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Top 10 Finance Apps: USA & UK Finance Market Dominators


From budgeting and saving to investing and managing debt, effective finance management empowers individuals and businesses to make informed financial decisions and build a secure future. Financial firms require constant innovation to stay ahead of the modern landscape and move beyond traditional brokerage practices. 

Do you want to break free from the inefficient way of doing your finance business? Develop a custom, cutting-edge technology-driven solution! This article is your beacon of inspiration!

Stay tuned as we explore the two most dynamic regions and dive into 10 top-rated finance apps in the USA and UK. You will know what these finance apps are, their target audience, the functionalities their users appreciate, and more. Let’s get the fundamentals clear about the Finance app development.

What is Finance Application Development?

Developing a finance app has become imperative for financial institutions, not just a luxury, to deliver personalized customer experiences and maintain a competitive edge. From stock trading apps, insurance apps, and wealth management apps to personal finance apps, the market is all-inclusive. 

Investing in finance software offers opportunities to create additional revenue streams. You can make money by selling subscription-based services, cross-selling financial products, affiliate marketing, and more. 

Let’s explore whether this financial app market is sustainable to invest in? Let us find out! 

How Sustainable is the Financial Application Market? Finance Technology Market Size Analysis

The market for finance apps is expanding rapidly driven by the rising desire for accessible, customized financial solutions and a tech-savvy population. Let’s analyze the numbers that show the size and growth of this rapidly expanding fintech sector: 

Highlighting the rapid shift towards mobile-first financial management adaptability in the US, Statista reported, 

Nearly two-thirds of Americans (about 217 million) are on the verge of becoming digital banking users by 2025, Statista reported. 

Conversely, Statista Market Insights predicts, 

The revenue of the global fintech sector will exceed $141.18 billion by 2028 from an estimated $79 billion in 2023. 

The growing need for mobile-centric and easy-to-use financial tools, as highlighted by a recent report, is contributing to the expanding financial services app market size. 

The market is set to increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 13.13% from $146.65 billion in 2024 to $271.75 billion in 2029. 

After the market numbers, now let us explore what types of finance apps are there!

What are the Top Types and Categories of Finance Apps?

Understanding various types of Finance apps will help you identify opportunities and position your app strategically within the market.

1. Mobile Banking: There are applications provided by traditional banks and financial organizations that enable users to see and manage transactions, make payments, deposit checks, and manage their accounts via their mobile devices. It features functionalities like bill payment, mobile wallets, security, fast transfers, and more. 

2. Budgeting & Tracking:  Such finance apps empower users to take control of their finances by tracking income and expenses, creating budgets, and setting financial goals. Budgeting & tracking apps offer features for categorizing spending, generating spending reports, and receiving personalized saving tips.

3. Investing: Users can buy and sell bonds, stocks, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), equities, and other investment products in this quickly growing market. Mobile investing apps may have features for fractional share trading, automated investing, and access to research and analytical tools.

4. International Money Transfer: Foreign money transfer apps offer advantages like safe, rapid, and inexpensive international money transfers. Some features to check for are Reasonable exchange rates, real-time transaction tracking, and low fees.

These are some top categories, you can innovate and come up with your unique finance app idea. Let us now explore the top 10 finance apps in the USA and UK, analyzing their unique features, target audiences, and success stories. 

Top 10 Finance Apps in the USA & UK

These top finance apps are popular for many reasons. Learning about their unique selling points will help you strategize your finance app development. Let’s dive in. 

1. Cash App: 

Cash app is one of the well-known finance applications in the US with a total of 98M+ installs. This peer-to-peer payment app focuses on convenience and social features, allowing users to send and receive money instantly, invest in stocks, and even buy Bitcoin. Its youthful appeal and seamless social integration have resonated with younger generations, making it a major player in the US market.

Key Features Cash App Offers to their Clients:

a. Instant Money Transfer 

b. Stock Investments

c. Bitcoin Transactions

d. Cash Card

Target Audience:

The cash app targets young adults and its largest age group of visitors is 35-44 years old followed by 25-34.

