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Most Promising Android App Development Trends for 2023

Android App Development Trends for 2021

Android Platforms were introduced in the year 2008 and now there are upto 3.9 million applications available to the public across IOS , Android and other operating systems. From the beginning, you would have witnessed a constant change in android app development trends by every passing day and introduction of new technology. To develop innovative apps it is important to adapt new trends to develop business and survive in this digitized world.

Do you have a business idea to develop an android app? Want to know how to build an interactive mobile application? Are you wondering why android has an edge over IOS when it comes to apps? Are you planning to win over the market with a futuristic android app? 

Enterprises tend to use Android because it has a less time consuming and pocket friendly development process.

Here are a few android app development trends that you need to look forward to in 2023: 

#1 BlockChain Technology.

Blockchain technology has managed to create quite a buzz in the past few years. From our research we found that the finance industry has gained huge benefits with the use of blockchain technology. 

You might be wondering what is blockchain after all? 

All of us have heard about Wikipedia. It works on blockchain technology. With a blockchain, multiple people can write entries in the records of information allowing a community of users to monitor how the information is published and updated. Like in wikipedia, the entries are not a result of the single user. Not only you can control the information but all. 

The technology is expected to make headlines in 2023 as mobile applications are all set to leverage on the decentralized currency system. One of the key ways you can get the most out of this technology is to make it available to more and more people and investors. 

#2 Expansion of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

You might be knowing that artificial intelligence has already created a market in the manufacturing and medical industry.This technology exists from a long time but it is still the latest in android development trends due to many unexplored industries.

Let’s tell you how the trend is expected to grow this year! 

Artificial intelligence will  provide you with more accurate information in mobile applications with its ability to provide real time events and happenings. Machine learning involves integration and knowledge rendering services that tell you about the advanced and newly introduced machines, tools and software with a more human approach.

#3 Surging on-demand apps.

There are already many mobile applications in the market. But not all applications will be relevant to your likes and needs.

Here we will talk about what kind of on-demand apps are going to be in trend this year! 

This year different on- demand applications catering to different target groups will enter the market. It will increase the scope of other app types to be successful in the market apart from the usual food delivering, transport and shopping applications that you generally use.

Your business can survive the competitive market with on-demand apps that not only build customer loyalty but also expand customer base. 

#4 Introduction of new wearable devices and apps.

Wearable applications are one of the latest android app development trends in the market. Wearable applications are the applications that are integrated in your wearable gadgets such as bands and smart watches. 

Your smart watches are a great example of wearable apps with an operating system giving you a convenient set of features. 

So what’s new for you? We have mentioned some of them here

Other than wellness apps and apps with pop-up notifications that you see in fitbit and apple watch, there will be a rise in market share for different wearable apps.

New devices might enter the market and become a competition for the existing wearable app devices. 

#5 Chatbots.

If you have ever used apps such as hike, skype and siri you might be receiving different messages generated by the system on behalf of an individual, these are called chatbots. Chatbots such as MobileMonkey on Facebook  provide you with automated answers usually revolving around marketing and customer care. 

The possible chatbot trends in 2023

Chatbots with latest technology will be a part of mobile apps for real time interaction and retaining customer attention. Chatbots will help you resolve the problem of losing your customers and maintain your market share. 

Engaging chatbots are a part of UX development to provide your customers an amazing user experience by being user-friendly and interactive. 

#6 App security enhancement

Hacking has become the cause of trouble in recent times. Therefore, more and more people are concerned about the security of their data while using mobile apps. Advancements in technology have also raised the need to improve our security standards.

How about we tell you what Android platform is doing to improve its security standards? 

Android mobile app developers are working on enhancing the security software and tools by releasing more secure versions. The newer versions will verify your inputs multiple times and at different authentication levels. 

#7 Smart objects

We highly recommend smart devices to enjoy high-speed and unlimited access to data. Smart devices are a part of IOT(Internet of Things) that have entered the market in recent times. 

The developers plan to use IoT to create smart home and work areas along with safer routers, self drive cars and better healthcare facilities. 

#8 Extension of cloud services

iCloud and Google drive is something that we all use in our day to day lives. They can be considered a part of cloud services. Basically, cloud allows every user to save large amounts of data to save the available storage on their device. Moreover, cloud based applications allow you to access the data anywhere anytime. 

