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Let’s explore the all-new Laravel 9.4 update. Is it worth the hype?

Laravel 9.4 Release Note

Knock, knock, did you hear about the latest Laravel 9.4 release note? Like all the previous Laravel updates and releases, this new Laravel 9.4 update has got everyone excited. The Laravel 9.4 release has created a buzz among the Laravel admirers, developers, and Laravel community. With this Laravel release, the framework has moved to a 12-month major release cycle. 

“What is the new Laravel 9.4 all about?” “What improvements have been made?”, “Are there any bug fixes?’,  “What are the exciting new features?” These are some questions that everyone thought of prior to the release. If you are currently thinking the same, then keep reading. We will answer these questions and take you through all that’s new in Laravel 9.4. So, ready? 

Before we begin with the discussion of the new Laravel 9.4 release, let’s re-learn about Laravel a little. 

So, what is Laravel? 

Laravel is an open-source PHP framework known for developing simple to complex web applications. Laravel is accessible, powerful, and provides the best tools for developing large, robust applications. Laravel uses PHP programming language and MVC architecture for web and app development. Because of its features and powerful functionality, it has become one of the dearest web development frameworks among developers.

Here are some of the inexplicable features that make Laravel so popular- 

Since Laravel is a widely used framework, its new release was much anticipated by everyone. Many even predicted the new features and improvements in the new release. Thus, we will see the highlights of the latest Laravel 9.4 release. 

What are the highlights of the Laravel 9.4.0 beta version? 

So, let’s have a glance at the highlights of the new Laravel 9.4.0 beta version- 

Now when we are done with the highlights, let’s explore what else the new Laravel 9.4.0 has in store for us. 

What are the new features added in Laravel 9.4.0? 

Let’s have a look at the major features and improvements in the new version that everyone is talking about. Here we go! 

Minimum PHP requirement 

The all-new Laravel 9 uses Symfony v6.0, which requires PHP8. Thus, the new version requires PHP 8 and PHP unit 8 for testing. 

Anonymous stub migration 

In Laravel 9.4.0, the anonymous stub migration will be the default behavior when you run the following migration command- “PHP artisan make:migration.”

The stub migration feature was introduced in Laravel 8.37, and in Laravel 9, the framework will support anonymous class migration files with stub migration as a default behavior. 

Query builder interface 

With the release of the new Laravel 9.4.0, the Laravel developers get access to the new query builder interface for hinting, refactoring, and static analysis. 

The new SoleValue method enables the return of a column from the sole value instead of the whole record. 

Controller route group 

With the new Laravel version, the developers can use the ‘controller’ method to use the controller feature for all the routes within a group. The route group feature applies attributes to all the routes. Thus, this new feature enables applying an attribute to each route individually without any error.

What are the new improvements added in Laravel 9.4.0? 

Let’s see what problems are fixed with the new Laravel release. Here are the improvements- 

What has changed in the new Laravel 9.4.0 release? 

Every new version brings some significant changes, and the Laravel 9.4 version isn’t an exception. So, here are the changes in the new version- 

Want to develop a successful project with the new Laravel version? 

Ever since its release, the new version has caught everyone’s attention. Many clients and developers are favoring Laravel 9.4.0 to develop interesting feature-rich projects. Moreover, the existing Laravel projects are also migrating to the new version to enjoy the all-new features.  

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