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How to Develop a Pill Reminder & Medication Tracker App like Medisafe?

Pill Reminder & Medication Tracker App like Medisafe

The mobile apps’ advent in the health & fitness sector has made it easier to look after our beloved and ourselves’ health. Pill reminder and medication tracker apps lie in the same horizon of the telehealth or mHealth category. Given that, an ailment gets higher and beyond prevention only if a patient would not have taken medication as prescribed.

Omri Shor has come a long way to alleviate medication stress from working on a yacht startup to developing a medication tracker app. With the help of Israel-based Clalit, one of the largest Health Maintenance Organizations worldwide, he built the Medisafe Medicine tracker app. The concept of Medisafe came into his mind when his father had to undergo diabetic shock for being double-dosed on this medication.

He realized that with no solution for tracking medication, his father had to suffer a potentially hazardous situation that he overcame later. But, the incident inspired him to Make an App like Medisafe. So that patients keep track of their meds, glucose, blood pressure, and other health measurements. 

Israel startup app Medisafe was launched in 2012. In Jan 2018, Shor shifted its headquarters to Boston for expansion. They also have a full-fledged team working in London. With over one million users, the app’s average rating stands 4.6, reckoning 205k+ reviews. Here’s a user review from the USA, reflecting the app’s usefulness.

“This app has been great! I was new to taking medications daily, and I downloaded it because I didn’t want to clog my Calendar up with med reminders, and the iPhone reminders never worked for me. This app has helped me so much. It sends a reminder on the time you set, and it will also send a couple more every few mins if you don’t mark it as taken. Highly recommend.”

How does an on-demand medication tracker app solve health issues?

Research stated 45.8 percent of the total US population needs at least one prescription drug within a month. Not taking medication prescribed by a doctor or physician could worsen the disease, hospitalization, or even premature death.

The phenomenon is known as medication non-adherence. And it has been a severe problem in America. Even Studies have continually shown that 20 to 30 percent of medication prescriptions are never filled. Whereas approximately 50 percent of medications belonging to chronic diseases are not taken as prescribed.

“When people don’t take the medications prescribed for them, emergency department visits and hospitalizations increase, and more people die,” said Bruce Bender, co-director of the Center for Health Promotion at National Jewish Health in Denver.

Medication non-adherence has been a big problem and due to many reasons, people do not take it seriously. Some say medication reminds them that they are sick, while many forget to take pills on time. Another survey states;

The development cost of the Medication tracker app is an ultimate solution for such negligence. Building a Pill Reminder app like Medisafe with a social support system simplifies patients’ medication dose tracking. In addition, it has a feature that connects family members to analyze the tracking of their loved ones’ medication. The feature encourages the connected person to check up on the patient’s pill status.

A few problems that Medication Tracker App Development solves and helps live a healthier life;

Medisafe app ranks #1 among pill reminders and medication tracking apps for its ability to personalize functionalities. A study of around 500 people with a disease like diabetes, hypertension, or high cholesterol, found a 5-10% lift in medication adherence than non-app-users.

How does Medisafe Medicine Reminder App work?

A data-driven medication management platform, Medisafe, is based on the B2B2C business model. They typically collaborate with drug retailers, health insurers, pharmaceutical companies, and health care providers. Consequently, it creates an ecosystem to offer better patient engagement. It uses the causes of medication non-adherence information in real-time and accelerates medication adherence.

Furthermore, Medisafe is a free medication management app that helps millions of people stay on track with their meds. The app has also won two awards at the 2016 MITX Awards: “Best User Experience and Most Innovative Healthcare & Life Sciences Technology.”

Indeed, Medisafe is easy to get started by installing, adding medication, setting personalized reminders for pills, and getting alerts. The app also allows you to snooze the reminders and reminds you again until you mark them as taken.

A user can sign up for free on the app or use the app as a guest user. However, creating a Medisafe account is beneficial. It backups the user data on the Medisafe cloud. So, if the user loses their phone or needs to log in on another device, they can safely access the data. 

More, if you register on the app, you can connect with your friends or family members with the Medfriend feature. Now, if you do not take a dose on schedule within 30 minutes, it sends a notification to your Medfriend. 

Furthermore, the app offers a premium version at $4.99 per month and $39.99 per year with advanced features as follow;

All you need is to Make an App like Medisafe Pill Reminder & Medication Tracker App

Despite complying with HIPAA regulation and Data encryption laws, you need a compiling business plan to build a Medication tracker app. And it must include the main problem your app will solve with possible obscures to overcome and outcomes it may produce. The best way to perform this practice is by preparing a Lean Canvas Model.

Next, you need to create a complete product requirement document that encompasses the app features, functionalities, third-party integration, technology stack, etc. Some features remain common in every on-demand mobile app, such as sign-up, dashboard, profile, payment methods, logout, etc. 

Besides these features, for a pill reminder app like Medisafe, you require the below features;

Add medicine nameSelect Medicine Application Type.
Add Reminder timeSchedule Medication Start Time
Add Reminder FrequencySchedule Duration
Add Dosage timeSchedule days
Add Quantity IntervalsReschedule Medication Reminder
View and Share Medication RecordsAdd/Refill Prescriptions
Choose SubscriptionsAdd Notes on Dosage
Add Body Measurements, Vitals, and lab results.Mark Medicine Intake or Missed Status
Add Family Users to get them notified of your medicine intake.Add Doctor Appointment for Reminder.
Add a Family doctor.Add Emergency Contact List

So, to turn your pill reminder app concept into an active mobile app, hire our special health care mobile app development team. We have professionals with versatile medical app development experience that serve a tailor-made solution for each client’s requirements. 

Who you will get in the team of healthcare mobile app development;

Concerning the Cost?

Well, Pill Reminder App Development Cost may vary upon the features, development method, and technology stack you choose. However, considering all variable aspects, the cost to create a simple medication reminder app for patients ranges from $14000 to $15000

To know how much it costs you to develop a pill reminder or medication tracker app, you can contact us. We provide a free consultation with an experienced business manager to help you with the project estimation.

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