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The pandemic is forcing us to stay indoors and maintain a safe distance from everyone. For a bookaholic, this is another tragedy. The libraries are shut and so the book shops. Many people prefer reading a book on their smartphone/tablet to an actual book. Also, various apps are available in the market, and if you are planning to develop an app like Kitab Sawti for iOS and Android yourself and compete with others, you have landed on the correct spot. In this blog, we are going to discuss in detail everything you need to know when it comes to developing a book reading app.

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There is sound logic behind the increasing demand for these apps. Now, it is because no one wants to carry excess baggage when they can have the same thing on their smartphone. There is no denying the fact that reading makes you smarter. Also, the best advantage you will get is the ability to start reading anywhere and everywhere. If you are willing to invest in an audiobook app development Company, this is the best time. Moreover, if you need help in getting started with a Mobile App Development Company, this step-by-step guide will surely help:

Cost to Develop an app like Kitab Sawti

Need to Create an audiobook app like Kitab Sawti

We have gained considerable advancements in technology, and it's a great medium to consume content. The display panels used these days on smartphones are pretty good, and you will not restrain your eyes reading for long hours. When you opt to develop an app like Kitab Sawti for iOS and Android, your primary concern shouldn’t be higher sales. It also must not be the number of books available on your portal only.

Providing the avid readers with the flexibility of reading their favorite book from anywhere around the world just by a single tap will gain you significant loyalty. Now, this eventually will help in more prominent sales figures. The book reading app should be able to ease the process and not complicate it any further. When you are designing a book reading app, there are certain things that you need to study before.

You must know what this app will offer, so the concept or the basic idea behind the design is displayed in terms of how it helps a user with navigation, UI, etc. and how it functions. The most important of them all is to study market trends and see what people lack when it comes to grasping information via books and related apps.

The business model: Methods to monetize your ebook app!

When you are opting to build an app like Kitab Sawti, it will be a matter of grave concern to decide on the business model you will follow. You will need to monetize the app for various reasons. The most significant one is that the authors need to get compensated for their work. Also, if you are providing it for free, it will not be a very creator-friendly platform.

The model used by almost all the apps out there is that the users can download the app for free, but they will need to pay to read the books. Here are some more ways you can implement to woo more customers:

Provide subscriptions

Some readers may find this quite interesting. You can provide the option of choosing a subscription plan. These plans can be monthly or yearly, where you can also add some extra benefits such as notable launches, exclusive interviews, podcasts, etc.

Bring in the partners/sponsors.

You can start searching for the brands and services that are also providing or offering their services in the same industry. To bring in more funds and implement it as a much better monetizing option, you can approach them to become your partner and try to integrate some of their features into your app, and they can do the same, too.

Help the authors

When it comes to monetization, the best approach is to add more services in the form of in-app purchases. For the authors, providing them with designing the front page and cover will be a great option. Moreover, they will happily opt for the service.

Market Analysis: The future of book reading apps

There is a substantial ongoing change that is happening as we talk about the ways used in the book market across the world. Also, there is a majority of readers who prefer digital to analog, and they can be your potential customers. In a market analysis, there are some factors found that are concerning, and they will significantly impact the e-book market in the long run. These are:

A suitable device

When it comes to reading, the device on which it is being read matters a lot. If the device isn't in good condition, the reading experience will also not be perfect. The researchers pointed out that Apple has the upper hand in this aspect through its iPad range.

More eBooks

If you have developed a book reading app and the library isn’t very vast, the readers will not prefer it. Once all set up, your primary concern should be on expanding the library so that the app can get more engagement.

Avoid closed Systems

Some opinions favor these apps because there will be no distractions, and the reader will enjoy the book in peace. The ones against the closed system say that it will create frustrations due to restricted usage in the long run.


The developers are adding features like audiobooks, podcasts, etc. It will add unnecessary loads to the app, and it can add confusion and disturbance to the reading experience.

Cost to Develop an app like Kitab Sawti

Book reading apps: Types to know before development

This is a debate that is ongoing for a very long time. If you are looking to choose one, the answer may not be that easy and simple. In general, if we categorize the types of apps, there are 2 of them. Though the user will not know the difference, and the categories are more for the developers. The first ones are those that are created to read the eBooks. Individuals create these apps, and you will not see any affiliation to the store.

What these apps do is that they allow you to access the documents in formats like PDF, FB2, EPUB, etc. Another type of reading apps are the ones created by the stores. The best example you can find for this is Amazon Kindle. The app shows the full library that Amazon has, and you can easily find the book that you need to read.

Similarly, giants like Apple and Google also have their libraries and the stores available on both the platforms' app stores. Both of these apps are based on different approaches. However, they are not marketed as any different from each other.

Must-have Features to build an Audiobook and Podcasts app

To make an app like Arabic Audiobook Kitab, the following set of features is crucial. Even if you prepare a prototype for user testing at first, these features are a must-have to get your app build.

