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How to Develop an app like Boutiqaat? – Online Fashion & Beauty App

Online Fashion & Beauty App

Do you ever think about how some of the e-commerce or on-demand shopping apps have become an integral part of our lives? We could always go outside and buy what we need. But now, we would rather order from Amazon or an app like Boutiqaat facilitating instant shipping. Talking of Boutiqaat, it’s one of the leading online shopping apps amongst Android users. Since its launch in the Google Play Store in 2015, it has recorded over 5, 00,000 + downloads with an average rating of 3.8 from 3,000 Android users.

The question is how we can make a remarkable shopping experience to attract lots of recurring customers. We will determine what goes into the making of a successful shopping app that enhances your sales. You can develop a Fashion & Beauty app Like Boutiqaat yourself without paying a commission to any third party. As phones and tablets have surged during the lockdown, the e-commerce industry will only grow from here.

With global online sales reaching 3.5 trillion dollars in the last year, statistical projections suggest that it will grow to become a 6.5 trillion-dollar industry by 2023. Moreover, any business would love to get a slice of that trillion-dollar pie. Here are some of the finer points on how to develop an app like Boutiqaat:

Workout an Idea for your shopping app

When you’re going into a start-up, it can be confusing first since you have to handle and supervise every detail. Hence, we recommend you record and note every thought you have regarding the business. You will have a bunch of goals, ideations, assumptions, decisions, features, values, etc.

Once you have your content, you can start structuring them to represent the big picture. Moreover, working out an idea on how to make an app like Boutiqaat will help you step up with MVP development.

Business Model

For people getting into the business for the first time, they needed a more concentrated and effective model before developing an app. The model includes sections like the problem, solution, key metrics, cost structure, revenue streams, channels, unique value proposition, unfair advantage, customer profile.

Well, when it comes to a Lean Canvas model, it accelerates the process by outlining multiple possible business models in less than 20 minutes. It is often considered to be an invaluable tool for start-ups, so consider it whenever opting for on-demand App Development.

Market Analysis and research

Well, before you start building your on-demand shopping app, performing the market analysis along with competitor research is must. The following aspects are to be taken into consideration before you hire mobile app developers:

Technology Stack to build an app like Boutiqaat

A tech stack (also known as solutions stack, tech infrastructure, or data ecosystem) is a set of all the technological services. A company uses this to build a mobile or web application. Tech stacks are used amongst developers to communicate a bunch of information altogether, like a summarization of programming languages, frameworks, tools, etc.

Now you might be thinking about how you can build your technology stack for your business. Before kick start, keep in mind that all companies require different tech stacks, and no two are the same. The best way to approach this is to understand how your front end will look. The front end is what your customers will see. Once you have structured a layout, developers back up the design with their tools, adding functionality.

Some Must-have Shopping App Features

The Prototype of Shopping App

A prototype is one of the first models developed to test app concepts in the process to develop a shopping app Like Boutiqaat. It is one of the most important steps in the application design process. The most advantageous facet of a prototype or an MVP is that it simulates the real app that’s to get made. This is not released to the customers. This is only for the internal design team and focus groups that can use the product and see any errors.

It can also help bring attention from potential customers to invest in the product before using any resources. Several prototypes can be made before confirming production to ensure you don’t allow any design flaws to be repeated. Prototypes can highlight functional gaps and drawbacks. Moreover, it will save your company resources, time, unnecessary risks, and money

Moreover, opting for wireframing helps with a visual layout for the mobile user experience. It shows the specific content, functions, and link between pages. It is essentially a skeleton for your design. Hence, it doesn’t require visuals or aesthetics. Without a wireframe, any designer would be lost amid online fashion & beauty app development.

User Testing

Before the app goes for a proper launch, this process of user testing helps the app to improve. Its objective is to assess the usability of the on-demand shopping app and determine if it is ready for real users on a huge scale. User testing lets real users experiment and interact with the app’s interface and functionality by executing distinct tasks in realistic circumstances.

For proper results, the users shouldn’t be commanded too much. They should be enabled to interact with the product naturally, to see if the system is spontaneous and suitable enough to use by people who aren’t yet accustomed to it.

You can increase the efficiency and accessibility of customers once you know the patterns of usage. A customer will immediately identify the purpose of your on-demand shopping apps like Boutiqaat or a website when they open it. The rest will depend entirely on your design, how it connects with the audience, and how efficiently a customer can navigate the app.

Development method for an App like Boutiqaat

A shopping application’s software inventory can make or break the feasibility of its organizational framework. The online fashion & beauty app development model will decide the choices of functionalities and features available to the consumers. You can make some optimal decisions by truly understanding the nature of your business and the methodologies available.

