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The wholesale and retail market is on its game-changing journey. The paradigm shift in the B2B marketplace allows wholesalers and retailers to offer cross-sell and up-sell in the market. A B2B marketplace app development of this kind allows wholesalers to sell groceries, medicines, food, FMCG, etc., under the application’s umbrella. Suppose we were to specifically talk about the Middle East market. In that case, Sary is one such B2B marketplace that operates exceptionally in this genre.

If you download the application and explore the app, you will find out how beautifully it has reinvented the entire shopping experience for users.

We expect you to read this blog to find out more about building an app like Sary and the cost to build a B2B marketplace mobile app. Well, you are on the right blog.

Sary offers all the elements within an app that a business is looking for. It was founded in 2018 by Khaled Alsiari and Mohammed Aldossary. The Sary application operates in three major cities, namely Riyadh, Jeddah, and Dammam.

It is an exclusive application that seamlessly speeds up the buying and selling process in the B2B marketplace. Sary bridges the gap between wholesalers and retailers. Without a doubt, the application’s presence compels entrepreneurs to develop a B2B marketplace app development.

So, why should you make an app like Sary? What is the future of B2B marketplace applications?

As mentioned above, the online marketplace is under a tremendous revolution. The digitization of operations has facilitated anyone to buy everything at their fingertips. The global B2B marketplace is expected to be of value $12.2 trillion, according to Statista.

Also, 93% of B2B users prefer to buy services/products online. Not only this, 56% of businesses already purchase their products/services online.

Few other benefits of developing B2B Sary application are:

Increased Business opportunities: By developing a platform connecting the wholesalers with retailers, you are opening up your business doors wide open.

Lower Cost & high sales: The cost of app development is quite reasonable as compared to the returns you will receive by developing an application.

Receive user feedback: By developing an application, you will have room for improvement. You can gather feedback from the users and make improvements as per the comments received.

Increased market reach: Your application makes you available for 24*7*365. Meaning, more people will know about your application and reach out to you for using the application.

This sounds quite a lucrative deal and which is why we encourage you to develop a B2B marketplace app development company like Sary.

In the next section, we would highlight the mobile app development practices that you should follow to ensure flawless application development.

No matter how tempting the marketplace app development looks, you should not be in a hurry to hire any random app development company. You should do proper research and analysis on your part before you bring on board an on-demand app development company.

You should check their mobile app development process approach. Ensure that they give you a Lean Canvas model and a Prototype before starting the app development. All these things make it pretty easy for you to trust them with your app idea.

We at Kody Technolab offer a full-cycle of app development along with a flexible mobile app developer’s hiring model. You can also connect with us to know more about B2B marketplace app development.

Practice 1: Focus on user-friendliness and design:

Users prefer to browse through applications that have easy navigation. Complex and less intuitive navigation is a turn-off for hundreds of users. Hence, you should give extra attention to the application’s structuring and categories to make it easy for the users to browse a product. A user should be able to quickly navigate between the pages without getting confused at any point.

Practice 2: Define your Unique Selling Proposition:

You have to be different in order to mark your impression in the market. You should give people a reason to believe in you and trust you over other brands. Hence, while developing a B2B marketplace application, define what experience do you wish to provide and how uniquely do you wish to deliver the product.

Practice 3: Know your customers:

There would be hundreds of thousands of visitors, but not every visitor is your customer. You have to study their user journey beforehand to decide who your loyal customers are.

By knowing your customers, you will be able to provide the experience that they are looking for.

Practice 4: Work on your content:

Users do not get impressed with general content having less detailing. They demand engaging content covering all the aspects of the product. Therefore, work on crafting informational content to educate them about how your application works and what you provide.

Practice 5: Write a catchy Call To Action:

Call to Actions have a very important role to play in driving the user to the next course of action. You need to have strategic placement of CTA so that you can directly bring the users to the desired page.

It would help if you highlighted the CTA so that it looks actionable on the application.

All these practices will take you one step forward in the journey of app development.

Let us educate you with the various types of B2B marketplace:

There are two types of B2B marketplace:

1. Vertical B2B marketplace:

Vertical B2B marketplace has a very niche focal point. It allows you to buy & sell products in a very specific niche/segment like pharma, construction, automotive, etc.

2. Horizontal B2B marketplace:

Horizontal B2B marketplace operates exactly opposite to vertical B2B marketplace. A horizontal B2B marketplace allows you to buy & sell products in any niche/segment.

Sary application operates in a horizontal B2B marketplace model. It allows users to buy wholesale items from various wholesalers in various categories.Now we will answer an important question, “how to develop a B2B marketplace app like Sary?”

A vital part of B2B mobile app development like Sary lies in its features. Application features can either make the application or break the application. Therefore while developing a B2B marketplace app, you can have the following set of features in it.

Signup Profile set up Store Set up Product listing
Vendor management Store management Pricing and Discount Offers management
Multilingual support Product management Vendor/buyer registration Tax management
Search & Filter Chat Payment System Report & Review
Add multiple carts Single page checkout Payment gateway integration Order tracking
Order summary Schedule a delivery Document Scanning In-app chat/call
Document management Marketing & promotional tool Loyalty programs ERP integration
AI-based chatbot Check total bill Bulk order
Develop B2B Marketplace App Like Sary

What team do you need to develop an app like Sary? What is the cost to develop a B2B marketplace app like Sary?

Developing a B2B marketplace isn’t easy. You need a team of skilled professionals who can be a help in app development.

You will need a team of,

Front-end developers;

Back-end developers;

UI/UX designers;

Quality testers;

Requirement analyst;


If you hire all these professionals individually, the total cost to build a B2B marketplace mobile app like Sary will be around $40,000. However, if you go and hire a mobile app development company, you can have the application build for under $30,000. But, without knowing your project requirements, it is difficult to give you an estimate of the cost.

You may connect with our sales executive and discuss your project requirements. We would give you the cost of estimation within 24 hours.

Develop B2B Marketplace App Like Sary

What is the technology stack required to develop an app like Sary?

Mobile App Platform – Android, iOS

Cloud Environment & CDN – Amazon, Cloudflare, MaxCDN

Payments Gateways – Paypal, Braintree, Stripe

Push Notification – Twillo, Push.io

SMS, Phone Verification – Nexmo, Twilio

Email Marketing – Mailchimp

Database Technologies – Datastax, MongoDB,

Real-Time Analytics -Apache Storm, Google Cloud DataFlow

What is the revenue model for developing a B2B marketplace app like Sary?

If you have any concerns about how you will earn money by developing a B2B marketplace, please read this blog. As you will read the blog, you will find out that you have options like subscription-based, commission-based, featured listing, and Freemium model.


It is time to make the wholesale ordering process paper-free. The error-free and hassle-free ordering process will be admired by plenty of users. For any other queries, please reach out to us at the below number.

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