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Top 25 Sites Built with Laravel Framework

sites built with laravel

PHP is a popular choice for website frameworks among many web development businesses. And On the other hand, Laravel is one of their top choices. Because of its cutting-edge features and development tools that speed up web development, Laravel is a phenomenal framework that performs better than most other web application frameworks. The primary reasons developers adore this web development framework are its features, such as built-in authentication and authorization, MVC Support, Object-Oriented Approach, etc. 

Apart from Laravel Trends, the developers adore this web development framework for its features, such as built-in authentication and authorization, MVC Support, Object-Oriented Approach, etc. 

So, in this article, we will explain why Laravel web development can be the best choice for your website with some examples of Top Sites that have developed their websites with Laravel. 

Laravel: An Overview with Benefits

An open-source web framework called Laravel is known for its server-side management of routing, HTML authentication, templating, and other features. Laravel was developed by Taylor Otwell and is built on Symfony, which offers reusable PHP components and modules. With Laravel, you can create applications with predefined architectures, tailored backend logic, a web portal, templates, full-stack apps, as well as manage SaaS products.

Laravel Development hosts more than 20 million websites around the Internet. Its popularity among developers, which makes it the most popular PHP framework, is based on its powerful features and simple-to-use tools.

Furthermore, using Laravel for Microservices Architecture, you can build scalable and agile apps that support business growth.

Let’s look at a few advantages of this framework for developers:

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Top Best Websites Built on Laravel Framework

1. Invoice Ninja

For businesses and freelancers, InvoiceNinja is an open-source invoicing program. In other words, it enables them to produce invoices, handle payments, keep track of their spending, and so on.

The SaaS model allows consumers the option to use either their infrastructure or the public cloud. The Laravel framework of the website provides them an opportunity for creating more users and the ability to customize each user’s permission levels.

2. Alison  

The largest free e-learning platform in the world created using Laravel, Alison aims to provide access to free education for everyone.

More than 21 million students from around the world are currently enrolled in Alison. There is a wide selection of free courses available in various fields, for example, sales & marketing, academics, business, IT, and personal development.

Its motto is “building and sharing.” As a result, Laravel enables seamless website sharing across several mediums, living up to its motto. The Laravel scalability feature makes it simple to operate this site and supports the constantly expanding community.

3. Barchart 

For financial experts and business owners, Barchart is one of the best applications created using Laravel. It helps you get the most recent market information and analysis for the USA, the UK, Canada, and Australia stock markets. For providing its financial services, it uses the laravel-based backend supremacy.

Learn more about how good Laravel is for Fintech applications!

4. MyRank

MyRank is an online educational platform. It utilizes Laravel’s flexibility to the fullest and combines its capabilities to create a fantastic website that mixes usability with excellent design. 

Additionally, the framework enables user management of an expanding database.


The open-source platform enables writers and content producers to interact with their fan base. It also allows creators to monetize their talents. Here, Laravel’s blade template engine is used.

In addition to that, the website offers a vast selection of wallpapers, avatars, and materials. It has a fresh creator and is a growing platform.

Overall, Alpha coders are very scalable and allow rapid installation with Laravel.

6. Laracasts is another Laravel-built website for developers looking to advance their web development abilities.

The platform comes preconfigured with various courses on various subjects, including Laravel, JavaScript, Git, PHP, Vue, and more.

Laracasts has more than 3 million users and is recommended by Laravel developers.

7. CheckPeople

CheckPeople is a website that aims to provide its users with the tools they need to find Public or Criminal records hassle-free with the help of Laravel. With this platform, people can also find an Email address, Phone number, etc., effortlessly.

The simplicity of the design and navigation and the way the results are organized doesn’t make users feel overloaded and makes this platform unique from other websites.

8. World Walking

One of the best Laravel-based applications that encourage walking is World Walking. It functions as a seamless app on your smartphone and improves your walking abilities.

The software offers various unique features. And with the help of Laravel, it has improved its Functionality and Features of the App. As a result, the app is now more reliable and secured, thanks to the Laravel Security benchmarks.

9. October CMS

Open-source content management system October CMS has a simple design at its core. It is also a Laravel framework-based CMS platform.

The code reuse function is OctoberCms’ most robust feature. And this function is made possible with the help of the Laravel framework, where coders can reuse their code and save valuable time.

10. FusionInvoice  

For operating a business, FusionInvoice provides a range of tools. It also enables you to start your self-hosted invoicing platform.

 You can use this approach to keep tabs on your company’s financial position. It has a stunning interface as it is built with the help of Laravel.  

11. Orchestra Platform

Orchestra Platform, an admin panel, handles laravel extensions and user administration. A quick deployment utilizing the best Laravel tools is ensured by curating Laravel extensions, which serve as the boilerplate for any web application development.

12. Larasocial

Larasocial is a lightweight social network platform. Since it is created with the help of Laravel, it improves the Design and Functionality of the application. They have built the application on a rich-code foundation.

13. Asgard CMS

Another CMS platform created with the Laravel framework, Asgard CMS offers outstanding features like responsiveness, Launch Ready, and PHP 7.0.

Its quick installation, language support, modular design, user-friendliness, customization, and other features make it a top option among developers.

With a number of ready-to-use modules available, it also aims to make things for developers even simpler and faster.

14. Cachet

When people experience issues with their website, these thoughts frequently cross their minds: Why is it so slow? Why is it not functioning correctly? When that happens, Cachet steps in to save them.