The team at Google plans to implement a flexible security and management system to improve overall user interaction. Also, they aim to carry out some basic changes in the existing cloud services along with inclusion of quantum controlling and hybrid cloud solutions. 

#9 Expansion in Mobile Payment

Digital payment methods has made life easier for the common man. Almost everybody is aware about online payment platforms such as Google Pay, PayPal, Paytm etc. These digital payment methods have not only increased convenience but also give users rewards in multiple forms. 

Now you might be wondering what more can be done here? 

The Android team plans to make your life easier. Let’s tell you how! 

Firstly, mobile wallets and web payment gateways will have safer encryption for transactions and payments. Secondly, to provide an easy and safe contactless payment method for your users. Lastly, Introduction of new payment options and applications to reduce your bank transaction related troubles with the option to integrate your personal account. 

#10 Beacon technology

Beacons exist in the market since 2013. They are transmission devices you can use to promote services offered  to customers using basic electronic devices with bluetooth and wifi in the beacon area. Currently this technology is highly used in stores and sports venues. 

In the coming years, you will be able to render this technology in different areas such as airports, work spaces and banks. AI enabled chips will be a part of this technology to improve the customer experience with the help of translation and speech recognition feature. 

#11. Multiplatform Development Using Flutter

Flutter is a fantastic innovation developed by Google that comes with multiple platform supports. Employing Flutter and Dart—another Google product— you can create apps for nearly all platforms from a single codebase. Whether you want to start with Android today, in the future, you will have to expand your app reach to other platforms. 

In that case, developing your app with Flutter provides support for Web, desktop, mobile, and even wearable devices. Consequently, you will not have to spend time writing code for different platforms from scratch. Thereby, you can launch your app on platforms you want to target gradually without any delay. 

Another significant advantage will be that you won’t have to maintain multiple apps for multiple devices. Since all apps are created from the same codebase, you need to maintain only one. Not to mention the rapidly growing community is always there to support you. This is how Flutter saves tons of time, money, and effort. 

Flutter is accessible and offers swift app development, making it ideal for building Minimum Viable Products to test the market. Talking about performance, Flutter SDK has everything you need to develop and design Android and iOS apps that look and feel like native apps. So, what do you think about Flutter App Development?

#12. 5G Technology

5G is the 5th generation wireless technology that will have a maximum speed of up to 10 to 100 GBPS. The capacity is 10 to 100 times faster than the current 4G network. This innovation will have a tremendous impact on future mobile apps. 

Around 1.4 billion devices are anticipated to connect in the 5G technology in the upcoming 5 years. Ultimately, the technology will gain a preeminent position in the standard data transmission worldwide. App developers can create innovative designs and features using 5G’s reliability and speed, enhancing performance.

#13. Augmented Reality

Augmented and Virtual reality is a constant buzzword in the app development world. Though the trend is comparatively a fledgling Android mobile app development trend, it will rule. AR & R trends flourish in various industries from gaming, video, fashion, entertainment to healthcare, architecture, learning. If you want to create a fun app, providing value to your offerings, this Android trend is for you.

#14. Building Apps for Foldables

One of the biggest Android mobile app development trends is Foldable device support. Samsung has come up with its foldable OLED display that many smartphone users are crazy about. The company has leveraged the technology to improve the smartphone experience, and so should app developers. Google has already launched the official Foldable support on Android phones in 2018, using its Screen continuity API.

Moreover, brands like Amazon Prime Video, Spotify, Facebook, Twitter, VSCO, and Microsoft Office have optimized their Android apps for foldable devices. It’s your turn to keep this trend in mind during your Android app development.

#15. Wearable App Integration

Another notable trend in Android app development is Wearable integration. The increasing varieties of wearable devices and the number of users signify the importance of wearable app integration. Specifically, if your app belongs to the healthcare and fitness industry, the trend is a must to consider. 

Watches, Fitness trackers, Hearables (headphones), Smart clothing, Glasses, Smart Jewelry, Wearable cameras, Body sensors, and whatnot are available in the market. Embracing a wearable technology trend, you can offer a seamless digital experience and get closer to your target audience. 

The final verdict

It can be rightly said that the team at Google strives to improve the overall user experience with Android applications each day. This is how they have managed to develop a loyal customer base. 

The upcoming trends will add value to traditional parameters of app development. The three main concepts that will be focussed on are speed, variation and fragmentation to develop seamless applications that cater to an increasing android customer base. 

Let’s wait and watch what android app development trends break the market and become successful! 

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