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Fashion Style App Development with Predictive Analytics : Case study of Modanisa App

develop fashion style app like Modanisa

We all have different dressing styles. Some people prefer trendy clothes, some classy, some retro, and so on.  When we talk about different dressing styles, how can we miss out on modest fashion? 

Many women prefer modest dresses over shorts or see-through to satisfy their spiritual and stylistic needs for reasons of faith, religion, or personal preference. Whatever the reason, modest style is also one of the beautiful ways to appear stylish. Basically, modest fashion is all about wearing clothes that don’t reveal much skin. Just like any other fashion, modest fashion is all about personal choice. 

Modest fashion is often seen as oppressive or uncool. However, that’s not the case. In fact, many Muslim and Jewish women see modest fashion as empowering. Moreover, the ever-rising demand for modest fashion has also resulted in modest fashion style development. 

Many modest fashion apps sell a range of modest dresses, hijab, and other accessories online. These apps simplify buying stylish modest clothes and accessories which might be difficult to find in local stores. Moreover, these apps are not limited just to a particular religion or sect of women anymore. Modest fashion is becoming a buzzword in fashion in every sense. 

The growing demand prompts fashion entrepreneurs to develop a shopping app around modest style. But developing an app might sound simple, but there are many things to pay attention to. Thus, we will take you through this ride to discover a modest app’s features, development process, cost, and a lot more. So, ready to join us on this ride? Let’s first start with the introduction of Modanisa. 

Modanisa- A breakthrough in modest fashion 

While we are on the topic of modest fashion apps, we can’t afford to miss out on Modanisa. It is one of the most popular online modest fashion retailers in the world. It is a go-to app for modest fashion lovers because of its vast range of products and excellent quality. If you are a modest fashion retailer or fashion designer planning to develop a fashion style app like Modanisa, why delay it? 

Modanisa was launched on Mother’s day in 2011. It is one of the largest modest hijab fashion apps globally. The app deals in a variety of beautiful hijabs and other fashion products and apparel in different styles.

Not just that, the Modanisa app deals in over 650 brands and 70 thousand products. Moreover, it sells thousands of packages every day to around five continents. 

Modanisa was born in Istanbul, but it is available in 6 countries today. Moreover, It has customers in over 140 countries today. Hence, it understands the users’ needs and preferences to offer them a personalized shopping experience.  

What are the key features of the Modanisa app? 

Features are like the soul of an app. They work like a magnet that attracts the users towards the app. Thus, here are the core features of Modanisa- 

How do modest fashion apps like Modanisa earn money? 

Most of the modest fashion apps earn money through multiple revenue streams. To monetize your modest fashion apps, you can consider choosing one or both of the following methods-

In-app purchases 

The most common way of earning money from fashion apps is through in-app purchases. This monetization method is quite feasible, especially for free apps. 

Commission model. 

In the commission-based model, whenever an item is sold on the app, the app charges a commission from that brand or seller. This is also one of the most popular monetization models for mobile apps. 

In-app advertisements 

In-app advertisements are one of the most familiar ways to earn money through an app. The app allows businesses to place their ads and charge a certain fee for the same. The app earns money every time a user clicks on the advertisement. 

Which are other top-grade fashion apps like Modanisa? 

When it comes to modest fashion apps, Modanisa sure is a top player but not the only one. Some other similar apps also have joined the list are the following- 

How to overcome the fashion market challenges with an app like Modanisa? 

Just like any other app, modest fashion apps also go through their share of hardships and challenges. However, overcoming the challenges and coming up with solutions is what matters in the end. 

If you want to develop a modest fashion style app like Modanisa, here are the solutions to prevail over the fashion market challenges. 

Leverage the modern technologies to deliver the best experience

Many fashion apps including Modanisa use predictive analysis for product recommendation to the shoppers. Predictive analysis predicts which types of products the customers will be most interested in. They analyze the customers’ preference based on their past records and shopping data. 

Predictive analysis is such a blessing for digital stores as this technology provides a great shopping experience to the users. Fashion apps like Modanisa and many others are benefiting from predictive analysis to a great extent. 

Enhanced product discovery experience 

Just like Modanisa, fashion-style apps can use Storyly to deliver their products as stories. Storyly has several eCommerce focussed features which allow the users to explore products without any hassle. Storyly groups together different types of product categories, new arrivals, and offers. This enables the users to navigate through the content of the app without getting lost. 

Localization based on territories and language 

If a modest fashion app has a geographic presence and supports different languages, it would target its users based on their country and native language. As a result, the fashion apps deliver more personalized shopping experiences to them. 

Engage users with interactive stories 

Fashion app marketers can use interactive stories to make users feel included in the app’s community. The marketers can engage with the users with ‘this or that’ polls, take fashion quizzes, and collect the users’ feedback. Ultimately, these interactive stories will increase the users’ engagement with the app. 

How to develop a fashion style app like Modanisa? 

If you have planned to make an app like Modanisa, the first step is to hire a mobile app development company. Once you choose the right company, the rest of the steps fall into place.

Now, let’s look at other steps involved in developing a successful modest fashion app. Here they are- 

What is the cost to develop a fashion-style app like Modanisa? 

Finding out the overall cost of app development is a little tricky as various factors are responsible for the variation in cost. These factors again vary from one project to another. 

You can explore the cost-affecting factors here. 

Among these factors, the location of the app developers is a crucial one. The app development rates are different in different countries, and thus, you have to hire the developers wisely. 

If you hire a software development company from India, a modest fashion app like Modanisa can be developed under a budget of $20,000 to $50,000. At the same time, hiring mobile app developers from the UK and US-based countries might cost much more. Thus, always research the hourly rates of the company you are hiring for rough cost estimation. 

Concluding point 

Modest fashion is not oppressive but empowering for many. Also, who said modest cannot be a style? Many women buy stylish modest clothes from apps like Modanisa and rock them like true fashionistas!  Thus, the demand for apps like Modanisa is rising every minute.

If you are into modest fashion and want to develop an app like Modanisa, why not hire the right team and initiate your app development already?

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