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Top 10 Education App Ideas To Invest Your Time and Money


Unlike the coronavirus multiple waves, this pandemic hit humankind with one of the most significant and massive waves of “Digitization”! (All for good, I must say). Every single industry segment could feel the vibration of this “Digitization” thump loud and clear.

The conventional ways that usually involved physical meet-ups are now transformed into digital or so-called virtual meets (Again, the best savior option in current times). The transformation includes social gatherings → virtual gatherings, weddings →Virtual weddings, office meetings → Skype/Zoom meets, Dance class → Virtual dance class, Yoga session → Virtual yoga session, and last but not least, Schooling → e-Learning.

Yes, as you can see, everything, literally everything, has moved to digital applications. There are multiple applications available in the app store that are solving day-in, day-out problems digitally. However, one such segment that has literally been remodeled by the digital advancements is Education.

Education app ideas have made the learning process more engaging and fun-filled. Game applications, quiz applications, and student-teacher communication applications have dramatically increased engagement and curiosity. Students’ from schools, universities, or various teaching institutions, are now involved in at least one or the other Edtech startup ideas.

This lucrative field was expected to cross $37.8 billion by 2020, which is why it is the most sought-after industry today. Well, I will not make you wait and start with the best education app ideas ( I think it was important to introduce you to the topic, isn’t it? 😉).

In this article, we will describe the top 10 educational mobile app ideas, which according to us, would be your best investment to make in 2021 and beyond. So, here we begin…

Idea #1: Application for Handicapped kids:

Handicapped kids are specially-abled kids who might have one or multiple disabilities. Ed-tech start-ups should feel privileged to develop an app that can help these kids in a special way.

The application should include features that a disabled person of any type would be able to engage by accessing it at ease. These features would include connecting them with teachers, other students, private calls or messages, listening activities, writing activities, and specially designed games for them.

Idea #2: AR-based learning application:

The most enjoyable application is an AR-based application. It gives a 3D picture, almost near to real, making the entire learning process attentive and intriguing.

AR-based learning applications are best to use for science students as well as teachers who can explain the digestive systems, solar system, or any scientific experiment in-depth.

AR-based learning applications help teachers introduce new concepts to the students, which would not be possible in reality. The 3D vision lets students know about various innovations.

Idea #3: Students’ progress tracking app:

Schools and universities often find it challenging to pick up students who are best performers and well attentive. This innovative education business idea helps teachers keep track of student’s performance in studies and other co-curricular activities.

Teachers can track the entire development of the students, and the grades can be allocated accordingly. At the same time, the same application can also be used for student-teachers interaction and learning.

You can go for a more advanced education app development by introducing online fees payment options, examination, application fill-up, etc.

It will be a highly appreciated app idea for students & teachers if you conclude the above offerings in your app idea.

Idea #4: eBook learning app:

Libraries are becoming a thing of the past. No doubt, book reading has its own therapeutic influence; however, the current times do not permit to do so. And therefore, students have resorted to eBooks available on the mobile application.

An eBook learning application facilitates students to read and learn anything at any time of the day. They can download the application and carry it wherever they want. This eBook learning application allows students to bookmark and highlight lines in their reading page and save them for later.

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Idea #5:Language learning app:

Learning has no limitation. Students today participate in exchange programs or various foreign activities owing to which they are bound to learn a language apart from their native.

A language learning application could be of great help in these times. A language learning application introduces students to various levels of languages and allows them to learn languages at ease.

Students can dedicate a pre-decided time to learning new languages and track their progress. They can participate in various group activities and games to earn a reward while learning new languages at home.

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Idea#6: Puzzle app:

How about this idea of developing a new gaming app for students altogether? This type of puzzle-solving app challenges students in various ways and thereby increases their brainstorming capacity.

Learning with enjoyment while solving aptitude tests and quizzes is really a great education startup app idea to invest in. To implement this, you should get in touch with a trustworthy app development company or hire mobile app developers who have already developed apps in this segment. Having prior experience in this field definitely helps in building an award-winning and highly profitable educational application.

Idea #7: School bus tracking app:

The education industry is experiencing a dramatic wave of digitization. The most demanded and useful educational app idea on the list is a school bus tracking app.

A school bus app eases the entire bus administration process from the school to the drop-off/pick-up. By using this app, parents no longer have to worry about bus timings or driver’s name, nor speed.

Everything is visible and trackable on mobile devices. The GPS lets parents know the exact location of the bus so that they can wait with the students (children) accordingly. The real-time notifications don’t allow any parents to miss upon the arrival or departure timings.

You can develop a single app with this idea and distribute it amongst schools along with this; you can also ask individual schools if they wish to provide the given facilities to their students & parents.

School bus tracking system allows parents to keep an eye on their child even while they are at work. Any of either parent can manage their working hours accordingly. This app idea will be a blessing in disguise if you go ahead and develop this app.

Idea #8:Storytelling application:

One of the favorite pastimes of students is listening to stories. Remember the times when the grandma stories were famous and children would cherish every memory they have of them?

With the nuclear family concept, children many times lack the warmth of grandma storytelling. A good replacement of this concept can be a digital storytelling application. An interactive storytelling application serves students with a list of stories they can listen to. The story can be audio, visuals, or both depending on the content available. Students can play/pause the story whenever they want and resume it at their comfort and time.

Idea #9: Competitive Exam preparation application:

Competitive exams like GRE, GMAT, SLAT, JEE, and many others require thorough learning and understanding of the concept. Students juggle between the books in order to leave no stone unturned in cracking these competitive examinations.

A competitive exam prep app can be a savior during such times. This app provides questions, answers, checklists, schedules, to-do-list, progress tracking, ebooks, reference books, and much more in order to help students with the exams. Aspiring students can give mock tests and check their performances. The application should effectively cover the entire syllabus included in the exam so that the students can prepare themselves for the best.

Idea #10: Career guidance app:

A lot of parents and students struggle between choosing the right career path for themselves. Many of the students end up selecting the wrong career under the influence.

A career guidance application can help students select what is best for them. It covers information about various subjects, their master programs, and job opportunities for the students as well as parents to learn what serves best for their child.

A career guidance application will show students various lists of programs in which they can participate and make their future. It will also acknowledge them with the various pay scales they will have by choosing the given career option.


Education app development provides numerous benefits to society. Students can make the best of the opportunity by using an educational app of the type as mentioned earlier.

If you are keen on developing an educational app for students even with a tight budget of $20K, do not hesitate. You can come and contact us to develop one for your business. It will take around 3-6 months to build an education app with all the features mentioned. We hope that you have liked the above education app ideas; if you have any more to add, please leave a comment. All the best!

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