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Java Developers Skill-Set, Hourly Rates, Tips To Hire, And More

Cost To Hire A Java Developer In India

Java is everywhere, from mobile applications and desktop GUIs to self-driving cars and other IoTs. Billions of websites and applications run on it. It has been the most loved programming language of backend developers worldwide because of its easy learning, writing, compelling, and debugging qualities. The general-purpose programming language is object-oriented and free to access. 

Java is platform-independent and follows the WORA (Write Once, Run Anywhere) principle. Thus, software developers can code for various products and modules and reuse them as building blocks for the next application development. To create portable, functional, and secure applications, startups to big companies universally hire senior java developers. 

Skilled Java developers can help you leverage the vast pool of its benefits irrespective of your industry. Since appearing as a prototype Oak in 1991 and transformed into Java, it has spread its wings wide. To date, it stays on the list of the most popular languages. The statistics showed by Oracle prove the demand for Java developers is growing, too.

How to Hire a Qualified Java Developer?

Do you know Java is used by 90% of Fortune 500 companies

Google, Amazon, Walmart, The Home Depot to Cardinal Health, and Bank of America use Java to offer a robust user experience. Their success motivates developers to learn advanced-level Java and companies to hire qualified java developers. When it comes to hiring, companies must not avoid the current scenario of remote working.

The COVID-19 pandemic has opened the gateway of working from anywhere for many professionals, and developing has no exceptions. The new culture has accelerated the demand for remote and freelance Java developers as it saves companies maintenance costs as well. As safe as it may sound, you can opt for offshore Java Development based on various secured engagement models.

Now let us shed light on some valuable tips on hiring skillful Java developers, avoiding pretenders.

Dive deep into practice over theory.

Learning the theoretical framework of Java with available Java manuals is a no-brainer for candidates. But you want to appoint a Java developer who brings beyond the just tech fundamentals to the table. So do not ever hesitate to ask candidates to share their projects and working experience. Based on the concrete work done by the developer, you can assess how apt a developer is at Java.

Knowledge of Java history.

To its purest, question candidates about Java release and see how familiar they are with the latest features and their advantages and setbacks.

Java frameworks.

Spring, Hibernate, Google Web Toolkit—GWT for Java web development, Struts, and many Java frameworks are there to make your web or mobile software engineering secure and efficient. A developer has to have a strong command over frameworks the team uses for development.

Development kits and API knowledge

When hiring an experienced developer, you have to pay more, so analyze if they can use the language to its fullest. Though, Java developer rates differ for several factors that we’ll discuss ahead. You should prepare interview questions according to the years of experience your candidate has to ensure if they justify their rates.

Perfect Skills to look for in Java Developers

Apart from general concepts, you have to measure their technical computer science skills in Java. Some crucial areas of expertise to look in Java developers for include:

Object-oriented programming

Examine if the developer has hands-on experience creating applications using object-oriented programming languages and implementing object-oriented design patterns.


A well-versed Java programmer knows how to benefit from various technologies available in the Java ecosystem, including Gradle, JUnit, Spock, Spring, Maven, and others.


Good communication skill is crucial in developers for avoiding misunderstanding across the team. Moreover, developers often need to communicate with stakeholders. That’s where your developer’s rational communication can save your reputation.


Java is designed to support concurrent programming, and since version 5.0, it has included high-level concurrency APIs. To achieve efficient concurrency in your software, your developers should know multithreading well. 


Java Developers also required the knowledge of CRUD operations, joins, indexing, and aggregations and a mastery of the intricacies of SQL queries.

Data structures and collections

Java programmers should know which type of data structure is suitable for a particular project.

JVM and Memory Management

Java professionals tend to have a deep understanding of Java Virtual Machine architecture and garbage collection management.

Java Developer Per Hour Rate Worldwide

Java developer hourly rates can vary depending on many factors, viz their expertise level, years of experience, location, and market demand. An experienced Java developer may charge higher fees. However, they tend to have more specialized areas of expertise and work faster with maintaining high quality. In contrast, a contractor seeking to build their own client base may charge comparatively for Java development.

Rates typically charged by Java developers on Upwork are:

The specifics of your project decide which level of Java developer you should hire. 

After researching Java Developers hourly rates in different countries, here’s what I get:

How Much Does It Cost To Hire Java Developers?

To calculate the cost to hire Java developers, first, you need to choose the engagement model. Whether you want to hire java developers from India or the USA, there will be multiple models. These models have their own advantages and drawbacks. It’s recommended that you examine your end goals before opting for any. 

Part-Time Hiring Model:

When you need remote support for an ongoing project, the part-time hiring model can work well. At half of the cost to hire a dedicated developer, you can get the job done. Plus, you will have complete control over them during a mutually agreed schedule.

Hourly Hiring: 

Suppose your project lacks expertise and you need Java developers temporarily. In that case, you need to find a software company and rent out their developers hourly. The model is also workable for upgrading features, migrating an app, or maintaining the app. Here developers will work on your instruction and cost you as per hours they spend on the project.

Outsourcing Dedicated Development Team: 

If you don’t want to be involved in the hiring process and all, this model is perfect for you. Plus, outsourcing a dedicated development team is one of the emerging trends in the industry. It allows you to have a team of designers and developers, project managers, testers, requirement resources working on your project quickly. You can outsource a full-fledged team from offshore or nearshore for long-term and comparatively larger projects.

Up To You

The universal language Java is wildly popular, and some engineers learn just for the sake of landing a coding job as well. Thereby, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to hire Java developers. It requires an analytical mind to find qualified developers. The task gets even more complicated if you are from a non-technical background. 

However, this guide will surely help you interview and decide whether the candidate is suitable, financially and expertise-wise. Also, you have the fundamental knowledge of hiring engagement models. To verify which one is for you, connect with our manager.

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