of developing a local multi-service app would have crossed your mind, but you may not have found adequate resources that can guide you through. Good news then! Here is an insightful article that will help you in local multi-service app development. And I promise that you soon will taste the fruit of success just like the Grab app and Gojek.

Local multi-service application development lays down a huge playground for entrepreneurs to pitch in their services. At the same time, the unparalleled comfort and speed of delivery amaze customers to a great extent, which is what the hype is all about!

A multi-service app is a clone of on-demand apps. In other words, it is a one-stop answer to all the on-demand needs, including food, grocery, taxi, etc.

Furthermore, it is a million-dollar industry yet has just a countable number of sprouted apps. For example, you are a thriving entrepreneur and want to give a strong opposition to already existing apps like Gojek, Line, and Grab. In that case, multi-service app development is the solution. By developing a local multi-service app like Grab, you would solve the modern world’s early requirements.

There are a few key things that you need to focus on for making an app like Grab.

Why should you develop a local multi-service app like Grab and Gojek? How will you benefit by developing a multi-service app?

Meet modern-day needs:

Urbanization is at its peak, and customers are embracing the Uber-on-demand options. In addition, around 42% of the entire US population savor benefits from one or the other on-demand services. For example, some use it for booking taxis, some for ordering food while others for booking local services like electricity, plumbing, etc.

Become a super app:

Developing an on-demand multi-service app will allow you to offer customized and scalable services instantly. As a result, your app can become a super app by integrating advanced features and plug-ins.

Generate high revenue:

A multi-service app would be a part of a larger audience. So, it will help you generate higher revenues and profits than you would have ever contemplated. For example, a popular multi-service app named Gojek covers almost 108 million app downloads with a valuation of $11 billion.

Organize the revenue:

Above all a multi-service application gives you a chance to channel your app revenue and make more business-oriented decisions. The robust application you develop partnering with a mobile app development company has the potential to handle the high network traffic and withstand rising demand.

Save time and money with a cost-effective solution:

Instead of developing an on-demand hyperlocal delivery app solution for each service, you can have a single app providing multiple services. So, you can save hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on the development of individual applications. Thus, you keep yourself free from maintaining two or three codebases. Above all, you need to focus and fix bugs for only a single codebase.

Efficiently Manage daily tasks:

Besides, the dynamic dashboard makes it quite easy for you to manage and maintain applications with less hassle. Consequently, you can effortlessly deal with the flood of customers longing to use the application services.

Guarantee user data protection:

The core programming languages used for developing a multi-service app make the device fast and responsive. You can also guarantee users’ data protection and take care of the input and output of user data.

Use it as a marketing tool:

Additionally, with a developed multi-service application, you have a chance to expand your business sales, right and left, without any limitation. The application also serves as a marketing tool, ensuring better sales of products and services.

Looking from the customer’s perspective,

Comfort, Comfort, and Comfort:

Customers prefer using professional services available all in one place. Hence, users can swipe and tap to place an order on the multi-service app. But the fascinating thing about multi-service applications is that users do not have to download the app for every service. Instead of filling their smartphones with a variety of apps, they can avail every service under one roof.

Moreover, customers can easily access the application from anywhere, too, with an internet connection.

All these benefits speak volumes about how a multi-service app development like Grab and Gojek are successful.

What services/categories can you include in your multi-service application?

Multi-service application functions under multiple niches. In other words, you cannot have just a single application for a particular niche. A multi-service application can be a huge hit if it provides services under the following categories.

Ahhh.. the list is endless depending on the geographical location you live in and your audience’s needs.

What features do you need to include in your multi-service app?

So, when you plan to compete against some popular giants like Gojek and Grab, it is important to analyze the feature-set they have in their apps. Because the entire application rests on this single platform and the features you include in the application. Moreover, a reliable multi-service app development company will guide you with the best feature list that will make your app stand out from the rest.

However, there would be four screens in which the multi-service app would operate.

Customer screen: that makes it easy for customers to place orders;

Service provider screen: that allows a vendor/service provider to manage services with a few taps;

Delivery person screen: that allows the delivery executive to manage deliveries efficiently;

Admin panel: that facilitates the admin to control & manage the business process.

What technology can you use for multi-service app development?

A successful mobile app designing process also depends on the technology stack you select for app development. Multi-service app development is a one-of-its-kind solution that requires you to go into the details of everything. For example,

What is the business model for a multi-service app?

It is vital to choose the right business model that can promise you a high return. And there are various business models that you can adopt to make a multi-service app like Grab, accordingly.

For example, you can choose between an aggregator model, delivery-only model, hybrid model, and an on-demand model. Though you can consult hired mobile app developers or your development partner before finalizing the business model for your multi-service app.

Also, there are various revenue models that can help you in making money by developing a multi-service app. You can read more about the revenue generation methods in one of the blogs on our website.

However, you can go for commission-based models or advertisement-based models, depending on your business commercials.

What team do you need for developing an app like Grab?

The hiring of a team completely depends on the technology stack you select for your app development. Because, you do not want to end up hiring skill-set heads that you do not require. Besides, it will help you hire professionals without breaking the bank.

However, to give you a rough idea of what resources should your team comprise, here is the list:

What is the cost to develop a multi-service app like Grab?

Multi-service app development cost varies from app development company to company. Nevertheless, an approximate cost would be around $20K, which may vary depending on the factors like

Still it would be best to discuss the project idea with your development partner and have an accurate cost of app development. 

Parting words:

I would like to conclude this blog by saying, it’s time to iron out the wrinkles. Because it is the right time to move every on-demand app segment into the multi-service app segment. 

But if you need any help or assistance in app development, our doors are wide open. We approach smartly and study various development parameters before we give you a solution. We also keep a transparent line of communication and fix things up within your budget as well.

Multi-service app development will be the next big thing, and it is your time to act upon it. All the best!

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