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How to Develop a Beauty & Salon Appointments Booking App like StyleSeat?

Salon Appointments Booking App

Amidst all glitz and glamour, the beauty salon business is highly lucrative. It is a business where you can expect repeated sales of services. Gone are the days when salon services were considered a luxury, but today, it is the necessity of every individual. Needless to say, the salon shops and salon app market are oversaturated with competitors. You will be surprised to know that the healthcare and beauty industry globally has earned around 4.3 trillion dollars in revenue and is on a rapid upward trajectory.

It is an overwhelming task to outshine the existing competitors with your new business. But, there is a solution to it, beauty & salon appointments booking app. Well, a salon appointment booking solution will only add to the business and improve the loyalty of the customers. Do you wish to know about the features and functionality of a beauty salon app like StyleSeat? Read this blog and find out the details.

Develop a beauty salon appointment booking app like StyleSeat

“The first impression always lasts,” and that is what our trendy millennials believe in. They are highly conscious of their hairstyle, look, dressing, and overall outer appearance. You may have observed a tremendous rise in the celebrity’s followership like never before, and how every single individual irrespective of gender wishes to stay classy and trendy.

As a result, they frequently visit salons for pampering themselves with various services like manicure, pedicure, nail paint, hair color, and many more.

However, they really get disturbed if they do not get an appointment at their favorite salon. With the availability of Uber on-demand app solutions, we just want everything with just a tap, be it food, medicine, or even a salon service.

And hence they prefer to book a salon service online beforehand through the app. A mobile application like StyleSeat is the easiest way where salon service providers can easily connect with the clients and effectively carry out the bookings procedure.

Additionally, there is no need to spend extra money on marketing; an on-demand mobile app service will do the job.

In this blog, we are going to discuss how to develop a salon appointment booking application that will turn the tables for your startup business. Keep reading…

On-demand salon booking mobile application.

Around 3.5 billion, which is 45.04% of the world’s population own a smartphone. So you can imagine the number of opportunities a mobile app can unlock for your business. The right selection of salon app features will help you in surviving the competitive industry. Have a look at the power features of the salon appointments booking app.

For Clients:


Users can use their email address/phone number or a social media account to sign up in the app and get on the landing page. Collect necessary information like name, phone number, and address (only if you intend to sell the products online).

Mobile catalog:

Once the customer comes on the landing page, the first thing they wish to do is browse the available services and products online. Hence, design a customized catalog for them where they can find the list of services, different hairstyles, and check the lookbooks. Show them the beauty salon packages having attractive discounts which can compel them to buy a service.

Mobile appointment bookings:

Why jot down appointments manually in your diary when you can have them on your mobile. This feature holds the same importance for salon owners as much as it is for clients. Clients can access the list of services, choose their favorite salon, and reserve a seat for themselves.

The build-in calendar in the app notifies the salon owner about the appointment. Once they confirm the appointment, it is notified to the client via email or a notification.

Allow the customers to repeat the salon service and thereby increase your popularity amongst the users.

Style Gallery:

Remember how Pinterest attracts every client? It’s through elite images of the product. In the same way, a salon appointment booking app can also showcase the services or products with a picture on the app.

You can have a separate navigation menu where you can display beautiful pictures of a hairstyle or a haircut. You can also put some celebrity pictures adopting a particular look, which will entice customers to get the duplicate look.

Add some videos of the salon and a few treatment procedures. These are all indirect ways of marketing your salon, which can drive more customers to the salon ultimately. Additionally, add some real-customers pic, which would convince the customers more about the service.

Salon Details:

A customer is always anxious to know the details about the salon they choose. Hence, keep a feature in the app where they can find every single detail about the salon, including the salon owner, years of experience, types of services, phone numbers, etc.

Upcoming bookings:

You never want your elite customers to miss a service appointment booked through your app. Hence, design a section where you will display the list of upcoming salon bookings. Allow the customers to cancel a booking in case of any unavoidable circumstances. Also, provide customers with the details of the service taken, date, time, and any special request made to the salon.

Loyalty points & other in-app offers:

Customers love making a purchase online if they get some reward in return. Loyalty points encourage them to choose your app services over others in the market. Give them a free service on a purchase of two or more services or offer a discount if they purchase two or more services. Giving away loyalty points is the best way to spoil them for choices, and the incentives will force them to buy a service.

The more loyal a customer is to your app, the more benefits s/he could get. It is a long-term marketing strategy to keep hold of the customers and build stronger relationships with the customers.

Push notification:

Push notification is the best way to keep customers updated and engaged with your app’s services. Enable push notifications for mobile bookings, cancellations, special offers, and special discounts available on the app. This feature adds a fun dimension while it excites the customers to get a service from your salon application.

Save favorites:

Allow the customers to save their favorite salon services or remove them from the list at their convenience.

Salon cart:

This section shows customers the total number of services they have booked and its cost breakdown. Allow them to checkout directly from the cart page.

In-app payments:

Since the customer is booking the service online, they are likely to pay using a credit card/debit card. Integrate various payment gateways using which the customer can make the payment seamlessly and book the service.


Genuine feedback and service ratings play a significant role in the salon business. It shows how satisfied your past customers were with the services at your salon. And therefore, allow the customers to write down feedback or leave ratings for the services taken at the salon.

For Salon Owners:


Every salon owner who wants to provide salon services through your app should register with your app first. Collect necessary information about the salon owner and the salon services in the sign-up form.

Booking calendar:

Just like the customers, even salon owners need to be notified of the upcoming bookings in their schedule. Allow them to accept or reject the booking, depending on the traffic they have during the booking hours. Show them the calendar with the customer details like name, phone numbers, and appointment time.

Booking history:

The salon owner should be allowed to see the past bookings made by the customers and the reviews given by them. Every single detail about the previous bookings should be accessible by the salon owners.

Few other features of the salon owner’s screen are:

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