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Why should you focus on good app design? | Mobile App Development Process Step -13

focus on good design

The only factor that holds on your visitor for a few seconds is the “good design.” It is the mandatory thing that needs the closest attention to survive in this cut-throat competition. Your application’s design should reach your customers’ hearts and leave a long-lasting impression. If you are thinking, what’s the big deal with the design? Well, then look around your competitors. Does Instagram’s UI leave you spellbound? Do you like the sleekness of LinkedIn? Does Twitter’s UI solve the purpose? 

Whichever industry you jump into, your application needs to have all those little things that look representable to the audience. The audience will always follow an excellent, visually appealing application. 

Hi, Welcome back to our mobile application development process series. I am Sanjay Kidecha, and we would be proceeding with the last blog of the series, on “good design.” If you have missed any previous blogs, I am giving you the index for an easy reference. 

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Just like good content is wrapped with empathy letter by letter, a good design is covered with elements that make the users feel satisfied. This satisfaction in terms of UI/UX entices and convinces them to stick to the app without having a second thought. 

An experienced mobile app development company understands the importance of stunning designs in an application and hence religiously concentrates on design attributes. You would be surprised to know that people always notice the look of the application before downloading. 

It is the first impression that leaves a long-lasting impression on the users. So the point to be made here is, you need to beat the competition when it comes to the visual appearance of an application. 

So what should you do to create a design that empathizes with the target audience?

Well, in my opinion, the design should address the requirements of the users and how it will help them solve complicated issues. It should be a solution-based design yet focusing on user experience. 

Hence, we say that app designing or rather “good app designing” is a crucial part of a mobile app development process. 

You may ask why design is so important? Let me answer that question for you. 

Increases sales:

Of course, users are attracted to designs that stand out and look user-friendly. Good design solves this purpose. You have a chance to reach a broader range of users if your design is an eye-catcher. In some cases, the users get glued to the application even suggest it to a friend, which, in a way, increases the application’s sales. 

Increases user attachment:

A striking design entices users, and they choose to stay more on the application. It doesn’t alienate them but makes them feel connected. It is the power of the good design that makes this possible. 

Capture impeccable reviews:

By designing an application with spectacular elements, you can drive maximum users towards the application. The more they like the app design, the more their chances to leave positive feedback. Positive feedback, reviews, and ratings have a direct impact on ranking. You will have more app downloads that will get your app features in the respective app stores. 

Well, to be honest, to make this possible, you need assistance from an experienced mobile app designer. 

Serves as a marketing tool:

A good design helps you build a loyal customer base. This customer base will proactively spread a word about you and refer the application to their friends. Hence, good design helps in promoting the application to other users.

Amplify the brand image:

Today, businesses are all about brand creation. The competitive market demands you to come up with a design that will dazzle the users. A good design will, therefore, stand out and create a brand image that you desire. 

Set up an easy connection with the users:

When you design your application from a user’s perspective, you ease its flow and navigation. You set up an easy connection with the target user, and also you can learn about the pitfalls. This is the most significant advantage of an excellent mobile app designing with uniqueness. 

Thus, you can conclude that good design solves real problems of the users and helps in generating Return on investment. App designing is a collaborative approach that enhances the user experience of the application. 

It is a creative space that allows you to learn, experiment, and implement new ideas that help in increasing the business. Good design reduces the risk of application failure. 

How to ensure that the application is developed using the right approach? Or let me say, how to design a good application?

Good application designing involves a lot of guesswork and experimentation. You design interfaces and fill it with visual elements, but you are not satisfied when you compile all things together. 

 Further, you iterate the entire screen and reinvent the app design. So, this is an evolving process. But, there are some thumb rules that you need to follow while you initiate a mobile application design. 

Keep it simple:

Your idea of app designing may compel you to think out of the box, but it should not be something that your users fail to understand. You need to know the mobile app designing conventions and standards that will aid in keeping the design simple and elegant. 

Keeping it simple can also be referred to as avoiding putting multiple colors and features that complicate the design. It should be clean and easy to navigate. 

Design for the screen size:

There is a sliver difference between the screen sizes of mobile phones. However, this slightest difference in screen size can change the location of the buttons and navigation buttons. Hence, while designing for mobile applications, you need to ensure that the design is interoperable with various screen sizes. 

Focus on elements visibility:

Your design is your application’s USP. Your app design should overwhelm the users with the visual elements you incorporate in it. Therefore while designing your application, you need to ensure that no unnecessary elements are included, and redundant features are removed. 

Ensure the speediness of the elements:

It is usually seen that heavy elements often ruin the user-experience. Hence, do walk the extra mile to ensure that you do not make the same mistake. Keep the images and other video elements optimized so that it doesn’t hamper the UI UX design

Do not overcrowd the design:

You might be tempted to include all those itsy-bitsy pieces of elements that are catching your eyes. But I will stop you right there. I would say, in this matter, you are just speaking for yourself. Users are more attracted to designs that look soothing and offer them everything “easily” they are looking for. They surely do not want an overcrowded screen of their favorite application. 

Be consistent throughout the design:

Consistency is key when it comes to mobile app designing. It is a complete No-No if you think you will design one screen with blue and green. It doesn’t work that way. You need to be consistent in every manner, be it color, font, size, image quality… everything… 

Be open to feedback:

If you want to be in good books of the users, it is important to address their disagreements with your application. Additionally, it is completely OK not to be perfect at the first go. You can always improve by working on imperfections. 

Last, but important one,

Pick up a reliable designing partner:

Mobile app designing is the task of balancing out your imagination with the user’s expectations. This balancing helps you in making insightful decisions throughout the process. However, it’s not a cakewalk to understand this principle and implement the same. 

You need someone who would understand your needs and allow you to address the same in your application. A reliable UI UX designing company having years of experience can best guide you in the journey. 

Our approach to designing beautiful mobile apps is,

We first sketch the design on the paper. If it convinces the client, we move ahead with the wireframes. We include all the necessary elements that would boost up the user experience. If this clicks with our user’s expectation, we go for a clickable prototyping stage (only if the client demands). If not, then we start working with the team on the project.

This gives us a window to know what really our client’s expectations are and how s/he needs an app to be designed. We understand that it is our responsibility to handle their dream project with care and passion. 

Few Frequently Asked Questions about UI designing are:

Do you need to learn to code for app designing?

Well, it is not a mandate to learn coding to be a UI UX designer. However, some basic knowledge of coding will be useful throughout your journey. 

Which are the tools for mobile app designing?

There are multiple tools to use for designing your mobile applications. Some popular names are Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch. 

What is UI? And What is UX?

UI is a User Interface that includes graphical and visual elements of the application. UX is a User Experience that takes care of the user journey through the application. 

To Conclude:

We live in a mobile-savvy world today. Every day, hundreds of thousands of applications are launched on various platforms; some grow incredibly whole other just get doomed. Hence it is vital that you invest your complete focus while you are designing your application. Double-check all the elements you include to see that the app looks as striking as you expect it to be. I wish you good luck with your app development process journey. 

Here is the end of the insightful journey of the mobile app development process. Feel free to connect with me over any topic or with the team for any assistance. I hope you have enjoyed reading this piece of article.

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