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Product design vs UX design- the detailed comparison

Product design vs. UX design

Designing is an integral part of web or app development. A good design has a lot to offer, and one cannot be ignorant of it. With the ever-growing digitalization, the digital design industry is also growing unstoppably. When we talk about design, we can’t miss product design and UX design. 

Product design and UX design might seem similar to many, but these two designs focus on different areas in product development. The UX design vs. product design comparison is always much talked about, and the debate between the two is never-ending. Many say that there’s a little distinction between the two, whereas some have argued that these two are totally different with different roles and priorities. 

If we talk about the role of product designers and UX designers, they look similar on paper and often become interchangeable. However, this doesn’t mean there’s no difference between them at all. Though the differences are subtle, the two roles can’t be taken as being the same as both have varying approaches and priorities. 

We will discuss the difference between product UX design and product design in this blog, but before beginning with the comparison, we will learn a little about both UX design and product design. So, let us understand them better. 

What is UX design? 

The UX design primarily focuses on user satisfaction in product development. UX design is the process that designers use to develop products that provide meaningful experiences to the users. UX design includes the whole process of acquiring and integrating the product, including branding, design, usability, and accessibility of the product. 

What is product design? 

Product is an evolution of UX design and a combined method of creating a product from beginning to end. The process of product design includes everything from market study and analysis, making the product, bringing solutions, and other activities. Product design offers various product features which help in creating a successful design and marketing. 

Product design vs UX design- the detailed comparison 

Let’s look at the major differences between UX design and product design and see how they differ in every aspect. So, let us get started! 

Designing methods 

One of the key factors of difference between the product and UX design is their working methods. UX designers’ core responsibility is to provide a great user interface by describing how a product feels. The UX designers focus on the usability of the products and make the products optimized for the users. 

On the other hand, Product design is all about enhancing the look and feel of the entire product development. Product designers focus on giving detailed information about specific parts of the products. Product design makes the product interesting and attractive to the target audience. 

Tools used 

The tools used by UX and product designers for UX and product design also establish the difference between the two. Generally, both UX and product design use prototyping tools and depend on the same design software. 

Apart from the common tools, product design uses sketch and mind mapping tools, whereas UX design uses interactive wireframing and testing tools. 

Although a few additional tools are used by both UX and product designs, they both fulfill the business requirements quite well. 

Targets and responsibilities 

UX design differs from product design in terms of responsibilities as well. For a successful UX design, a UX designer focuses on fulfilling the user requirements and improving the users’ usability issues. 

The product design, on the other hand, puts more emphasis on the business needs than a UX design. Product design is more concerned with product design compatibility and achieving other business targets. 

Looking at the points above, we can say that responsibility is a major factor of the difference between UX design and product design. 

Qualification of UX and product designers 

To create great UX and product designs, the qualification of the designers matters the most. When it comes to the qualification of the designers, there’s not any significant difference. 

The qualification of both the designers are the same when it comes to the following- 

Hence, in this debate of product designer vs. UX designer, although the roles of both UX and product designers vary, their qualification requirements are pretty much the same. 

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To create the best UX and product design for your web app, hiring skilled UI/UX and product designers is a must. High-quality UX and product design make the users happy and satisfied, and therefore, the designers must know the best and latest UI/UX design trends and how to put those trends to the best use and deliver the best design solutions.

A good design has the potential to transform a business, and to achieve the best design; you need to hire the best industry experts who know the mobile app designing process to the core. The experts should know what design will go the best with your project and should be well-versed with the latest design tools, coding, and prototyping technologies to give your app a unique and sophisticated look. 

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  1. Is product design and UX design the same? 

Although many people take UX design and product design for one and the same but they are different in terms of their functions. Product design is more about the whole designing process of a product whereas UX design’s major focus is on improving the user experience of a specific product. 

  1. Where can I hire the best product designers and UX designers? 

Although there are many companies offering product design and UX design services, hiring the best experts is a real challenge. If you want to hire the most skilled UX and product designers from India, you can reach out to our design experts and hire them for your next project. 

  1. Why is UX and product design important for a business? 

UX and product design is quite essential for a business and its benefits go beyond achieving user satisfaction. UX and product design enhance the user experience and contribute to the overall business success. Thus, a good UX and product design is an essential part of every web app.

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