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Curated Way For Developing a Water Drink Reminder App

Drink Water Reminder App Development

Daily reminder, Drink one glass of water, please! Daily reminder 2, time to have one more glass of water. Do you think your audience needs this push quite often?

The daily hustle and the 9 to 5 grind often put human beings in stressful situations. This stress results in diverting their focus more on work than health. Well, health compromises are always unwelcome. Majority of people who are focusing on work over health often forget to consume the miracle drink, WATER. And this is why the existence of a water drinking reminder app development is a blessing in disguise. 

The situation reminds me of a few words shared by someone, 

“Don’t forget to drink water and get some sun. You are basically a houseplant with more complicated emotions”. 

The above words are absolutely true; humans need to understand the power of consuming a determined quantity of water. If not, we help entrepreneurs develop apps that would cover the responsibility. If you are a willing entrepreneur excited to develop a water drink reminder app, here is the blog for you. In this blog, we have listed features and functionalities of the water drink reminder application, the cost to develop the water drink reminder app, and the importance of this mobile app development

Water is the need of life.

We (the smart humans) have heard zillion times that water is life, but we ignore its role in daily life more often than ever. And hence, as a caring entrepreneur, you decide to develop a friendly water drink reminder app. An app of this category throws frequent notifications calling registered users to have their sip of water at intervals. 

The benefits of water are impeccable,

And a lot more things. There are android and iOS apps available in the market that assist individuals by reminding them about water consumption. But, there are only a few to name, like Water Drink Reminder, HydroCoach, Aqualert, DrinkWater, & iDrated. The easily countable figure suggests that you still have room for launching a well-designed and articulated application. 

So, how does a water drink reminder app work?

A water drink reminder app offers the simplest way for people to keep themselves hydrated. It keeps track of water consumption throughout the day. 

A user needs to register the application, set up a profile by filling out some of the basic information. Basic information includes body weight and age. A user can either use a google account or any social media account to log into the app. Further, the user sets a start time and end time to start their water consumption tracking. Based on the information, the app will calculate the amount of water you need throughout the day and will remind you each time the moment comes.

However, you need to log into the app every time you consume water or any other drink.  In all, you need to keep yourself hydrated. The app also reminds you of the time when you can drink another drink.

So, yeah, it is this simple to develop a water drink reminder app; however, make sure you have a robust app development team as your partner or be smart enough to choose the hired mobile app developers option. This will give you the liberty to select from the pool of developers available on various platforms. 

What are the features of a water drink reminder app?

The functioning of this app category is simple, but how you represent the idea will make the entire difference. You need to decide the features and their representation during the initial development phases, such as lean canvassing and prototyping. This will help you in assessing the favorite and suitable features for water drink reminder app development. 

Some of the standard and necessary features for this category are:

You can either keep the operations limited to water intake tracking or include other fitness aspects in the app. Say, for example; you can track walking activity, hiking, cycling, sleep monitoring, breathing optimization, etc.

All of these features work to the benefit of helping users maintain their healthy lifestyles.

You can discuss more of such feature expectations with Kody Technolab’s team of developers and designers. They have successfully accomplished hundreds of on-demand projects. The team will share their best available knowledge so that you can develop your dream app. Don’t wait, fill-up the form and get in touch. 

What does the water drink reminder app development cost?

A mobile app development undergoes a series of processes like product discovery, feature integration, social media integration, gamification, user design, app testing, app live, etc. The cost to carry out each operation varies from a development company to company which is why it is difficult to give you an exact amount. However, an estimated cost according to our approach will be between $20k to $35K.

For better clarification about the budget, you can try figuring out answers to the below questions.

  1. What type of water reminder app do you want to develop?
  2. What features will you integrate?
  3. What platforms are you planning to launch your app on?
  4. Do you need APIs?
  5. Do you have to integrate security features?
  6. What technology stack are you adopting?
  7. Do you wish to go for MVP?
  8. Do you need an app maintenance service?

The answers to these questions will help you in estimating the app development budget.

Parting words:

Water drink reminder apps and other apps in the fitness category are taking up a rapid pace in the market. You can serve a massive segment of the audience by developing an app and mark your footprints early in the industry. Sooner or later, people will have to adapt to various health lifestyle-related apps, so why not launch your app at its earliest? If you need any help, ring our bells.

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