2. Mint App

Mint is a money management application that helps users manage their money on their own. It stands tall as a champion of budgeting and financial tracking. This app consistently claims the top position in the finance application category, it shows the value and client satisfaction. Let’s delve into its unique features, target audience, and the secrets behind its impressive success, including its staggering 50 million app installs!

Unique Features that Make Mint App Success:

  1. Effortless expense tracking
  2. Personalized insights and budgets
  3. Bill reminders and alerts
  4. Goal setting and tracking
  5. Investment tracking (Premium feature)

Target Audience:

Mint targets young professionals, with a particular focus on “enthusiast millennials,” those aged 25 to 35 who actively manage their finances.

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3. Robinhood App

Robinhood carves a name for itself as the disrupter, breaking the entry barriers into the stock market and making investment a common man’s pursuit. Let’s get right into its exceptional features, clientele, and the past success story behind unprecedented popularity that boasts almost over 22 million monthly active users.

Unique Features that Make Robinhood App Success:

  1. Commission-free trading
  2. Fractional shares
  3. User-friendly interface
  4. Educational resources
  5. Gamification elements

Target Audience:

The app targets millennials and Gen-Z and the largest age group of Robinhood’s users is 25-34 years old.

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4. Stash App

Fuelled by its role as a champion of micro-investing and its ability to help people start their investment journey with smaller amounts, Stash has seen its user base explode, accumulating over one hundred million app downloads.

Unique Features that Make Stash App Success:

  1. Micro-investing
  2. Automatic Investing
  3. Thematic portfolios
  4. Educational resources
  5. Personalized guidance

Target Audience:

Stash is most suitable for beginners who are trying to invest small amounts, as it is easy to access, has excellent educational resources, and uses thematic portfolios. The largest age group of Stash’s users is 35-44 years old.

5. Wise App

Having shattered the limitations of traditional money transfers, Wise has emerged as the undisputed leader in international transactions. By breaking down barriers and fees associated with traditional methods, Wise offers a transparent, cost-effective, and user-friendly solution for individuals and businesses operating across borders. Let’s explore its unique features, target audience, and the success story behind its 16 million-strong user base.

Unique Features that Make Wise App Success:

  1. Transparent and competitive fees
  2. Fast and efficient transfers
  3. Multi-currency account
  4. Integration with other platforms
  5. Strong security and regulation

Target Audience:

Frequent travelers, businesses, and people moving abroad are the prime target audience of Wise. the largest age group of Wise users is 25-34 years old.

6. Barclays UK

Barclays UK stands tall as a traditional banking giant that has successfully adapted to the mobile-first era. Its app offers a robust suite of features, seamlessly blending mobile banking convenience with budgeting tools and investment options. Let’s delve into its unique features, target audience, and the success story behind its dominant position in the UK market.

Unique Features that Make Barclays UK App Successful:

  1. Comprehensive mobile banking 
  2. Integrated budgeting tools
  3. Investment options
  4. Financial planning tools
  5. Strong security and brand trust

Target Audience:

Barclays UK mostly targets the younger generations mainly the Gen Z and Millennials. The age range of 20 to 35 years old is the largest among Barclays UK application users.

7. Moneyhub App

Moneyhub emerges as a centralized point, which gathers your financial data from diverse sources and provides a complete picture of your financial situation. Let us look at its distinguishing features, those who use it, and why its userships, as fraud as it crosses 1 million users, which made its app downloads.

Unique Features that Make Moneyhub App Success:

  1. Account aggregation 
  2. Spending categorization
  3. Budgeting and goal-setting
  4. Bill management
  5. Credit score tracking

Target Audience:

The Moneyhub app’s target audience includes those who are seeking financial management tools like budgeting, bill reminders, creating budgets, tracking spending, and using tools for taxes, pensions, and mortgages. 

