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How to develop a used furniture app like Wallapop?

develop a used furniture app like Wallapop

In the past few decades, millions of apps have been developed and downloaded by people globally, all thanks to the continuous advancement in the mobile app industry. Among these apps, the marketplace apps for buying and selling used products and furniture online are making quite an impact on people’s lives. One of the leading used furniture apps among them is Wallapop. 

Furniture and other home items are essential assets of every house, but it’s not possible for everyone to buy expensive furniture, and therefore, they look for second-hand and used furniture to save some bucks. The good part is that this is now possible through a used furniture app. 

Used furniture app provides furniture at affordable prices and contributes to sustainable consumption based on the circular economy and fair trade. Sustainable living is the need of the hour, and therefore, used furniture apps have such high demand in the market. 

To fulfill this demand, many entrepreneurs and startups have started showing interest in developing a used furniture app like Wallapop and helping people buy furniture and other items in good condition at affordable prices. If you are also interested in this concept, understanding the business model and features of Wallapop app will help you build a similar app of your own. 

What is Wallapop exactly? How to shop on the app? 

Launched in 2013 as a startup by Agustin Gomez, its co-founder, and future CEO, Wallapop emerged with an original concept and focussed on developing a marketplace for second-hand buying and selling of furniture and other household goods. Wallapop was integrated with the popular geolocation system to provide the distance and location to the people who want to buy or sell their items on the app.

Now you might be wondering how you can shop on Wallapop, we will tell you how.

When you enter the Wallapop app, you will get all the products available for sale near you. Once you like a piece of furniture,  you can chat with the seller and finalize the deal. You can also search for the items in the larger radius, but you need to be aware of the scammers.

What all can you do on Wallapop? 

Wallapop is a useful app for both buyers and sellers as they can buy or sell their used items on the app and earn profits in return. Wallapop used furniture app allows the following- 

Sell the used or second-hand things  

The users can sell their used things on the app and earn money. Selling items on Wallapop is quite simple. All you need to do is click clear and high-quality pictures of the items and post them on the app. Within a few seconds, the item will be up for sale, and the users will be able to see it. 

Come across unique opportunities 

On the Wallapop app, you can always come across unique opportunities to find great deals based on your location. If an item interests you, you can chat with the seller on the app, meet them somewhere and buy the product. You can either search the products nearby or even search in other cities and buy them using Wallapop shipping. 

Create alerts to find the best picks  

Wallapop used furniture app also allows the users to create alerts that will notify them about the products similar to what they had searched before. These alerts help users find the best items and furniture before anyone else. 

Sell or buy from anywhere with Wallapop shipping 

Wallapop app has a shipping feature, which allows the buyers to buy from other cities and sellers to sell in other cities simultaneously. If the users have an opportunity to buy or sell their furniture in other cities, they can use the Wallapop shipping system for hassle-free delivery. 

How to develop a used furniture app like Wallapop? 

A lot goes into developing a used furniture app like Wallapop, which guarantees success and earns great revenue. If you are a tech-savvy entrepreneur who wishes to make an app like Wallapop, there are several key points to consider, and we will help you with them. 

Here’s the process to develop a classified mobile app like Wallapop for buying and selling second hand and used goods. Let us begin! 

Analyze the market for future app 

First and foremost, you need to find out what users want and what challenges they currently face in the already existing apps. Conducting a market analysis can help the most to find out what customers are interested in and what might work for them in the future. 

Extensive market research is also crucial to find out current trends and follow up on those trends to develop a successful strategy for mobile app development

Decide the features of the app 

Features are the backbone of any mobile app, and therefore, deciding the features to be integrated in the app is a must to move ahead with the development. There are certain key features of a used furniture app like Wallapop that stand apart from the rest. 

These are the features you should pay attention to make an app like Wallapop- 

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MVP to test the idea 

The MVP stands for a minimum viable product: the version of the app that contains the options that provide the app its functionality. These functions show how viable the platform is, which functions will work well for the app and what needs to be improved. 

The major benefit of MVP is that it tests your project idea and discovers what will work properly to target your customer. 

Hire a reliable team for mobile app development

The next step and probably one of the most important steps is to hire a reliable mobile app development team to develop a successful mobile app like Wallapop with unique features and great functionality. 

Before hiring a team of mobile app developers, dig into their past projects, check their portfolios and ask them all you want and move ahead with the app development. 

What does it cost to develop an online marketplace app like Wallapop? 

It’s very common to think about the cost factor while developing an app. The cost, however, depends on various factors that vary from one project to another, and therefore, giving an exact cost might not be possible. However, on average, the cost to develop a used furniture app like Wallapop falls somewhere between $15,000 to $50,000 or even more. 

Since the cost is not exact, you can explore the factors that affect the cost of app development. Exploring these factors will help you prepare the budget in advance. Moreover, you can always hire experienced mobile app developers and discuss your project requirements with them to get a more clear understanding of the app development cost. 

Note- Among all the factors affecting the overall cost of app development, the location of the developers is quite crucial. The hourly rates of developers differ from one country to another, and thus, you can have a rough estimate if you calculate the total hours of development with the developer’s hourly rate. 

It’s time to Summarize it all!

Right furniture adds charm to your house, but as we know, new furniture shopping can be quite expensive. Why not buy and sell used furniture online? Used items buy and sell apps are gaining popularity recently because who doesn’t want to buy good-conditioned products at affordable prices?

If you believe in mobile app supremacy, you can become a market leader with a unique used furniture app development concept and develop a successful app like Wallapop. If this guide motivates you to take a step ahead, we can help you lead the way towards a successful future.  

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