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The need to develop an elder health care app is rising to a priority with the increasing number of older adults in our society. According to a UN DESA report, 1 in every 6 people will be over the age of 65 by 2050, up from the ratio of 1 in every 11 in 2019. Eldercare, often referred to as older adult citizens healthcare, is specialized care designed to fulfill senior citizens’ needs and requirements at various stages.

The eldercare spectrum includes everything from assisted living and nursing care to adult daycare, hospice care, and even home care. At the same time, people, only in America, spend more than $335 billion a year caring for their elderly parents and child. Despite all the hassle, finding the right caregiver from numerous home care agencies is getting difficult due to limited discretionary income.

To alleviate the struggle of finding caregivers, you can hire Mobile App Developers and build a care marketplace for senior citizens. Such an online platform lets care providers register individually rather than employing at any agencies and connects them with patients. People can hire a caregiver on-demand and at the right price.

Cost to Develop an Elderly Care Service App

Benefits Elderly Care Service App Development Brings

Find a caregiver quickly. It becomes a cakewalk to find a perfect caregiver for patients who matches the most requirements without contacting any hospitality agency.

Transparency and Credibility. From the caregiver’s personal information on the app, patients can examine different caregivers and their experience, certificates, and history. Reviews and recommendations received from their past patients make it easy for others to make their decisions.

Better safety. Building mobile applications for elderly healthcare where they can meet caregivers and go through their background checks, and interviews enhance the safety measure that a patient can trust and rely on.

Efficient Tracking. Elderly care service apps can be designed to save all the transaction history, medical information, and progress. Caretakers won’t require to note and remember the specifics of care planning, and they can simply focus on treatment and patient conditions.

Easy payments. Whether to pay salary or taxes, in-built payment gateways in health apps solve that issue too and also make transactions transparent.

Less expensive. Hiring healthcare professionals from agencies take an average of $21 per hour. On the other hand, an independent caretaker registered on the senior citizen healthcare app charges 20-30% less and allows you to have apt care.

Think About These Factors Before Developing An Elder Health Care App


After a certain age, people become fragile, and health problems emerge out of the blue when no one is ready. It does not mean that they need 24/7 assistance, but they may need help to a certain extent. So, for your business and patients’ ease, you can cover the below areas in your on-demand older adult healthcare service app.

Daily essential care that includes meal delivery, housework, everyday errands, transportation.

Track of Medical care and coordination that includes creating treatment plans, medication management, pill reminder, nursing.

Social well-being such as companionship, social activities.

Transition support, including insurance, legal and financial assistance.


The concept of the marketplace app for caregivers is not wholly new. KindlyCare, CanadianNanny, SuperCarers, and many other online services are already there, meeting seniors’ healthcare requirements for a long time. Meaning, you are not the only one in the market, no matter which region you target. In this case, you need to do competitive research and come up with unique methods to serve the target market. Your caretaker marketplace needs something that audiences demand, and your competitors lack.


Your on-demand care service app will work as a mediator between patients and registered caregivers. It lets people connect, hire, and pay online to a care provider individual that matches their requirements. To make money with the elderly care app, there are multiple streams you can include in your business model. For example

Commission on every transaction, which is the most common way of generating revenue with on-demand marketplaces.

Subscription and membership with additional perks is an effective way to receive regular income in advance.

Lead Generation fee similar to a UK-based CareSource charged once a caregiver contracted with a lead. It takes 25 pounds weekly for live-in health care and 0.5 pounds hourly for home-care services.

Cost to Develop an Elderly Care Service App

Elder Health Care App Development Like Healthcare


The first step to building a mobile app for senior citizens’ health care is collecting the project requirements. Now, the project requirements are categorized into two types of requirements: business requirements (what's) and technical requirements (how's). What the organization wants or needs to be able to do called Business requirements. Whereas technical requirements are associated with how the project will be achieved or do what it wants to.

If you have never created project requirements before, it may seem a difficult task for you. Here, you can get help from a business analyst to define your project requirements to the point.


The frontend side of the system is very crucial as your end-users directly interact with it. The service you are trying to sell is efficient. But the system (through which you reach audiences) design is complex, and a user may abandon the site without availing of the service.

Therefore, app development companies follow a well-defined Mobile App Design Process. It includes researching and understanding the target audience’s preferences, purchase habits, technical knowledge, etcetera. All this research leads us to create the UI/UX design that empathizes with their app’s journey.


After a bunch of iterations in the app design, the developers’ job comes into the picture. However, coding the whole app with full-fledged functionality and features, we recommend building an MVP with core features only. There are many benefits of developing and launching a Minimum Viable Product for a startup, specifically. For example

Winning Stakeholder/Investor Buy-In.

Testing Business Concepts.

Verifying Market Demand.

Developing a Monetization Strategy.

Testing UX and Usability.


MVP speeds up the time to market and helps to get real user feedback that comes in handy to structure the final product. You can listen to users and understand the issues they face on your MVP and improve it in the early stages.


Thus, elderly care service app development begins with thorough market research to define the service areas, competitors, challenges, app design, iterations, maintenance, and still continues after the launch. Of course, the elderly care service app development costs significant time and money, too. However, with the right technology partner, you will be able to manage everything under your budget.

Kody Technolab would be happy to lend you a helping hand. We offer you all our knowledge and experience in Healthcare and Fitness App Solutions to successfully implement your new ideas.

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