8. TradingView

TradingView stands out as a popular charting and analytical solution for active traders and investors. Its tools, interface, and reach contribute to this popularity, enabling users to confidently make informed decisions and navigate the financial markets. Let us dive into its distinctive characteristics, its optimum target audience, and the reasons for the which have its user base of over 30 million users worldwide.

Unique Features that Make TradingView App Success:

  1. Advanced charting
  2. Customizable workspace 
  3. Real-time market data
  4. Paper trading
  5. Community and Collaboration 

Target Audience:

TradingView targets active traders arming them with advanced tools, investors researching opportunities, financial pros wielding professional-grade analysis, and even beginners learning the ropes with paper trading and educational resources.

9. Revolut App

Revolut, a London-based fintech company, is not merely a mobile banking app. It’s a global finance giant changing conventional banking with its advanced functionalities, customer-centricity, and borderless approach. Let’s explore what makes this fintech application so popular with 3 million app downloads, analyzing its unique offerings, target audience, and remarkable success story.

Unique Features that Make Revolut App Success:

  1. Multi-currency accounts
  2. Prepaid debit cards
  3. Global money transfers
  4. Cryptocurrency trading
  5. Peer-to-peer payments
  6. Fractional shares investment options

Target Audience:

Revolut caters to tech-savvy individuals, globetrotters, young professionals, and small businesses seeking a convenient, transparent, and mobile-first financial experience.

10. GPay App

GPay (Google Pay) is not just a payment app; it is an extension of the Google ecosystem that works across the different components of Google services, to offer a hassle-free and secure way to manage finances. The reach of this platform and its wide adoption is clear from over 400 million active users worldwide. The power of GPay in the fintech industry is reflected in its supremacy in mobile payments across different regions. Let’s get into its special properties, target group, and the secret of its dominant position.

Unique Features that Make GPay App Success:

  1. Effortless tap-to-pay feature 
  2. Fast, secure, and contactless payment feature
  3. Multiple payment methods
  4. Peer-to-peer payments
  5. In-app purchases
  6. Rewards and offers
  7. Multi-layered security features

Target Audience

GPay targets tech-savvy Android users, frequent shoppers, and digital natives seeking convenience, speed, and security in their payment experiences. A large portion of Gen Z and millennials including the 18–34 age range use GPay.

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How Much Does it Cost to Create a Finance Application?

The cost of creating a finance application can vary depending on several factors, which makes it difficult to give a single, definitive answer. Here’s a breakdown of some key aspects that influence the cost of the development of finance applications:

Complexity: Complexity plays a major role in cost. Simple apps with limited features cost around $35,000-$75,000. For advanced applications that track investments securely, expect to pay $250,000 or more.

Development team: Hiring in-house developers can be expensive, as the charges vary from $50 to $200 per hour based on the location and the level of experience. There are cheaper alternatives for hiring fintech developers or fintech app development companies to develop your finance app as per your desires and needs.

Regulations and compliance: The finance apps that process the sensitive financial data have to maintain standards like PCI DSS and KYC/AML, causing development and ongoing upkeep expenses.

Features and integrations: Costs associated with the integration with third-party services like banks, payment processors, and credit bureaus may vary depending on complexity and the chosen providers. One cost-saving strategy is to use cross-platform technology like Flutter or hire Flutter app developers.

Design and UX: Investing in a user-friendly and easy-to-use design is essential for finance apps, as it can prevent user churn and lost revenue. Consider hiring an experienced UI/UX designer to get cost-effective results.


As we come to the end of our research into the best finance apps available in the USA and the UK, it is evident that the financial industry is changing quickly. Innovative apps are empowering users to take control of their finances, invest for the future, and navigate the complexities of the modern financial world. Remember, the perfect app depends on your unique financial goals and needs.

We at Kody Technolab understand the revolutionary potential of innovative finance solutions. Our experienced development team is passionate about creating customized finance apps that fit into your lifestyle naturally and support you in realizing your financial goals.

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