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A Step-By-Step Guide To Developing An App Like Thumbtack

Develop Marketplace App Like Thumbtack

Can we all agree that mobile apps are not less than a blessing these days? Isn’t it amazing to just order anything with a few clicks and get it delivered to your house? We feel the evolution in the mobile app industry has been a boon for many of us. We use several apps on our mobile phones every day and keep downloading new ones all the time, and it’s still never enough.  

In the world of successful apps, Thumbtack needs no introduction, but we will brief it out for you. Thumbtack was started in 2008, and today, this app is worth more than $1 billion. Yeah, that’s a huge amount. Let that sink in! It began as a start-up for on-demand services like hiring the right and skilled professionals for various home services. Its business graph has only gone up in all these years and it has emerged as a winner in the on-demand home service industry. 

Now you must be wondering about how it reached here and the magical formula behind its success. In this blog, we will discuss the success story of Thumbtack and how you can build a similar app for your business. Stay glued to this guide to know everything in detail. 

Let’s take you through the success story of Thumbtack.  

“Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated,” R. Collier has rightly said. This quote applies to the success story of Thumbtack quite right. 

There was no end-to-end platform or app for booking professional services when Thumbtack was launched. Thumbtack immediately filled the gap with its unique idea and features that were the need of the hour for many users. Thumbtack became the biggest on-demand platform that connects many service providers from multiple industries with customers looking for various services. 

Thumbtack became quite popular among the users as it offered various services such as house cleaning, event planning, interior designing, etc. With this app, the customers could hire various professionals for possibly any job. Who wouldn’t like an app where you can get all the professionals under one platform? Thumbtack did exactly what customers wanted; it solved customers’ problems and gained their trust as well. 

Why develop a marketplace app like Thumbtack? 

It’s 2021, and it is the right time to invest in building an app like Thumbtack. In this world of digitalization, customers want everything to be delivered at their doorstep, whether it’s products or services. Finding the right services online is much more feasible, especially in the big cities. Thus, in an age like this, making an app like Thumbtack has multiple benefits, both for the business owners and customers. 

If we look at the statistics, the demand for online home services has significantly gone up in the past few decades. The revenue for home-demand services is expected to reach $869.95 billion by the end of 2022. You can say that developing an on-demand home service app will bring great success your way if your app fulfills the needs of the users. 

Here are the other reasons to make an app like Thumbtack in 2021 and beyond- 

We will now move ahead and discuss the step-to-step guide to develop a home service app like Thumbtack. Let’s begin with the steps right away. 

Step-to-step guide to developing an app like Thumbtack 

Step 1- Understanding the Thumbtack business model 

First things first, you must understand the business model of an app like Thumbtack. Suppose you have an idea of developing a similar app like Thumbtack but is it viable? Why would users download it? What new is your app going to bring to the table? 

These are the very basic questions that you need to focus on in the very beginning. The answers to these questions lie in in-depth research and analysis of your app idea through market research, user surveys, and user personas. This step will help you determine the potential of your app idea and how well it can do in the market. 

Step 2- Keep an eye on the existing market players

The online home service has a huge potential, and therefore, many business owners are providing the same kind of services. It is self-evident that you will have to face immense competition in the industry to reach the success you look forward to achieving. 

Watch out for what your competitors are doing, what kind of services they are providing, and where they are lacking. You can take inspiration from the competitors’ strategies and bring something unique of your own. In this step, you need to focus on competitor research and find out about the latest trends and technologies in the industry for your app to perform well in the market

Step 3- Choose your business model

This is the step where you will have to choose the business model for your app. To keep your marketplace going, you will have to choose a business model that keeps the money flowing. There are three business models that you can look out for to develop an app like Thumbtack- transaction-based, subscription-based, and lead-based. Out of these three, you need to choose the business model keeping in mind your target users and business scope. 

Step 4- Hire mobile app developers/company 

After covering all the basics first, it’s time to hire mobile app developers to build a robust app. To bring your marketplace app to life, you need to hire skilled app developers.  The developers should understand your app idea and come up with the best strategies to build an app that brings success your way. 

To hire a top app development company, you need to do a little research as well. Make sure to do thorough research to know the company’s past records and check their portfolio to understand their mobile app development process. The success of your home service app depends on the app development company you hire. The developers can either make or break your app, and therefore, you need to be extra careful while choosing the development team. 

Step 5- Build an MVP 

Lastly, you need to build a minimum viable product. A minimum viable product enables you to gauge your target users’ reactions to your marketplace app. An MVP will have all the essential features of your app. You can also test your MVP to know your target audience better and how they will react to your app. Building and testing your MVP will validate your marketplace app, and your final app will be efficient and successful. 

How much does it cost to develop an app like Thumbtack?

Developing an app like Thumbtack can cost you about $15000 to $50000 or above. The reason being, every business’s vision and goals are different, and so the cost of developing an app like Thumbtack will also differ for everyone. Several factors are involved in deciding the overall cost of app development. Here are some of those factors-

Apart from these, any last-minute costs can also increase the overall cost to develop an app like Thumbtack. You can get the average development cost after discussing your core project requirements with the mobile app development company you choose. 

Let’s wind it up 

If you have been delaying your idea to build a marketplace app like Thumbtack, now is the right to make it happen. On-demand apps have taken the industry by storm, and an app like Thumbtack has great potential to gain a great customer base. For the best home service app like Thumbtack, you need to hire the best development team. 

To partner with the best industry developers and on-demand experts, you can have a word with our team, and we will serve you with the best app development solutions.

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