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How to Develop a Fitness App like ClassPass: A run through the features, functionalities, and cost.

develop fitness app like classpass

As we all are aware of the pandemic Covid-19 outbreak and its impact on our daily lives as well as businesses, including Fitness and lifestyle. All the gyms, yoga, meditation centers, and dance classes are closed. So, how do fitness enthusiasts take care of their daily dose of workout sessions? Well, directly through health and fitness apps. Thanks to the advancement of technology, such tasks don’t stop. Yes, we are talking about building a fitness app.

If you are into fitness and lifestyle business, this is the perfect opportunity to level up your fitness business. Since people can’t move out of their house, they have plenty of time to take care of their health. So, don’t you think you can provide them with something that can be beneficial for both you and your users? Yes? So are you wondering how to create workout app development? Then you are in the right place, we have created this article to give an in-depth knowledge about the same.

Why should you develop an app for your Health & Fitness business?

According to the technology industry leaders, this pandemic will bring some severe revolution in the IT sector, and many service providers will choose to come online. There will be a sudden spike in IT sectors. So, you can easily guess the impact it will have on your business. In addition to that, there are no signs things will be back to normal anytime soon, and hence people are choosing to workout from home.

We get to see many videos and photos of people doing the workout as well, and why not since we all have enough time to think about our health and Fitness, we could use this time for our betterment. Don’t you think you can take advantage of this situation? Fitness applications are making a big hit in the app market, and so is the investment in such mobile apps.

There are many popular fitness apps genres available on the play store and apple stores such as Nutrition apps, Yoga apps, strength training apps, HIIT (High-intensity interval training) apps, Hard-core gym class apps, Meditation apps, dance workout apps, and many more. In which some apps are subscription-based, and some are freemium versions. Today we are going to take Classpass as an example and see how it works.

How does a fitness app like ClassPass work?

ClassPass is a leading subscription-based fitness network, which has various fitness activities, which include yoga, boxing, pilates, dance, HIIT, dance, and martial arts.

It has recently launched an exciting workout feature called ClassPass live, and this feature allows health enthusiasts with the instructors via the live video. Now that is amazing, right?

But do you know that this feature is super cheap than other applications? Yes, this feature is available for only $10 per month for existing users and costs $15 for the new users. It has raised $150 million in the total amount of funding, regardless to say why ClassPass is dominating the fitness market.

So, are you convinced that it is a profitable business to create a fitness app like ClassPass? Well, if you ask us, we believe the whole concept of mobile app development is here to rule the market for a longer run. It is a significant relief for people who are always on the go, and some popular applications are super trending on App stores and Apple stores.

It’s time we talk about what it takes to make an app like ClassPass. As a workout app development company, we believe it is not as challenging to develop a fitness app as it seems. You can get it developed too, and the drill is to make it user-friendly for your app users. First and foremost, list out the features required for your application. It will be super convenient for mobile app developers if you do this step correctly.

Let’s see how.

Features required for fitness app like ClassPassLogin and signup:

The first feature your users are going to interact with is.

Video & Audio streaming:

You can stream unlimited workout videos if you miss your workout class; all the videos and audios are free.

Various workout programs:

You can select from types of workouts you want, such as yoga, boxing, pilates, dance, HIIT, dance, and martial arts. You can choose according to your choice.

Fitness milestone:

ClassPass has this unique feature in which if you reach certain fitness levels or targeted results, you can share it with your friends and family via social media.

Animated guide:

You can provide your users with animated workout videos so they can see the body moving properly, and there are no chances of future injuries.

Custom diet & water memory:

Custom diet and water reminder features can be the most effective way to get more traffic in your application. You can set a diet chart according to each user that chooses this option. Water reminders work the same way.

Bookmark the favorites:

You can allow your users to bookmark their favorite workout routines they swear by. For example, The HIIT routine, Yoga routine, a cardio routine they like to do every day, and bookmarking a routine will make it convenient to search it.

Push Notification:

Last but not least, with the powerful notification system, you can remind them about various offers and activities going into the application. Notification is a small wonder doing big things in mobile apps. If you use it correctly, it plays a vital role in order to keep your customers hooked to your application.

How much does it cost to develop a fitness app like ClassPass?

The cost of developing an app like Classpass entirely depends on the business model you come up with, features and functionality of your app, Platform you select to deploy your app, Designs, prototypes, and visuals (aka UI, UX), Backend infrastructure & App administration and lastly on the maintenance.

These are the factors that affect your app cost. In addition to this, the mobile app development company or Mobile app developer you hire will also affect the price.

But considering all things and our experience in check it can cost you from $20,000 (for basic application) to depending upon your requirements.

Our experience

We have developed the most complicated mobile and web solutions according to the numerous niches. Health and well-being no exceptions we have developed in the particular sector too. You can check all our work in the work folio section. If you want to refer to our recent fitness app, we have created “Invefit” for our client.

Final words

So, we have tried to cover all the aspects of developing a fitness app and now it is your turn to take advantage of this great opportunity and turn your dreams into a reality. Fitness app development is a profitable business if you hire a good app development company or follow proper guidelines. If you still have any questions or doubts regarding fitness app development, connect with us and we will get back to you with the best possible solution. Thank you and all the best!

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