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How Does Productivity Increase With Enterprise Application Mobilization?

Enterprise Application Mobilization Uplift Productivity

“Today, we are witnessing what will surely be remembered as a historic deployment of remote work and digital access to services across every domain, including medicine, education, government, entertainment, and more. In the coming weeks and months, services will be further digitized as the creativity of a massive work-from-home population gets rolling.” — Intel CEO Bob Swan.

Enterprise Application Mobilization is a cure for those business people who want to break the restricted mobility shell. Many businesses have digitized their operations to manage the risk in the wake of the Coronavirus and its unpredictable dynamics. And so, it’s said that the adoption of mobile solutions in consumers and businesses has leaped five years forward.

And so on…

So, What are enterprise mobility apps?

Unlike obsolete enterprise software designed around functionality, mobile enterprise apps comprise general tasks and workflows. Enterprise software encompasses 10-15 screens designed considering a fixed display resolution, a keyboard, and a mouse. Frequently, it has drop-downs that you cannot touch and don’t work on your mobile device. Moreover, it requires feeding data multiple times. 

Plus, when it is enabled via virtualization, it renders a frustrating user experience. Now, if you ponder from an employee’s perspective, it looks like a productivity disaster while they are in front of a conventional PC. For employees working remotely, it’s a worse nightmare. 

Speaking of enterprise application mobilization, it focuses on refining work experience and streamlining tasks and workflows. You can also add support for desktop computers with mobile devices for accessibility. Simply put, mobile enterprise applications are portable and scalable, helping you engage with your customers, employees, and partners on the go.

The positive impacts of enterprise app mobilization on employee productivity

As employees demand employers to embrace mobile-first strategies, mobile enterprise apps are an ideal solution. Mobile enterprise applications are developed around workflows, so employees can concentrate on what should be done (instead of how the software requires them to work). Furthermore, it helps you become genuinely “mobile,” empowering employees with 24/7/365 access to the application and data from anywhere.

Once your enterprise app has mobilized, your workforce can operate conveniently from anywhere. On the factory floor, they would not require writing notes. And later go back to the office to feed the data in that obsolete enterprise software. Instead, they can enter the data accessing the mobile application in real-time on the spot using their smartphones or tablets. The mobilization empowers employees to:

Well, technology has really widened the scope for enterprise applications, too. You can also offer sensors, notifications, geo-fencing, connect with wearable devices, and more cutting-edge features. All this modernization boosts productivity for desirable end results.

We have some tactics to point to for your reference so you can create a fruitful enterprise mobile application. So, let’s get started.

Right Way To Modernize and Mobilize Your Enterprise Application

Enterprise mobile application development from scratch can cause you to scratch your head and hole in your pocket as well. You will require to either hire an in-house or outsource a skillful development team. Besides, building an application for a specific business process from the ground also takes significant time. Ultimately, it’s an expensive and time-consuming option.

Alternatively, to bring mobilization to your enterprise, you can modernize your existing business app. The option proffers you with a cost-effective, quick, and efficient enterprise mobility solution. Rather than splitting and replacing, developers can use your complex desktop application to simplify critical workflows with a new task-oriented user experience. The process of mobilizing existing applications takes weeks instead of months comparatively.

For example, you can migrate your existing desktop Enterprise Resource Planning—ERP software into a mobile application. It will enable you and your employees to manage your day-to-day tasks from mobile devices and keep things running smoothly.

We are a mobile app development company and can serve you with either option. You can rest assured about employing your existing data, logic, and rules in your mobile enterprise application. 

Leverage Modern Mobile Device Capabilities

Your obsolete desktop application has been confined to the functionality of the mouse and keyboard. In contrast, with enterprise mobile app development, you also benefit from mobile device’s hardware and operating system capabilities. Be it Android, iOS, or Windows; developers can help you leverage their devices to their fullest potential. For example:

Security and Compliance Requirements

As everything is being mobile, cyberattacks become a real anxiety every entrepreneur and customer is concerned about in the era. The concern about data security and corporate systems keeps business people awake at night. However, when you modernize your legacy app, its security parameters are retained and often enhanced.

In addition, you can encrypt all the communications on the device. The security protocol in the app can authenticate employees’ mobile devices to verify only the authorized user can access the app. The employee’s location can be confirmed as well as the device itself can be geo-fenced.

Here are some practices to ensure high-level security in your Enterprise Mobile App.

Whip Hand with Cloud Computing

Mobile app development solutions are leading in taking advantage of cloud computing. You are also eligible for cloud benefits since you are mobilizing your enterprise application. Software as a service or infrastructure as a service, this trend enables your mobile app to correlate with both on-premise and cloud-based resources. 

Benefits of integrating Cloud computing in your enterprise app:

Here is another significant advantage of modernizing your old enterprise application. You can operate through modern architecture, cloud, on-premise, and hybrid data centers, and SaaS. 

Regardless of your enterprise domain, mobilizing your application is inevitable to achieve consistent productivity and a first-class user experience.

Parting Words

Mobilization has become essential for many reasons. While you have options to acquire a third party and develop your mobile app from scratch, our experience says it’s good to carry on with your legacy. However, all is in your court. Anyway, any option you choose, we have a robust workforce to cater to you with assured enterprise mobility solutions. In case you want to hire our developers or just consult for your project, schedule a call right away!

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