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How predictive analytics can improve students’ education?

predictive analysis in education

Technology is best when it brings people together” says social media entrepreneur Matt Wullenwag. Well, how could we not agree to this statement? Technology today has surpassed our imagination and we still cannot imagine how advanced it can get with time. 

In the contemporary world, technology has become an integral part of our lives. The previously complex tasks have been simplified to a great extent with technological advancements. 

Like hundreds of other industries, education industry is also not missing any opportunity to make the best use of technology and thrive like a boss.  

With e-learning and online education, anyone can now learn from anywhere on the go. Technology plays an important role in driving efficiency and improvements in all areas of the education in an institution. 

As different industries use technology differently and similarly, education institutions use predictive analytics to improve students’ education. If the term predictive analytics is new for you, don’t worry, we will brief it out for you.

What is predictive analytics exactly? 

Predictive analytics uses data, statistical algorithms, machine learning, and statistical techniques to makes predictions about the future based on the data. 

It offers and recommends services based on the historical data and predict future outcomes. Generally, predictive analytics is used in eCommerce to analyze the purchasing patterns of the shoppers. Then the website or store recommends additional products and services to those costumers. 

However, eCommerce and online shopping isn’t the only sector that uses predictive analytics anymore. For educational institutions and organizations, these predictions are generated based on enrolment class engagement and more. 

How students’ education is transformed with predictive analytics in education? 

Today, education institutions are gaining meaningful insights from the data with the help of predictive analytics. Educational institutions are under increasing pressure to retain and focus on students’ overall development. 

So, here are the benefits of using predictive analytics is education sector- 

What are the main uses of predictive analytics in education? 

After discussing the benefits of predictive analytics, we will see what are the main uses of predictive analytics in education. So, here we go! 

Informed student advising 

Predictive analytics help in identifying the irregular students with short attendance and advice them about the same. With this, the support team can reach out to the students and prevent them from falling below standard attendance. Thus, it helps in reaching out to students on time and provide the right help and support before the situation worsens. 

Better enrolment Management 

Using predictive analytics helps the educational institutions to identify which students are regular and have great potential as per their academic records. The internal departments of the institution can then prepare those students well so that they can ace their exams. Similarly, it also enables to make several changes in the classes where students aren’t performing very well. 

Enables adaptive learning 

Predictive analytics helps the lecturers and teachers to identify the gaps that students are facing in the academic curriculum. Furthermore, they can customize the academic modules to align with the learning of each student. The quality of education also improves as educators can perform richer learning experiences with more frequent feedbacks. 

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