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How to Develop an On-Demand Medicine Delivery App like 1mg?

On-Demand Medicine Delivery App

If you are starting a company or want to get into the healthcare business, then you must opt for selling medicines online. As technology is getting advanced day by day, it has become easier for the people to sit at their respective homes and order anything online. With the help of technology and on-demand app development, you can also sell drugs online.

But before getting started with selling, ensure obtaining all the required licenses. If you have visited a hospital, you must have noticed that before meeting a doctor, there will be a long queue that you will force you to wait for a couple of hours. It becomes tiring and exhausting for you at times, especially when you are quite sick.

However, with the development of many healthcare apps, it has become easier for you to talk to an expert and order medicines online that gets delivered at your doorstep. Therefore, most of the physicians are opting to create an app or website to sell their drugs online. So if you also wish to start your medicine delivery app development company, make sure that you are going to hire mobile app developers who are skilled and good at what they do.

Here is every aspect you need to keep your eye on during Medicine Home Delivery Application Development:

Identify the Need to Develop Medicine Delivery App like 1mg

As physicians are coming up with apps or websites to sell medicines, the demand is increasing at a rapid pace. People can consult doctors online and order medicines online that gets delivered at their doorstep as per their convenience. Also, the medicine delivery app features reminder options that can help patients to take medication as per the prescription and dosage.

A medicine delivery app like 1mg also logs the data of the patients in the database, which further helps in improving the user experience and customize the reminders.

Must-have Features for On-Demand Medicine Delivery App Development

Features for Customer Panel Development

Features for a Medicinal Service Provider Panel Development

Features for Administrator Panel Development

Advanced Features to make an app like 1mg

Team Required for Medicine Home Delivery Application Development

When you are planning to Develop Medicine Delivery App like 1mg, you must ensure that you have an efficient operations team. Your team must be able to handle all the pressure and help you in meeting the demands of the customers. It usually takes a couple of months to plan and strategize the operations team. You will need professionals to Build Medicine Delivery Mobile Application like 1mg that has the right expertise and skills. So, here is a list of people you will need to create such an app:

How does the application work for customers?

For using the app, here are the steps that a user must follow:

In the case, if you are confused, you can get in touch with our expert nutritionists or doctors to discuss further the medicine, and then place your order. Using the online map feature, they can find nearby pharmacies and visit the medical store personally. This will help you during emergencies to fetch medicines immediately. Administrators can also send an alert to the patients reminding them the right time to consume the medicines.

When it comes to healthcare data, you will have to ensure that the data never gets manipulated. And hence, the app features a two-factor authorization security protection option for all the user accounts. Moreover, you can keep your data encrypted so that no third-person can use this data for their benefits.

How does the application work for administrators?

For all administrators, they will have to follow the below steps:

Cost to Develop Medicine Home Delivery App like 1MG

The cost of developing a medical delivery app varies based on the requirements you have and the market you are targeting. If you are going to hire mobile app developers, this will cost you about 25 to 50 USD per hour. Similarly, if you are using an app platform for Android, Windows, or iOS, it will be costing you about 23k, 18k, and 28k USD respectively. Moreover, overall, it will take you about $30k to $50k to develop an app.


The medical delivery apps are a boon to the healthcare industry. For a user, it becomes easier for them to seek advises on their health at affordable prices just by sitting at their respective homes. They don’t want to wait in long queues or get stuck in traffic when they are seeking for some medical assistance. Also, for an administrator, it becomes easier for them to connect with the patients efficiently and keep track of all the medicines that they are delivering to them. And hence, the app becomes useful for both patients and administrators.

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