The Waterfall Model takes a sequential development take. The development flows steadily, downwards like a waterfall through several phases: product requirements, software design, implementation, etc. This is a traditional approach where you cannot revert to the previous phases.

Interactive Development takes a software development approach on an incremental basis. The method is incomplete while you apply it. It keeps learning from older models and integrates more features and finishes it. You can easily improve and update the previous iterations.

Development Team structure

To begin with the development of your shopping app Like Boutiqaat, you must figure your development team out. It could be app managers, developers i.e. front-end and back-end, designers, and testers, or early adopters. They have to be good and experienced enough at their job profiles. It doesn’t matter if they are freelancers or are working as a team, they must be able to manage your app project effectively.

Moreover, the start and completion of a project have to be scheduled with proper discussion and the use of a delivery milestone. Well, Milestone Delivery indicates the delivery part of the production, as outlined in the specifications of the requirements and the agreement. Milestone Delivery may consist of, e.g., full manuscripts or separate parts of the production, such as program modules, illustrations, sound, or pictures.

Milestones present a way to predict the time it will take to create your project more carefully, making them indispensable for specific project scheduling.


Software deployment covers all the means needed for devising a software application to run and engage in a particular environment. This process saves time on installation, and there is no need for learning or training. As a progressive company, you should be wary of the security risks that come with running e-commerce portals like your shopping app. This will improve security by configuring a set of permissions that controls sensitive group computers.

And lastly, the most exciting part of a deployment: monitoring user actions. Gaining a detailed insight of user activities in the app will help you create a historical user activity analysis. Moreover, you can observe user patterns, problems, engagement, etc. That will help you overcome problems and keep improving in the direction of your consumers’ desires.

Launch and Market your Online Fashion & Beauty App

On reaching the last stage of developing a Fashion & Beauty app Like Boutiqaat, it’s time for you to launch it. You can do that via App Store or Play Store, etc. After that, you can opt for marketing on various social channels to make it visible to an even bigger crowd globally. You can opt for Facebook advertising, Google ads, social media marketing, and more.

How much does it Cost to Develop an App like Boutiqaat?

As you begin to develop a Fashion & Beauty app Like Boutiqaat, you will have to start planning many things to correspond together. Similarly, when you plan a project, you will have to get a cost estimate before beginning. It may also determine the amount of time it foresees the project to take to develop.

Nevertheless, these calculations are seldom accurate. The variation in the cost estimation is known as cost variance, while the variation in the estimated time to finish is the schedule variance. Although it might not be as accurate, it is safe to devise a cost analysis beforehand to prevent surprises like additional features, UI, UX, and other technologies, etc.

Moreover, depending upon how much a certain individual or a company charges per hour (considering 600+ hours) or as per location, the cost varies. It can go up to $50,000, which is specifically for a shopping app that is quite complex.

Assure high value and quality app service

Quality is all about meeting customers’ expectations regarding design, functionality, aesthetics, durability, and price. Quality Assurance is described as an exercise to guarantee that an app like yours is rendering the best possible product or service to customers. Moreover, quality assurance sets to enhance the means to deliver quality outputs to the customer.

Quality assurance is a key to a good fashion and beauty shopping app. It brings the brand under a better light than those who don’t have Quality Assurance. Most organizations opt for ISO 9000 to warrant that their quality assurance system is in place and efficient.

Feedback & improvisation

Getting feedback after letting the final on-demand shopping app out helps you to take the guesswork out of design. Blending the feedback, you hear from your targeted clientele is one of the fundamental elements of human-centric design. One of the best ways to keep learning from your audience is to show them what you’ve made and knowing how it impacted them.

You can opt for combining their feedback on your online fashion & beauty app development into your design. Now, you can update your app to perfect it and sustain it further so users embrace it. Ultimately, the product you’re making is for the users, so it is only fair that they have the last say.

Well, people don’t trust just anyone. So, make a strong first impression with a professionally designed logo and attract recurring customers. Moreover, create a relationship with your customers by creating a social media presence with good design. And lastly, good design is made by increasing brand value, boosting sales, and making it stand out from the sea of options.


Once you identify your calling and target audience, you can follow these steps to create an excellent online shopping experience. You should work on constantly improving your services. Give your customers the wheel and let them drive your business to the place it needs to be.

Keep exploring new opportunities, build An App like Boutiqaat, and be attentive to user feedback. Besides building the shopping application development company, ensure to keep a close eye on optimizing internal business processes. Ultimately, what you are doing is running a whole organization. And people make up that organization. Listen to your employees and contribute to their growth as they do to your company.

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