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How To Develop A Women Safety App Like Life360?

Develop Women Safety App

When you drive to a long-distance destination, when you walk to your home on a cold night alone, or simply just want to share your ETA with your family, a location-sharing app comes in handy. 

The app eliminates distractions you face by replying to “Where are you?” and “How long would it take you to reach?” texts. Plus, it consoles your family with your whereabouts and lets you ask for help on one tap without uttering a word.

While many ventures have opted for women’s safety app development to build personal safety apps, there’s nothing like Life360 Inc. Launched in 2008, and San Francisco-based Life360 is a family locator and GPS tracker app. The family members’ location tracker app is available on both iOS and Android and accrues some eye-popping states like:

Life360 is one of the biggest brands pioneering in the fledgling personal security app industry. You may also find it in the wellness and lifestyle categories because of its features. But the main reason behind its triumph is the benefits it offers. And those who want to build & launch an app like Life360 must know this. That said, benefits are the reason people will use your app and its features.

Why People Love Life360 And The Benefits You Should Offer With Your App

See? The app is more than just a GPS locator, and all its features are ideal for a safety app for women. That’s why developing a women’s safety app like Life360 is highly recommended. Now let’s analyze features that will empower you to create a GPS-based women’s safety app like Life360 and offer the mentioned-above benefits.

Features to Build A Women Safety App Like Life360

Despite freemium features, Life360 app features are broken down into three categories according to the premium memberships it offers. Users can try a seven-day trial to find out which plan is the right fit for their family. Let’s have glimpses at features of each program starting from its freemium version as per the Life360 official website.

Features of freemium Life360:

Life360 Platinum at $16.67/month

Life360 Gold at $8.33/month

Silver at $4.17/month

Women Safety App Development Method’s Snapshot

Some entrepreneurs underestimate the pre-development stages and start developing their software with their freelance developers. Consequently, they could not complete the project on time and keep extending the deadline. It is not how you want to execute your app idea.

Any type of on-demand app development needs a protocol, aligning the entire process in a thread to produce desired products. Similarly, your women’s safety app development demands one. We recommend you follow the following flow we have structured based on our research and personal experiences.

  1. Prepare a Lean Canvas Model – a one-page business model, letting you put everything on a single page, from problems you solve, how you solve, your competitors, revenue streams, cost structure, and many more.
  2. Draft a Product Requirements Document – incorporate functional and non-functional requirements of your project roughly and nurture it with your development team later.
  3. Draw a sketch of your application through wireframing – do it yourself with the help of any wireframing tool or let your designers do it.
  4. Start filling interactions, emotions, and life into your application skeleton (wireframes) by prototyping and follow the best mobile design process.
  5. Choose the right app development partner using this guide. (also learn how to manage the project and its milestone delivery)
  6. Let your developers build a robust backend and quality analysis to ensure the high-performing and bug-free app.
  7. It’s time for deployment, test the market, and improve the app based on the feedback from early adopters.

Okay, so what about the cost to develop a women safety app like Life360? 

We have an answer to that question too. The cost to make an application like Life360 with features essential to function the app falls around $20000 to $25000. It’s unclear; can’t you give a figure? We face this question many times during the very first client meeting. Unfortunately, we cannot calculate the cost like that and give you a definite figure.

No offense, but your women’s safety app development cost depends on the several factors we have discussed here. Now, if you don’t find what you want to know in the post (which you don’t) or estimate your budget with us (which you must), hit us up!

Food For Thought

We took one of the excellent women’s safety apps that not only track location, making users feel creepy. But Life360 makes personal care engaging for teenagers as well, parallel to social media. If your app idea is different, you may refer to the alternative to Life360 apps list here. 

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