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You would have heard zillions of things about the Flutter. Some say, Flutter is the future, others claim it to be promising. Some say it can be used to craft award-winning applications, while others find Flutter development like a breeze. You can add to the praise list, and we as a Flutter app development company would not deny it ever. Yes, seriously, Flutter is winning the hearts, and the popularity speaks volumes about it. Tencent, Alibaba, Reflectly, Hamilton Musical, and the list is endless and have embraced the technology.

This cross-platform framework is used to build next-gen applications having unmatchable and highly reliable mobile UI. The amazing part is, you can have quality-rich native interfaces that work on cross-platforms. As we are writing this, I suppose there are already hundreds of other new Flutter applications launched in the market.

Do you wish to develop one for your emerging business? Don’t know what benefits it offers? Are you confused about how to choose a Flutter app development company? Worry not. In this blog, we have covered all these questions and answered in an easy to understand way. Let’s start with a brief introduction to Flutter.

Find Best Flutter App Development Company

Flutter Introduction:

Flutter is an open-source, cross-platform development tool developed by Google. It provides everything under one umbrella. You can craft beautiful applications that give native-like feel but work on multiple platforms.

The latest version release of Flutter 1.20 is becoming the talk of the town about which we have already discussed. Flutter ranks at number three after .Net Core and Torch in the survey list of most loved frameworks.

Flutter uses Dart as its programming language, which has a smooth learning curve. You can develop a single codebase and use it cross-platform. Flutter is easy to use, powerful and can resolve any level of project complexities. It increases the developer’s productivity and lets them build applications faster.

To make the most of the Flutter benefits, one must know what they are. If you wish to understand Flutter concepts in detail, you can always connect with our Flutter app developers.

Single Codebase:

Native applications boast about its performance and are treasured for its quality. However, building native applications is time-consuming as well as a costly-affair. If you plan to launch an app on Apple Store & Android, you need to write down code for both from scratch. Instead of this, Flutter gives you a chance to develop apps for both platforms in the same amount of time. It looks like a fair deal, isn’t it?

Using Flutter, you can deliver native-like apps for iOS and Android. While using this game-changer cross-platform framework, you should be worry-free about the quality, features, and functionality.

Find Best Flutter App Development Company

Faster coding:

“Flutter significantly reduced the time we need to develop a new feature from 1 month down to 2 weeks,” says Bruce Shen of Alibaba.

Flutter is a perfect platform to start with if you wish to deliver apps rapidly. The designers and developers work collaboratively in real-time to develop a classic looking application. This way, the development time is reduced considerably, and you can launch the app in the market.

Also, the much talked about “Hot Reload” feature enables developers and designers to review the changes made in the UI instantly.

Better speed:

As we all know, a user hardly spends less than 5 seconds on an application. If the application doesn’t respond in the meantime, they are likely to leave the page. But, Flutter is an ace in this game.

It is famous for developing a feature-rich application that launches the application in seconds. Dart, the programming language behind Flutter, also has a role to play here. It gets compiled ahead of time, resulting in better performance.

Also, the “silver layout model” of Flutter contributes to faster scrolling in the application.

Rich Widgets:

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Flutter is all about widgets. It allows you to make customized and appealing widgets aligning with the client’s chosen business model. You can add structural elements, rich fonts, platform-specific scrolling, navigational platform, and more to create strong UI giving a native-like performance.

Google Firebase support:

Since Google developed Flutter, it has the full support of Google’s Firebase at the backend. You can scale up the applications using Firebase support.

Find Best Flutter App Development Company

Faster testing:

Code testing is a crucial part of application development. You need to ensure that the application meets the quality standard before it is launched into the market. With native app development, you need to check quality for two platforms individually.

But, since Flutter allows you to develop a single codebase, you need to check only that. Also, the Hot Reload features reflect the changes in real-time, which, in a way, again reduces the testing time.

Abundant libraries and detailed documentation:

Flutter gives you access to a pool of libraries using which you can add on to the functionality. This makes it quite easy for you to develop an application that performs well and seamlessly. On top of that, it provides excellent documentation for the developers to refer to.

