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How A Dubai-based Multi-Vendor Car Marketplace App, Seez Is Reshaping The Automotive Industry

Develop a multi-vendor car marketplace app

Car Buying and selling processes are not easy as other stuff that people buy-sell on eBay and Letgo. In the case of eCommerce, you can develop a web and mobile app, integrate payment gateways and logistics for delivery. In contrast, on the car marketplace app, you will need to manage large payment sums; sometimes, you need bank loans, car registration, then there’s car insurance, and more. 

This is the reason why many automobile dealers and customers hesitate to opt for car marketplace applications. However, to tackle all these dealers’ dilemmas, a Dubai-based tech startup has developed an app like Seez. Multi-vendor eCommerce platform for car shopping, Seez was the idea of Andrew Kabrit and Tarek Kabrit. 

Launched in 2016, the mobile application is a data-first retail automobile marketplace platform that helps dealers. It leverages technologies such as AI, machine learning, and data to streamline and automate the car buying and selling journey for customers and dealers.

To be precise, Seez simplifies the digitization journey for auto traders by automating the rest of the process. Actually, the company collaborates with different entities to make that happen. For example, they work with banks in the middle east, financial institutes to digitize the insurance process, as well as a regional government agency for digitizing the transfer of ownership.

Altogether, the Seez app offers a smart search engine for online car listings, proprietary, AI-powered tools, and all the services that make the car shopping journey faster, easier, and more efficient. 

If you want to do something out-of-the-box in the automotive industry, Multi-vendor Car marketplace app development is a worth-to-try idea. For that matter, let us explore more on how to develop an app like Seez.

Understand The most quirky business model of Seez

Seez is a car buy and sell marketplace platform that connects car dealerships and car owners. Furthermore, it gives dealers an opportunity to promote their vehicles and provide the fastest route to purchase. In contrast, Seez allows car owners to sell their cars in just a few steps. 

Altogether, Seez gives everyone a chance to explore and enjoy the potential of the digital car world. Remember, Seez is not a typical car marketplace. It’s a digital platform that connects car dealerships and car owners. That’s why Seez allows its users to access the fastest route to purchase.

So, the data-driven automobile company drives its revenue via monthly subscription plans and transaction commissions. Seez exploits AI and data and works concurrently with dealers, manufacturers, and the general customers to reshape traditional automobile retailing models with its offerings. It has three segments for different audiences, and the business model of Seez works this way:


Seez marketplace app for car buyers and sellers integrates a smart search engine for used, and new cars to buy, sell, or lease from trusted dealers. Besides, it offers tools and services that help customers make a better deal faster and more efficiently. Here it charges a commission on transactions.

Digital Solutions

The company also partners with reliable automotive dealers in the Middle East and Europe to offer more satisfactory services. At the same time, the online marketplace assists dealers in enhancing their customer service with tools to adapt to a digital future. There will be different processes Seez handles throughout the dealership, such as vehicle registration, which the app will ask for fees.

Saas Product

In addition to the above two, Seez has an exceptional service to offer that differentiates it from the rest of the online vehicle marketplaces. So, the company provides subscription-based, customizable SaaS solutions for automotive businesses. Their products help businesses with competition analysis and marketing data insights to optimize their sales, plan long-term strategies.

Features To Develop a multi-vendor car marketplace app

Now, if you have a similar idea for multi-vendor car marketplace development, you need to peep into the Seez app’s features. It goes without saying, features and functionality is key to making your app user-friendly along with bright UI/UX design. Speaking of which, you will need to prototype the idea that helps you validate the app’s feasibility.

Back to app features, let us explore Seez’s features.

How much does a software company charge to build an app like Seez?

Hiring mobile app developers is another marathon you need to run. Because many app development companies are out there claiming their services as the best. However, you can analyze the below factors in the company to see if they are genuine or worth your project.

If you have already shortlisted app development companies, you must consider this checklist. Anyway, we are also a prestigious custom mobile app development company and have successfully accomplished similar projects. Also, we offer a free consultation. So, you can book your time and have a word without an expert before taking a step further.

As far as the app development cost is concerned, it depends on a number of factors, including app size and features, technology stack, and more. Yet, a rough estimate ranges from $15000 to $30000

Buckle Up

Seez’s concept is yet to be explored by many, but it’s growing like a wildfire. What you can do is, target a location where automobile dealers face competition and challenges in processing the transaction. Study their pain points precisely and create and offer them a digital solution. Because the world and the businesses in it are soon going to be fully digital. 

Hope you get the point. Good luck with your car marketplace app idea.

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