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The first thing of concern when anyone thinks of traveling to a different city, state, or country is their commute mode. Whether personal or professional trips outside your respective city, the only thing that you Google search on priority is about the car-rental platforms. This ubiquitous problem now has a solution, on-demand car rental, and booking application. Do you wish to invest in building the next “Airbnb” for your car-rental service? Do you dream of developing a car rental app like Getaround? Read this blog to find out the key features of a car rental application.

The on-demand app industry is flooded with applications solving various humane problems. Be it food, grocery shopping, salon booking apps or a car rental solution, if you can not convince your user at the initial stage(when the land upon the application) you can not sustain the business. And therefore, you need to build an app loaded with amazing features that can add to the customer’s convenience and experience.

Things are much more simplified, flexible, and smooth if you develop a car rental solution for your business. We understand the pain of handling bookings and customers manually while handling your on-going car rental business. But by developing a car rental application, you are opening your business to a myriad of opportunities. With just a few clicks, you can connect to customers in real-time, manage the bookings, and avail the invoices for the rides.

Startups and small car rental businesses have shown new signs of productivity by using advanced technology-driven processes. If you need a few more reasons to convince yourself to develop an application, read the next section.

Develop a Car Rental App like Getaround

Why your car rental business needs an app like Getaround?

Along with the flexibility and ease, there are few other reasons which will compel you to develop an on-demand car rental & booking app.

It gets you connected with the customers in real-time:

With just a single click, customers can find the number of cars in the nearby area and can select the type of car they want from the available option. This wouldn’t have been possible with the traditional way of handling the car renting business.

Customers will not have to wait for hours to book their best ride and can have the ride at their convenience. This way, you can have your cars available to your customers in a jiffy and connect with them in real-time.

It allows you to manage the entire business from a single platform:

As mentioned above, it would be a real hassle to manage hundreds of cars in your inventory and manually track each of them. Bookings, pending payments, customer queues, and more would make it a mess at a time.

But, a car rental application will help you automate the whole process from a single panel. It will help you in taking care of daily operations and streamline the whole process.

It increases your business visibility:

Gone are the days when word of mouth marketing could make a difference to the business. Today when everything is digitalized, people “Google” search your business even if they have heard it from a friend or relative.

If they do not find you online, they probably will trust your existence less. And therefore, a car rental service for your business is necessary. It will mesmerize the masses by providing an effortless rental booking service and enabling customers to book a car directly.

This will put you in touch with customers directly, making your business opportunities grow in leaps and bounds.

Above everything else, something that can convince you more is the statistics,

The car rental app market is expected to grow 18.5% annually by the end of the year 2024;

The car rental services market volume will cross $105,285 M by the end of 2024;

If you look at the statistics of the car rental apps in the US, the average revenue is $623.95;

The number of users using a car rental service will rise up to 549.2 million by 2024.

These figures indeed look promising, isn’t it? However, in the excitement of building your car rental application, you may face a few challenges about which you should know in advance. We have listed them out here. Have a look…

Double-check your competitors:

Developing a car rental solution application doesn’t solve the problem by itself. The reason, there are hundreds of thousands of such car rental service apps in the market place. How you distinguish in terms of services and features will make a difference.

For this, you need to check your competitor’s application and functioning. Try to find out ways in which you can beat their business.

Difficulty in data collection:

Organizing the large chunk of data collected through various sources is difficult if you do not implement the right strategy. It becomes extremely difficult to handle the business. Therefore while developing a car rental application, you need to reassure that the right strategies are implemented for handling the data.

Data security challenges:

Since you will be dealing with customers in real-time, a lot of data will be collected from the user. These data sets include the user’s name, address, phone number, payment details, and more. And hence, your application should follow the data security guidelines thoroughly and offer a reliable service to the customers.

So how will you start and take steps forward to make an app like Getaround?

You need to consider and reconsider various aspects of the application before you finalize your car rental mobile application development. To deliver a strong application that will outstand from the rest, you will first have to make your vision clear.

