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How to Develop a Frozen Food Delivery App Like Schwan’s?

Frozen Food Delivery App Like Schwan’s

Before you write a single requirement for your frozen food delivery app development like Schwan’s project, you need to bust the myth about frozen food.


FACT: There is no difference in nutrition between frozen and fresh produce. In fact, frozen produce can be even healthier. Those fruits are often picked at the peak of their ripeness, then flash-frozen within six to ten hours, and that freezing locks nutrition values, says registered dietitian nutritionist Jenna Braddock.

Developing a food delivery app like Schwan’s home delivery is a potential business idea to get you a competitive edge. The Frozen food sector has been tremendously growing from the last decade with improved taste and quality and personalized better-for-you options for customers. 

Since on-demand food home delivery systems are new norms, shoppers’ traffic from frozen food aisles shifts to platforms like Schwan’s home delivery. Schwan food company has been operating in the frozen food market for the last 70 years. Didn’t know frozen food was a trend back then!

People enjoy frozen food as they save on time, food wastage, and cost as well. Moreover, frozen food home delivery apps like Schwan’s facilitate browse, order, and get delivery conveniently. 

There’s no bar for frozen items from ice cream and desserts, frozen pizza, frozen snacks, frozen breakfast foods, appetizers, vegetables, and frozen desserts. The market is getting lucrative for business units and lure them into developing frozen food delivery business applications. 

Valued at $260.8B in 2018, the market for frozen food is projected to grow to $366.3B by 2026:— Statista report, Nov 26, 2020.

So, how exactly should you build an app like Schwan’s allowing your customers to get food delivered with home service? Let us find it out for you!

Develop Frozen Food Delivery Application

Shedding light on Business Models For Schwan’s

develop frozen food delivery application

Delivering Frozen food is more complicated than any other type of food. Constant temperature control is imperative to prevent the food from melting and spoiling. It is way too complex to manage complex national distribution at negative temperature. Specifically, small to medium grocery stores with limited bandwidth find frozen food delivery difficult and rely on third-party logistics companies.

In contrast, Schwan’s is the USA’s largest frozen items fulfillment network. It has as many as ten distribution centers and more than 300 depots worldwide with experience delivering millions of frozen meal boxes to consumers. 

Schwan’s guarantees delivery in one and two-day to anywhere in the Lower 48 states. Frozen meal providers ship their stock in bulk to Schwan’s distribution center in Marshall, US. Schwan’s dispatches that inventory to its other centers and depots around the country.

Schwan’s works as a third-party logistics for frozen meal providers and generates revenue through this stream by leveraging all its attributes. Not to mention, they have their own vivid range of frozen items which they sell directly to customers.

Features You Need To Develop Go-to Food Delivery App Like Schwan’s

Like we mentioned earlier, Schwan’s app works as a platform where people can order food from their favorite retailers. Its “cold chain” of brands includes Red Baron, Big Daddy’s, Villa Prima, and Freschetta Pizza, Mr. Smith’s, Pagoda Asian-style snacks, and Schwan’s fine Frozen food. 

The app’s business plan and working model are pretty similar to Uber Eats if you look closely. Therefore, to make an app like Schwan’s, you also need to separate customer, vendor, and driver tracking apps. So, let’s see the required features for each panel.

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Search Foods Online: To allow browsing and looking into the menu and food items of different restaurants as per their location and preferred food choices.

Check Details: To let customers quickly add their chosen food to the cart and enter shipping details.

Place Order: To enable customers to place an order for the items they add into the cart on the app.

Pay Online: Once the order is placed and confirmed, a customer redirects to the payment window to pay online using net banking transfer, digital wallets, COD, and PayPal.

Reviews And Ratings: After the ordering process, customers shall wait till their order delivery reaches their doorstep. Meanwhile, the app must ask them about their experience with the app, food, taste, and other services. 

In-app Reward: Despite high-quality food, Schwan’s app is also famous for rewarding their customers with points and saving them money on checkout.

Avail Offers/View Offers: To avail of the earned points, customers need to place another order based on the food category.

Order History: To be quick at food ordering services, your app should have this feature that lets customers peep into their history and repeat their orders.

Live Tracking: With GPS-enabled maps, you should allow customers to track their food delivery in real-time and see the estimated arrival time (ETA).


Online Restaurant Management: The app empowers restaurants to build their profile and feed information like addresses, mouth-watering food images, menu with price, and other necessary details that customers can engage with.

Food Category Management: The app allows restaurants to sort their food by categories and highlight some of their unique dishes with menu uploading and managing. 

Order Management: The app conveys new orders to restaurants via push notifications, email, and messaging and enables them to prepare food ahead of time.

Driver Management: It helps streamline coordination between restaurants and logistics to provide details, track the driver’s availability in real-time, and assign the delivery accordingly.

Review Management: It helps restaurants see and respond to customer reviews as and when they hit up reviews on food quality and taste of restaurants.

Loyalty Management: The feature aids restaurants in providing offers and promo codes to customers and boosts their loyalty through discounts and special offers.


Driver Profile: A new driver will register on the app, feed their personal information, and wait for admin approval on the onboard.

Set Availability: Once their profile is approved, the feature allows them to set their availability for delivery services based on the restaurants that can assign delivery jobs.

Pickup Notification: There will be a window for push notifications in the app popping up when a driver receives a new order, so they can accept and proceed with it.

Route & Customer Details: To help the driver with the best-optimized route to customer homes from respective restaurants, this GPS-enabled feature assists them.

Customer Feedback: Drivers also need feedback on their service to recognize improvement areas. This feature will collect feedback from customers once they deliver the order successfully.

How much does it cost to develop a food delivery app like Schwan’s?

As far as the food delivery app development cost is concerned, it may take around 10000 US dollars to 15000 US dollars. However, this app will be a primary food delivery app with only must-have features. This said the food delivery app development like Schwan’s expense depends on three main factors:

The more number and complex features, the higher the cost will be. Plus, you want to apply the below formula while estimating your Food delivery app development cost.

Development Hours x Cost per hour = Total app development cost

The cost per hour is dependent on the location of your mobile app developers, a partnered software company, or where you outsource your project from. 

The food delivery app market is dramatically spreading its roots, and brands come up with innovative ideas to lure audiences. Developing an agile and more focused on a particular region food delivery app is safe in this scenario. You can expand gradually and strategically without sinking into the market.

If you are new to this arena, let our expert guide you. Fill the form on our site, and we will respond to you in a blink of an eye.  

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