The active community of developers contribute to the Flutter community and give solutions to any problems faced by developers. This way, the issues or the challenges have their fix in no time.

Easy learning curve:

Flutter is easy to learn and implement. Developers do not need to have prior experience in Flutter if they know Swift or Java; it is quite easy for them to learn Flutter. The rich and in-depth documentation clears all the doubts, thereby making the learning effortless.

Cost-effective and easy app management:

What more can you ask for if you are getting two applications at the cost of one? Yes, ask your Flutter App Development Company, to design an app, wireframe it, and get going with the business idea.

Also, widgets’ availability makes it way easier for business entrepreneurs to focus on customization and manage the same. Your inhouse team of Flutter developers or hired mobile app developers can easily modify and customize the application.

So, now that you know about the benefits let’s shift our focus to the next topic of our blog, selecting the right mobile app development company.

How will you select an equitable Flutter mobile app development company?

It is not a cakewalk to choose a mobile app development company that would help you meet the unprecedented demand for mobile applications. The selected company should have extensive experience and offer services at affordable prices. You need to consider a few things before you start your selection of a development partner.

Identify your exact business requirements:

As we have repeatedly been saying this, you need to know your business expectations. What you expect, how you want to achieve, and why you wish to do it. The answers to these questions should be clear to you before you approach a prospective app development company.

The roadmap should at least be understandable so that the solutions do not surprise you. Some relevant questions to ask yourself are:

Which platform do you wish to target;

Which features do you wish to integrate?

Who are your target customers?

What do you want to achieve with this app?

Define your budget:

You need to define how much money you are planning to spend behind app development. Consulting the same with your prospective company is a better option. Get quotations from various companies and compare the charges and the facility. You can also run down an internet search and find out what other companies are charging.

However, you should always remember that the cost of development will vary as you change the development country.

Shortlist a few options:

Once you have a better understanding of the industry, now is the time to look out for options. You can ask your friends and family about some references. Make a list of companies that you have received and start visiting their websites. Look out for all the nitty-gritty details and pen down any particular observations.

Check out their portfolios, website design, and services. This way, you will be able to shortlist companies, out of which you can choose one later.

Check the size of the company:

This exercise doesn’t impact the selection majorly, but it’s always good to do the basic research about it. The manpower information lets you know if they can handle the project of your size. Because a company with fewer employees may get overloaded with the work, which further impacts the quality of applications.

Also, if you can manage to find out the skillset of the development team, then it would be great. By knowing the background of the skillset, you can put forth realistic expectations.

Ensure the pricing and in-time delivery:

It might look too straight, but you need to ask for their turn-around time. This is for the reason that they do not disappoint you, giving false excuses. If you do not feel comfortable asking them directly, you can also check their online reviews.

Check if somebody has reported them for not meeting the deadlines. Ensure that they have a good team as well as a time-management strategy in place.

This being said, quick turnaround time doesn’t mean that the company charges an extra amount. Make the budget limitations pretty much clear with them at the very beginning of the conversation.

After support:

This thing also, we have repeatedly been saying that the development company’s job doesn’t end once they deliver the product; it goes beyond it. Pitfalls under their responsibility to attend all the support queries required in the future. They should willingly address them when you encounter them with technical issues. Ask if they provide upgrade facilities.

Check the reputation:

With the businesses going online, it has become much easier to find out any particular information about the company or even a person. Therefore perform thorough research about your prospective development partner. Follow their social media pages and gather knowledge about their working style. Run through the testimonials and reviews available over online platforms.


Flutter has conquered the internet landscape with unique applications. It is a cutting-edge framework for helping developers in building most-high-grade applications. We couldn’t agree more with this. If you have any questions regarding Flutter, feel free to contact our experts. We hold the expertise and are habitual of executing Flutter app development with utmost ease & excellence. We are capable of handling all the Flutter-related challenges and let you live up your project-goals.

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