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We all have been in a situation where time management has been the most difficult to cope up with. Throughout the day we are so full-fledged with work and other events we tend to miss out on other important things. A lot of people find it easy to keep track of everything they are supposed to do by creating a To-Do list but then it is still on a piece of paper. We tend to forget that list because we can’t keep that diary with us all the time, hence we end up using the in-built calendar app to keep track of things we are supposed to do.

But the real challenge is the in-built calendar is not enough for many of us, we are modern users, we always require more. So, what is an ideal calendar then? How does it work? What kind of features and functionalities should it have? We are going to find all the answers in this article.

Features to consider

Since we are developing something more advanced than the in-built calendars, it will be quite tricky to integrate the calendar app. So, we are gonna make it easier for you to understand what kind of features you can consider executing a calendar in the software.

However, the features will be the set of basic to advanced but you can always choose to go with only basic features for instance. And when you think your app can be a hit in the market, you can choose to go advanced in the upgrade section.

Let’s see what features you can integrate into the calendar software. We are taking Google calendar as an example, so you can get a full understanding of how it works.

Develop a Calendar App

What is the Google calendar?

Google Calendar is a scheduling tool for businesses and organizations created by google. You can make your daily to-do list, organize a meeting with your teammates, and do many more. There are so many interesting features in google calendar, it can be a blessing for you.

Not only for businesses but it can be used for your personal use as well. Let’s say you have a function coming up and you have to do tons of things that you can’t afford to miss out. You can add all those things in the Google Calendar and it will keep reminding you until you finish it.

To have a full understanding of how it works, we have defined some of the features and this is how it looks like.

Create your own calendar

Google calendar has this unique feature, in which you can create your own calendar. You can create multiple events at a time in “My calendar” for example, you can schedule all your events on repetitive reminders in one place.

Schedule group meetings

When it comes to arranging a group meeting in an office or in an organization, it can be quite tricky to find out which team members are free and who all are busy. To solve this problem, and to make this process hassle-free you can use this feature. You can schedule meetings prior to their work tasks and by the time you arrange a meeting, everyone will be free. Now that is smart right? Well, we find it.

Hide details

There can be many events that you don’t want to disclose to people as it may contain sensitive information and in that case, google calendar provides an option where you can keep your settings private.

Add attachments

Some meetings may require important documents, and since it is not possible to keep track of those documents when you have many events to cover throughout the day. But to conquer that issue, you can add attachments in your google calendar. You and your guests can directly review the attachments, additionally, you can also upload other important documents from google drive as well.

Enable world clock

Companies or organizations that have teammates around the world can find this feature very useful. While you set up a meeting, you can also check the timing of your other team members who are in other countries so there can be appropriate timing for a meeting.

Enable work hours

Not everybody has fixed timing to work, some people work for long hours, some have fixed timings and other colleagues may forget the timings. To avoid future conflicts or inconvenience you can add work hours in the calendar. If someone arranges a meeting before or after your work hours, you can hit “Decline”.

Share calendar

You can also share the event calendar with other team members so that they can edit and pass on to others. This is the most useful feature, especially for businesses and organizations.

Other interactive features to look upon

To-do reminders

Sync calendar with your smartphone or tab

Creating your profile


In which industries you can use the calendar software?


If you are aware of any travel or hospitality booking applications, they all use Calendar software. Before you book a property or hotel you can reserve the dates prior to your plannings. In any booking services, the calendar software can be helpful before you book anything, the calendar will show you the slots and timings that are booked and will suggest whatever is available.

Logistics business

You can schedule shipping and delivery from the Calendar software. There are many logistic companies that use calendar software and it has been proved very useful for both the shippers and the carriers. They both can choose the time and date of their choice for the delivery, so there are no hassles after.

Appointment booking applications

There are many appointment booking applications that use the calendar software, for example, from the healthcare section you can book an appointment with a doctor with it. The same way you can also use it in Salon appointment booking as well.

Technology to use

To develop your own robust Calendar software you will need a bunch of technologies that goes like this,

Programming languages: Swift/ Objective-C for iOS, Kotlin/ Java for Android.

Database: MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB.

For Google Calendar: Java, PHP, Javascript, and Ruby.

Additional Calendar APIs; FX Calendar API, SuperSaas API, Nylas Cloud Calendar API.

For web: Kendo UI, Calendarize, iCalendar, jQuery UI, Webix

Develop a Calendar App
h2 class="font-weight-bold text-5 dark-blue-title pt-3 mb-3">How much does it cost to develop the Calendar app?

It is not possible to answer this question because that question can’t be answered precisely without understanding the business logic, business model you have.

There will never be a fixed price for any application because the cost always depends on the factors of your application, for example, Features, functionality, UI/UX design, backend, platforms, technology, complexity, maintenance, and infrastructure of your application.

But we have still tried to break it down by checking the features and factors we discussed above. So, the cost of your calendar application will cost you $10,000 to $20,000.

However, you can get your customized app developed as well. You can create such an app with just basic features and functionalities that can be pocket friendly.


We hope this article has been helpful to you in finding out how to develop your calendar app from scratch. Whether you choose to pick another calendar solution or you develop your own calendar keeps you productive. You can do all your work without forgetting. No matter if it is personal use or professional use, the calendar makes you punctual, and as they say “ Being punctual is not only polite but it will also save other people’s time.”

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