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Life was already stumbling between the office and household errands and Coronavirus made it even worse, requiring us to halt in homes. Consequently, work and home life are merged, and going out is a risk of catching the virus. But no matter what, the show must go on.

We still need a Pizza and old Rum to chill and feel out of the world. Would you call it off because you cannot visit your favorite store? In America, you don’t necessarily need to kill the buzz as GoPuff is there. Given the situation, many startup Food Delivery Businesses are emerging in their targeted turf like GoPuff.

There is a big difference between before and after COVID-19 in the Food & Beverage industry. Businesses with traditional brick and mortar store owners saw a drastic downhill. In contrast, digital stores (who invested in Alcohol & Food Delivery App Development) witness their bottom line going uphill.

The scenario causes a paradigm shift making offline retailers move online with developing alcohol and food delivery apps like GoPuff. Because people not only in America but worldwide seek convenience while delivering food at the door is way too convenient.

Make an App like Gopuff

A Little More About GoPuff

“Order in seconds, delivered in minutes.”

Unlike other bottomless players in the on-demand food delivery market, GoPuff chooses the steepest road. GoPuff is based on a fully integrated business model and delivers its customers directly instead of picking orders from stores. The app lets you order food, drinks, home needs, and more in just a few seconds and delivers it in 30 minutes or less.

Since GoPuff doesn’t work like courier services, customers don’t require to pay any surge charge. Moreover, it charges a flat $1.95 delivery fee as it delivers orders from its own warehouses. As of Mar’21, the company is valued at $8.9B with a presence in 650+ US cities and 250+ fulfillment centers. In mere seven years of journey, it has collected whopping figures.

Coming to the entrepreneurial factor,

If you were to develop a go-to app quenching modern customers’ daily needs effortlessly, how would you design it?

There is no need to feel a rush on adrenaline; the blog is the cookbook on making an app like GoPuff. It is filled with secrets drenched from reliable sources for Food Delivery App Development. So, let us start app development mojo!

Super Secret Factors For Developing Alcohol & Food Delivery App like GoPuff

Fully Integrated Model Actually Benefit You In Terms Of UX

Unlike Uber Eats or Instacart, or other apps, GoPuff does not collect supplies from restaurants or stores. It stores supplies in-house and distributes directly to customers from the same. Hence, users get direct access to their products from the app’s homepage.

Otherwise, users have to choose the store and then browse through the items list of the selected store in marketplace delivery apps. Allowing direct immersion into your products uplifts a user experience minimizing the order process.

Painless And Frictionless Onboarding

Onboarding is where you can lay your first impression on a user becoming a customer. As they say, less is more: design a straightforward onboarding asking as little information as possible. As far as the user detail is concerned, name, email, phone number, and address should be enough.

Another good thing about GoPuff, it doesn’t require you to switch the app for a password or email verification. Plus, with a mobile-first approach, it engages with its customers using texts more than email spammings.

Render Data-drive Experience

Who doesn’t like personalization? When your target audience includes millennials and Gen Z, you need to weigh on a personalized app experience. Just like GoPuff-food and liquor delivery app does by customizing its home screen on your smartphone according to the chronological orders. “Hey, you bought this last time, forgetting to add this time?”

Customized And Playful Push Notifications In Marketing Strategy

You want your customers to keep shopping on your app, so you need to give reasons to keep them coming. Your app needs to be intuitive, helping customers in product discovery and find and add items into the cart in fewer clicks. GoPuff app offers whirl browsing allowing narrow the choices of users and simplifying decision making.

Dynamic Categories Make Product Discovery Convenient

It is something every delivery app should consider to make customers resonate with products and quickly add them to the cart. Featuring dynamic categories means offering categories depending on time, location, special occasions, etc.

The technique allows you to personalize offers targeting customer lifestyle, area and engage with context-based pop-ups. You can also leverage the UPSELLING. When a customer checks out on the app, the app can suggest ice cream or beer from their favorite liquor store, etc.

Header Navigation Based On UX Practices

Another way GoPuff benefits from its UI/UX design making app navigation super quick. The latest version of the app introduces a categories list in the header, enabling users to switch between categories with a click. It does not only make the app more user-friendly but accelerates the ordering process.

The fun fact, your home page becomes more than a navigation page but a landing page. Noteworthy, the GoPuff designer team conducted A/B testing on various UI/UX designs to bring this unique feature.

Make an App like Gopuff

How much does Alcohol & food delivery app development cost?

The total cost to develop an app like GoPuff depends on several app development factors. These are sensitive factors, and your project requirements directly affect them and cause variation in the cost.

We can sort them into two categories:

I. App Requirements factors

A. The number of features

B. The complexity level of app functionality

C. Target platforms: Android, iOS, Web

D. Third-party API integration

E. The size of App

F. Location of developers or an app development company

G. Development Method: Native or Hybrid

II. Developmental factors

A. UI/UX Design

B. iOS and Android Native App Development Team

C. Backend Development

D. Web Panel Development

E. Project Management

F. Quality Assurance (Polishing and bug fixing)

G. Application Maintenance

Factors in the first category directly impact the overall alcohol delivery app development cost, as it triggers development hours which are bound with the development rate. The second category’s factors determine the total hours of development. Since the price is calculated on an hourly rate, the developers’ location plays a crucial role which differs worldwide.

Ballpark Figure

Taking all the aforementioned technical and non-technical factors into consideration, the average cost to develop a basic alcohol & food delivery app ranges from $10000 to $15,000.

If you have unique requirements, unique features, and approaches, the cost estimation will look different. We are an on-demand app development company specializing in crafting the apt solution for your business. You can discuss your requirements or app ideas with our business developer and pave the way for success.

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