Content personalization

As soon as a user logs into the app, he/she should be greeted by a selection option to select their favorite genre.

Show statistics

The app should also record all the statistics locally, and at fixed intervals, users can see their progress statistics. It will help them achieve their reading goals.

Dark mode

The night mode will help the readers to get no restraint on the eyes. It can be achieved by turning the UI into a dark color. The AMOLED displays will make use of it the most.

Downloading eBooks

The book reading app that you are developing must come with the offline mode where the readers can download the book offline. It will be helpful in case they are going on a trip, and internet connectivity is not a sure thing there.

Web-version support

The app that you are developing must not only work on the smartphone. Some people find it relatively more comfortable to read on a laptop where they can read easily. You must add web-version support so they can log in using the login credentials anywhere.

Push notification

There will be various times when there is an offer, discount, new launch, etc. The users will miss it if they are not told. You can make use of push notifications to introduce them to these offers.


The app should also be able to know how many devices the account is logged in. Also, the app must be able to sync all the content across devices.


This feature comes quite handy when a person is driving, and he/she wants to listen to a book instead of music. Also, you can directly integrate audiobooks or add the text-to-speech feature.

Try to build a community.

The users who are logged in to your account should be able to interact with each other. To witness the best approach, you can go to Goodreads for better understanding.

The functioning of an Audiobook and Podcasts app

An eBook app functions quite quickly and effortlessly. It will show you the full library from where you can search the one you want to read. The app will also work on an internet connection, and for each book, you will need to make a purchase. Moreover, an e-book price is way cheaper, and you can easily afford it without investing too much.

The app comes with a search engine. Moreover, it shows you all the search results right in the app when you enter a keyword.

The app will also allow you to search the book by the author’s name or the genre.

The app's structure is developed in such a way that it will filter everything else except the book you searched for.

When you find the eBook you wanted, tap on it, and it will show you the payment and download options.

Complete the process by following the on-screen instructions, and you will get the book in your device's internal storage.

Cost of eBook app development

When it comes to evaluating the cost to develop an app like Kitab Sawti, you must know that there is no fixed amount. It will significantly vary because of not 1 or 2 but many reasons that are associated with the making of the app and more. You will need to hire an on-demand developers team that will also play a massive role in the cost variation. The cost is generally estimated in terms of man-hours, their country, their expertise, etc.

To make a good team so you can make an app like Kitab Sawti, you will need a minimum of following people:

1 UI designer

2 developers each for iOS and Android

1 backend developer

2 QA experts

1 project head

Moreover, to get an MVP prepared, it will take no less than 5 months. The time will only increase in the direct proportion of the number of features you add to the application. For an MVP with basic features, the cost will settle around $32,000. The variation of the cost is not dependent only on these factors. It will go through many variations depending on the company that you are hiring for outsourcing, etc. If it's the US, a significant chunk of the mobile developers will incur the cost.

After the MVP is out, the cost will not stop incurring. You will need to have more funds. However, now you will start having some income from the app. Furthermore, the overall cost will be dependent on the technology stack or the app platform you will use to make it. For example, if it’s an Android version of the app, the developer can use Kotlin or Java. And if it's an iOS version of the application, Swift or Objective C can be used, and so on.

Testing the app like Kitab Sawti app: MDT

After everything is done and before it's time to launch the app, the developers should run a mock drill to ensure everything is good. The best way to do so is to provide the app to a group of people as Beta testers. The group will use the app extensively on WiFi and mobile network. In this testing, the app will show the glitches that may be left out during the development. It will save the company from any unexpected embarrassment.

After the testing phase is completed, you can reward these Beta testers by providing free coupons or free unlimited downloads for a limited time. By giving their honest feedback after testing the app, these people will help with the application's improved and final version. Moreover, this will ensure a high-quality product that will get launched for the targeted users.

Launch and Marketing of the app

Then comes the most significant and most crucial aspect if you want some serious business, and this is launching the app and then marketing it well. The print advertisement isn't a great tool to rely on these days. You will need to talk to social media influencers, promote the company page, interact in live sessions, etc. The best one to opt for is to go for the interviews to share your journey to the world. Moreover, it will impact the audience, and they will want to try the app. If you are looking for the bookaholics, the best way to win their heart is by providing the first 3 or first 5 downloads free.


As the eBook market is booming, it can provide new writers with a platform to publish their work. Also, these writers don't require spending so much on publishing houses. The pandemic has accelerated the growth, and the eBook market has become a perfect investment sector. If you are willing to develop your book reading app, the features discussed in this write up will be very helpful, and you will get minimal complaints regarding the improvement. There is one area where you must not do any cost-cutting, and that's in hiring an experienced developers' team.

Ensure that you hire eBook app developers, tester, designers, and more with enough expertise to manage your project. Ensure that you employ eBook app developers, testers, designers, and more with enough expertise to manage your project. Still, have queries? Make sure to reach us in case any help or guide is needed. Our team will clear your confusion in no time and provide the best e-book app-related solution.

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