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It doesn't matter if it's grocery shopping, electronics shopping, jewelry shopping, furniture shopping or other, people have become used to place orders online via apps. This has happened because of the convenience eCommerce mobile apps provide us. The on-demand apps help us save time and energy along with money, thanks to the offers that we can get by using apps.

And hence, with the rise in demand, various startups also have increased around the concept of on-demand mobile app development to supply their services. If you are willing to create an eCommerce mobile app for your startup or active business, hire an expert eCommerce app development company, or Magento Development Company is essential. That provides you optimum e-Commerce mobile app development services.

However, before you get started, it's crucial for you to understand the multiple aspects that impact the whole process. Let's dive into each aspect of e-Commerce mobile app development one by one:

Sketch an Idea for the e-Commerce App

Before you begin with hiring people for the eCommerce App Development Process, it’s crucial that you create a basic concept. A basic sketch includes the minimum required elements such as what problem you are solving for people on a mass level if you want to go big later, and what features or functionalities are required that will help your customers to deal with that specific problem, and more. Moreover, sketching an idea also helps with the development of a minimum viable product to test before launching the actual one.

Build an e-commerce Application

Market Analysis for e-Commerce Mobile App Development

Once you are done figuring out the actual need to make an e-Commerce app, it becomes important that you opt for in-depth market analysis. This involves researching data about your targeted users such as their likes, dislikes, behavioral patterns, and more. It will help you to come up with a startup idea or product. This includes very crucial factors such as

Know if the market already has any similar e-Commerce app

Information and location of your potential audience

Is your product or service relevant to your targeted audience?

Know your competitors in the marketplace and their current mistakes

Does your competitor sell a better product? Why is it better than yours?

What extra features can allow your e-Commerce app to have opted over others?

Must-Have e-Commerce App Features

Wish-list Button:

It involves providing the users with an option to create a list of products they wish to buy. This is a personal list for every user which the user can change any time, depends upon if he/she still wants to buy a particular product or not.

Review & Rating:

This feature helps both the company and users by letting them know about the feedback on the products and services. The company is then able to improvise on their product quality. And the new users are able to decide as per the reviews & ratings if they should invest in these products or services.

Google Analytics:

In order to keep a check at what works for your company and what doesn't, Google Analytics is a great tool. And hence, you can use this feature to understand your users.

Complete Synchronization:

It involves synchronizing your business-related website with your business app to stand apart from the competition. It helps in increasing your product sales.

Social Media Integration:

This feature involves helping your company to reach your customers on a massive level. For users, it’s helpful in order to share their views on your products or services with a million other people.

Push Notifications:

The feature notifies your customers base with the updates, discount schemes, offers, and more.

A Simpler Registration Process:

It is a must to have a simple registration process to any app as nobody likes to fill up too much information. Hence, the simpler the process of registering on an application, the better is the chances to keep new customers.

Easy Product Navigation:

Navigation feature is crucial to any application to be successful because it lets customers go through the list of the products or more.

Real-time Order Tracking:

Customers have access to track their orders and get information in real-time with the use of this feature. They get every detail on their apps and updates regarding their orders.

Payment Gateway Integration:

This allows your users to complete their payments with the use of various payment methods. These methods include debit cards, credit cards, and more. Users can fill the details of their bank accounts and can save it for the next time as well.

Live Chat Support:

This is very crucial for every e-Commerce app in today’s time. It helps with live support, which a user can opt for at any time to get any query resolved quickly.

Augmented Reality (AR) View:

This feature allows a user to check or visualize how a product will look at a particular place before buying it for their homes with the help of their mobile camera.

Easy Checkout:

The feature helps users to be sure that they don't leave any product remains in their shopping cart to checkout.

UI & UX design:

It involves color schemes that are soothing, smooth transitions, and create appealing visuals, etc.

Build an e-commerce Application

Technology stack to build an eCommerce Application

It doesn't matter what kind of application you are developing, it's crucial for you to have the right technology stack for that particular app. So, if you are in the process of e-commerce app development, ensure you have enough knowledge of the technology required to create it. Technology stack basically, involves the database, framework, front-end and back-end programming languages (that are required for coding), CMS, and more.

Moreover, it's completely your decision on whether you want to opt for a native or hybrid app as per your needs. Other than that, the platform for launching your app is also crucial. So depending upon your targeted customer base, you will require deciding between platforms such as Android or iOS or maybe both.

Run a Mock-drill test

Before you launch or market your e-Commerce Mobile app, it’s crucial for it to be tested by performing a Mock-drill (like in the form of an MVP). This could be done with the help of a few trusted early adopters or users for feedback or insights. This further helps the final product to be improvised. Moreover, it helps in the reduction of the risk of e-Commerce Mobile application failure.

Build an e-commerce Application

Launch & Market your e-Commerce Mobile app

Once you are done with the stage of e-Commerce Mobile App Development, it’s time to launch it on the App Store or more. And then it’s time to market the e-Commerce Mobile app so it can reach your targeted audience. Also, the push given in the initial stages of an MVP testing will let the e-Commerce Mobile app get promoted at a much-advanced rate.

Other than that, it’s crucial for you as the owner to keep the e-Commerce Mobile app updated with the newest technology. This could be done with the help of regular customer reviews. Moreover, make sure to run the improvements in your e-Commerce Mobile app along the way. This will help your business to sustain the position in the cut-throat market competition

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