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What all you must know about developing an online shopping app like Trendyol?

How to develop a shopping app like Trendyol?

Today, there is an app for almost everything. People especially are fond of those apps that provide them with a wide range of products. This is because they can buy whatever they look for in one platform and get it delivered with much ease. 

When it comes to apps dealing with multiple products and services, eCommerce apps are pretty popular. In fact, online shopping through eCommerce apps is increasing every second. Many eCommerce apps deal in products ranging from groceries to cosmetics to garments to electronics and much more. 

Among these eCommerce apps, Trendyol is one of the largest eCommerce companies in the world. Trendyol is an all-in-one platform for all the shopping needs of the users, and that’s why entrepreneurs today want to develop an app like Trendyol. 

As eCommerce apps dominate the industry today, developing an app like Trendyol is a dream of many. If you have a similar app concept and want to bring your app idea to life, learning from the success of Trendyol would be very helpful. 

We have put together an overview of Trendyol to help you understand the business model for Trendyol, how it works, and insights into its success. Let’s take you through the overview now.

Trendyol- an overview 

Trendyol is an eCommerce platform in Turkey with headquarters in Istanbul. It is amongst the largest eCommerce platforms in the world. Founded in 2010, it initiated the marketplace model by bringing various products and services under one roof. Trendyol delivers more than 1 million packages per day in several categories like fashion, electronics, home and furniture, and cosmetics. 

Trendyol has been downloaded more than 45 million times and has an active customer base of 30 million. Its ever-growing success even caught the attention of the multinational technology company Alibaba which made a strategic investment in Trendyol. 

Let’s talk about the distinct features of Trendyol 

Instant free delivery 

This is probably the best feature of Trendyol. Trendyol’s delivery is super fast, especially grocery shopping. The users can choose the grocery store near them, and Trendyol delivers the groceries to their door in 30 minutes. 

Exciting special offers

eCommerce apps like Trendyol always have some exciting discounts and special offers on thousands of products on the app. The users can search the product label on the application and enjoy amazing deals. 

Price alerts on products 

Trendyol has a fantastic price alert feature that notifies the customers whenever there is a price drop. With this feature, the customers can buy their favorite products at the best possible price on the app. 

Thousands of clothing brands

Trendyol has a great range of clothing brands, from everyday wear, sportswear to luxury clothing. It has brands like Mango, Nike, Puma, Skechers, Lacoste, Mothercare, Levi’s, Zara, Burberry, Louis Vuitton, H&M, and many more. Thus, the users can easily find and shop their favorite brands on the app. 

Trendyol wallet 

Trendyol app also has a Trendyol wallet feature. The users can instantly add funds in the wallet and pay with the Trendyol wallet. Moreover, the users also get 1% Trendyol money back on every order and can further spend that money on their next purchase.

Trendyol food delivery

Trendyol also has expertise in food delivery. With Trendyol delivery, the users can order food from their favorite restaurants and get it at their home within 30 minutes, that too without any additional charges.  

What is the process to make an app like Trendyol? 

Now comes the big question, how to begin with Trendyol-like eCommerce app development. First and foremost, you need to hire a mobile app development company you can rely on. Hiring experts would make the whole mobile application development process pleasant and stress-free. 

Here’s a guide to hire the right software development company which will help you choose the most trustworthy mobile app developers. 

Now, let’s come to other essential steps of app development. 

Initiate with a lean canvas model

Preparing a one-page lean canvas model helps define the pain points and challenges you might encounter during app development. It helps to put the business idea into perspective and serves as a guide for app development. 

Prototyping and wireframing 

Wireframes are the app’s basic layout and guidelines that the designers and developers follow for successful app development. See why wireframes are important for app development. 

On the other hand, a prototype is an advanced model for the UI of the app. It enables the development team to test the app’s navigation and user experience. 

App development 

Now comes the central part where the app idea will come to life. The app developers focus on front-end and back-end development with all the required features and functionality in this step. 

For high-quality and successful app development, a team of developers who understand your requirements is crucial. 

Testing and launch 

Once the app is developed, it goes to the Q A team for testing and quality assurance. Here, the app goes through several tests to ensure it doesn’t have any flaws or errors. The app can be launched on the play store when the testing is done successfully. 

What about the cost to develop an online shopping app like Trendyol? 

Cost is a factor that worries most entrepreneurs and startups. They often wonder how much it would cost to develop an app like Trendyol. Well, it’s not something to be scared about. Firstly, you must know there are a few important factors that affect the overall cost of app development. 

Among all the factors that affect the overall cost, the location of the developers matters a lot. Developers from different countries charge differently for their services. For example, on average, mobile app developers from an Asia-based software development company would charge between $20,000 to $50,000. However, if you go for other European companies, the costs might be much higher. 

Moreover, you can hire our mobile app development company from India. We promise you great app development solutions with prices you can’t resist.  

Buckle up 

eCommerce mobile shopping apps have transformed people’s shopping experiences worldwide. If eCommerce giants like Trendyol can do it, you can do it too. Why hold back the idea if you think you can develop the next big eCommerce shopping app like Trendyol? Why not discuss your project with a talented mobile app development team? 

Moreover, our skilled mobile app developers can help you develop an all-in-one eCommerce app like Trendyol with the right strategies and functionality.

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