Have a clear vision:

Do not just build an app with the only goal of monetization. You need to define your goals precisely. By defining your goals, you will have a clear idea of the direction in which you need to move ahead and what areas you should focus on.

Define the team who will be working on the project:

Developing an on-demand mobile application is not a cakewalk. You need a team of professionals or hire developers who would assist you with the process. Also, divide the task amongst the experienced specialists. For accomplishing your technical project, you will need a software engineer, web and mobile designers, quality testers, marketing team, and business analysts. Make sure that you hire the right set of individuals who would help you build an out-of-the-box on-demand car renting application.

Decide on the frameworks and tools:

You need to research well about the frameworks and development tools that would be best suitable for your on-demand project. Understand the flexibility and functioning of the framework that you wish to work upon. Contact an experienced web & mobile app development company and ask them for suggestions.

For further inspiration, we have listed a few names of car rental app companies that have marked their place in the market.

1. Hertz

2. Avis

3. Skurt

4. GetAround

What is the architecture of a car rental mobile application?

User panel:

The key features of the user panel screen of a car rental application are:

Easy login or social media signup;

Car selection;

Car details

Driver details with license and photos;

Car scheduling;

Instant car bookings;

Address for getting car ride;

Instant bookings;

Push notifications;

Fare calculator;

Tracking & security;

Car pick up points;

Booking Management;

Booking cancellation;

Discounts and Offers;

Review and Ratings;

Payment gateway integration;

Invoice generation;

Admin Panel:

The admin screen needs to comprise of every single feature that gives them complete control over the app functioning.

Interactive Dashboard;

Driver Management;

Customer Management;

Car Management;

Discount and coupon management

Ride Management;

Reporting and Analytics;

Car categories management;

Payment management;

Fare management;

Driver Panel:

The features of the driver panel are:

Secured login;

Request Management;

Trip details;

Accept payments;

Driver dashboard;

Review and ratings;

History of rides;

History of expenses;

Driver support;

Advanced features of the on-demand car rental application are:

Some promising features of an on-demand car rental application are as follows,

In-app camera:

Allow the driver or a user to upload a picture or a receipt directly using the application.

In-app chat:

The driver should be allowed to communicate with the user in case of an emergency or to receive help for reaching the service location. In the same line, a user should be able to connect with the allocated driver and guide them for the service.

Real-time tracking:

By integrating GPS in the mobile application, you facilitate drivers and users to track the exact location. A user can set the pin to the exact location of service, while drivers can track the map and reach the destination.

Invite and earn:

The users should be allowed to share the referral code and avail discounts by sending it to the contacts.

CRM integration:

CRM allows you to send emails, newsletters, discount coupons, and more to the loyal customers. This way, you can build a long-lasting relationship with them.

What should be the business model for an on-demand car rental solution?

The car renting business is highly lucrative. The user logs in the application make a request for a ride; admin approves the ride. Further, the ride is assigned to one respective driver. The driver completes the ride, and the user makes a payment for using the service.

So, in between these consecutive rides, you charge a commission of say around 10 to 15% approx on every ride. You can also include a “Tip” feature where a user pays an extra amount to the driver for the gratitude and excellent service given by the car driver.

Develop a Car Rental App like Getaround

What is the cost of developing a car rental application?

If you ask us how much is the total cost of developing an on-demand car rental application, we would say it varies? Depending on the type of features and functionalities you plan to include in the application, the cost of development changes. The platform you choose and the country you pick up for development also affects app development cost.

You can expect your cost of development to fall somewhere between $4000-$10,000. Many developers also charge on an hourly basis; however, the cost estimate will fall between the same. Some crucial factors affecting the cost of development includes managerial cost, development cost, testing cost, cost of the platform, and customization cost.

Ready to plan your next project?

We hope that we have served you well with the details of building an on-demand car rental application. For any future query, you can always contact us over the email or phone number. We have experienced team of developers as well as designers who will guide you with the platform selection and give you plenty of designs to choose from.

Car rental businesses have higher scalability and increased scope by building an application. Be the game-changer in the industry by building an outstanding car rental application like Getaround. All the best!!

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