Cachet, another Laravel-built application, aims to reduce the downtime of your website. Many businesses rely on it to better communicate downtime and system outrage to their shareholders, teams, and clients.


One of the top Laravel community portals for knowledge exchange and problem-solving, is pretty popular among Laravel developers. In addition to everything web professionals need to know about Laravel web development, the website provides the most recent Laravel news, articles, and podcasts.

Since the forum is helpful to developers and was created and constructed using the Laravel framework, the portal now has 47656 users but that number is anticipated to grow.

16. Deltanet Travel: 

With the destination management website Deltanet, managing tourism services in Greece has become more accessible.  

You can observe how Laravel contributes to the user experience on this website by making browsing smooth.

17. Neighborhood Lender:

A Neighborhood Lender is a Laravel application specifically to streamline the home loan application process. Through this software, users may effectively use loan preferences and gain from a mortgage calculator.

The company has achieved this goal through Laravel development and provides its customers with unmatched services. Moreover, it helps them utilize the amazing caching options, preventing the need for consumers to submit information repeatedly. The program is also capable of handling high web traffic with ease.

18. Laravel Tricks: 

Another website designed for Laravel developers to learn practical tips and streamline the development process is Laravel Tricks. This website, which has a simple layout and choice panels, answers all the questions about Laravel programming. 

19. Laravel Snippets: 

Laravel Snippets is the best application to visit if you’re a Laravel developer seeking Laravel code to use in your project. Because it’s a simple website that shares code snippets with the community.

 For your project, you can easily acquire assistance with Laravel development. However, it also allows you to understand certain key details about the framework in the form of snippets.

20. Rocket Rubbers: 

A Laravel-built app called Rocket Rubbers sells condoms. It also promotes the quick and simple usage of its product. They provide an online condom shop with a specific collection of affordably priced Durex condoms. It is developed using Laravel, which makes its appearance look perfect.

21. Mack Hankins is a personal blog website of Laravel developer Mr.Mack Hankins, where he adds blogs and articles related to Laravel. Obviously, they have built this with Laravel 4.

22. usetably

The finest example of automation utilizing the Laravel framework is It is a website that streamlines the reservation of tables and customer service processes.

Besides, it enables easy management of bookings with the help of the Laravel framework. And it also gives restaurants customized solutions by saving the preferences and choices of their customers.

Restaurants can make reservations and receive payments quickly with the help of the Integration of payment gateways.

23. Contentoo

Users of Contentoo have the option to select contractors for any specific product. Besides, it provides secure communication between the contractors and their employers. The security function of the Laravel framework plays here.

By carefully using the Laravel framework, contentoo enables you to develop a highly-supportive solution for contracting out work to your preferred creator.

It also enables you to incorporate third-party apps in addition to the routine component updates.

24. Toyota Hall of Fame

Fantasy Football is an interactive online competition that attracts over 30 million players annually in the US and Canada. The average fantasy football participant can sign up with top sites, for example, Yahoo and Toyota in a fantasy hall of fame.

With the help of the Toyota Hall of Fame site, players can be nominated for the “Hall of Fame.” And this open-source framework, which aids in the website’s smooth operation gives the organization the benefits of managing and monitoring its coding, scaling without difficulty, as well as auto-loading PHP classes with auto-load functionality.

25. Bagisto

Bagisto is an open-source eCommerce platform built on all-time great technologies like Laravel and Vue. Js. It is a well-designed eCommerce ecosystem to allow businesses to create scalable digital stores. Above all, it offers a broad spectrum of functionalities, providing total control of online stores to their respective owners.

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Soothee is a Home and Hotel Room Massage service or Outcall Massage Service. It connects you with their certified massage therapists to book and enjoy your massage in the comfort of your home or hotel room.

TrueQ – Beauty and Salon

The platform helps its customers book beauty and wellness services, such as hair, beauty and salon, massage, spa, wedding packages, and more efficiently. The system is flawless and user-friendly, with each skillful, experienced service provider directly connecting with customers for their desired services.

Service Ducks – Home Decor

It is a platform to book home services online, e.g., Wall Painting, Home Cleaning, or Interior to give you better assistance.

Sieve – Media 

Sieve is a social networking recommendation service that enables registered members to recommend/share their favorite movies and TV shows.

Bhesbhusa – Online Shopping 

Bhesbhusa has taken the liberty to aggregate domestic brands, international brands, luxury and prestige brands, premium brands, niche, as well as cult brands into a single platform to offer a one-stop solution for online fashion and beauty shopping in Nepal.

Wrapping Up

All of the web applications mentioned above fall under distinct categories of businesses. So, from this, we can make out that every type of organization can engage Laravel developers to create a web application. Whenever you consider picking up a platform to build a web application for your business, it is mandatory to go with the regularly tested and used by many outstanding websites.

At Kody Technolab, we’ve worked and tested every PHP development framework. And found that Laravel surpasses them all with the features and capabilities to create an amazing web application. But, it doesn’t stop there; Laravel has an artistic, aesthetic syntax that adds to the app and makes it more enjoyable and creative. Undoubtedly, it is an expert framework that can be reliable for authentication, routing, sessions, and caching tasks.

You can also view the Laravel websites we’ve successfully developed on our website. And also, if you want to hire a dedicated Laravel developer to create your site, then we can assist you with exceptional Laravel development services with round-the-clock support for every stage of development. We are providing high-quality custom-based Laravel development services to companies in India, the US, the UK, UAE, and the rest of the world.

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