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The main objective of the client was to make life easier of the end user in their current busy schedule.

They intended to work directly with owners and suppliers of numerous brand outlets and offer delivery right at the doorstep. Moreover, the application had to be scalable so as to easily increase the number of items offered.


One of the major concerns in an online shopping app is integrating automated delivery from various sources.

When the number of products increase, it becomes inevitable that the app needs to be capable enough to handle heavy traffic. What is the other thing that attracts increasing number of users to an online shopping app? It is an easy checkout option and preferred payment method.


We came up with a comprehensive delivery platform that connects the two main users. Agile methodology was used to discuss and implement the final application.

Client’s target of having a user centric app was fulfilled due to addition of custom functions. An automated payment process, real time updates and customer interaction with service provider are some of the features that were implemented to meet the client expectations.

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