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How To Develop a Custom Fleet Management App Like Fleetio?

Develop a Fleet Management App Like Fleetio

Every industry today is seeking comfort with the “Availability with a tap” maxim. This ardor includes logistics and transportation companies that want a solution tailored to their needs. A fleet management app like Fleetio gives complete  & better control over the vehicles and logistic management companies can experience the rise in their productivity. Why the need to develop a fleet management app like Fleetio? Well, there are multiple comforts that you will get after developing an app like Fleetio, but one noticeable comfort is, it allows you to cater to customers in the best possible way. If you are interested in facilitating your business with the latest technology and have real-time visibility of operations, here is a good read for you. This blog highlights some key pointers of developing fleet management software, the cost to develop an app like Fleetio, and everything around the topic. 

The power of Fleet automation:

Fleet management and optimization is a major concern of logistic companies. The primary reason being, if it isn’t managed properly, the freight ends up spending idling time in the traffic, thereby wasting fuel and human productivity.

In order to avoid these pitfalls, fleet owners are shifting towards adopting fleet management software. Do you wish to know exactly what fleet management is?

Fleet management is a cloud-based or isolated system that helps logistics and transportation businesses track their fleet with a centralized dashboard. The features and components of fleet management are designed in a way to give real-time information on fuel consumption, route planning, driver safety, vehicle’s speed, geographical location, temperature, compliance, and a lot more things.

What challenges will a fleet management app solve?

Thus by developing an app like Fleetio, you can proactively manage the fleet tasks with the tap of the finger. This is why an app like Fleetio, modern and intuitive, is on every logistic business’s radar. 

The fleet managers are really impressed with the new-age tools that help them remain ahead of time. We have mentioned a few statistics that will reflect the interest rate of fleet managers.  

  1. The Fleet management market is expected to cross $34billion by 2025;
  2. Nearly 75% of the fleet managers depend on fleet management software  for daily operations;
  3. The industry growth rate is at a CAGR of 24.5% from 2016 to 2022.

The profitable market numbers make it quite evident that it is high time that businesses start investing in fleet management app development. Kody Technolab 

Who will need fleet management software?

If we go by the definition of “fleet” it includes every vehicle or transportation mode. Be it, Uber, Ola, Corporate vehicles, logistic delivery trucks, flights,  and aviation, ships, and water cargos, everything falls under a fleet. So, companies dealing with the management of the above vehicles aka fleet will need fleet management software.

To conclude, a taxi company, corporate fleet companies, transport and logistic companies, flight and aviation companies, shipping and marine companies, etc. will need fleet management software.

How does a fleet management app like Fleetio work?

The answer to this question is pretty simple,

An advanced technology device is installed in the respective vehicle that starts collecting data using GPS technology. The manager gets to see the data in real-time and thereby effectively manages the drivers and the fleet. 

The fleet management process goes like this:

Satellite GPS → vehicle tracking device → cellular or satellite networks → secure servers → fleet management app. 

The collected information is exchanged between the vehicles and the centralized dashboard.

What are the various types of fleet management software?

When you hire mobile app developers or pick up a mobile app development company, it should be pretty clear in your head, what type of fleet management software do you want to build. This will make your approach pretty easy and convenient. You can explain your expectations to them for developing a custom fleet management software. 

Here is the list of various types of fleet management software you can try. 

Delivery management:

This software type automates the dispatching operations. It helps in route calculation and optimization, delivery scheduling, automated vehicle assignment, vehicle service history tracking, real-time tracking, in-app communication, and document generation. 

Fleet maintenance:

This software type keeps checking on the fleet maintenance schedule. It alerts when the date is due or the vehicle is performing out of order. Fleet maintenance software also shares maintenance reports, repair order tracking, vehicle warranty, insurance, and other inventory management tasks.

Fuel management:

This software type assesses the fuel consumption for a particular route. It maintains the history of fuel consumption receipts, driver’s information, vehicle maintenance history, etc. 

Route optimization & geofencing:

This software type helps in route planning and serves as a guide. It allows managers to plan a customized route to avoid accidents and roadblocks. It helps in route scheduling and sends notifications whenever things move out of the line. 

Fleet tracking:

This software helps fleet managers by giving them real-time tracking details of the vehicles. The dashboard gives every detail of the driver and checks the fuel consumption of the vehicle.

Policies and compliance monitoring:

This software ensures that the fleet management regulations are met by the vehicles. It provides a compliance report and updates the manager with the vehicle expiry and insurance dates.

What else can you include in your fleet management software?

With the above-mentioned software, you can try adding GPS tracking and video capabilities. Advanced GPS tracking will assist fleet managers to locate the drivers, share their ETAs, and review trip histories. If the fleet moves out of the set geofences, the same is also notified.

Video capabilities will give a continuous view of the happenings on the road. Fleet managers can check the cause of incidents or generate evidence if a false claim is made by a third party.

What are the features of a fleet management app?

A well-defined and designed fleet management app has confirmed chances of success. This is why it is important for you to know what features you should include in your fleet management app.

GPS tracking Vehicle assignment Vehicle history
Compliance management Driver ID upload Fuel history
Driver safety monitoring Fleet data Maintenance scheduling
Route history Analytics and reporting Push notification
Estimated route Estimate cost Route optimization
Rate and review driver Pickup scheduling Road risk alert
Accident detection and reporting Roadside assistance Inventory functionality
Rates management Behavior monitoring Driver profile
Engine idling Geofencing Custom mapping
Asset tracking Fuel cards

What is an ideal tech stack for a fleet management app like Fleetio?

For application data, you can use the following technologies.

For android, you should go for,

What is the cost of fleet management software development?

Kody Technolab assists a variety of clients in developing their on-demand app in multiple niches. Our thorough mobile app development process ensures that we deliver top-class and robust solutions to our clients. Well, this comes at the price of $15K to $20K

In this budget, we provide technology consulting services, app development services, maintenance support & upgrades, and any further query solution. However, the project estimation may vary from company to company, their location, services, hourly rates, and a lot more. 

It’s time to scale up:

Well, it’s time to strengthen and bring a paradigm shift to your fleet management system by developing an app like Fleetio. Combine it with technology and enrich your business operations. The benefits of developing an app are all in your favor. Call us to enhance your operations!

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